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So After Rocking Yore. World Egyptian Superstar Our Osiris Walks Alikes. Egyptians On Orion. In Our Daily Nightly Skies Yore Shining. Starring Stars Orion Constellates Divined So Ups. So Aboves As Belows We Watch. Timing Astronomy + Starry. Eyed Legends In Our World. Legends One To Updatings Early. Lately Osiris Has Been. So Seen Shiny Arounds Abouts Cosmos Hereins.


Stars. Super


Yore Egypt’s Osiris, Yore Isis. Stars

wise otherswise

now Our Orion, Our Sirius. Universally Symbols


once upon Yore Times places. Stars placed

to yore civilised Egypts fore. For Our World



Legends so. Tell has so been Star. Mapped

aligned alls overs arounds. Abouts outing

such much Landscapes by. Wherebys

Yore Orion Starring. Roll

In Our World


so starryeyed preoccupation with. Occupying

much such times their placings. Stars there

placed Earthwise aligned greatly exampled our. Yore

Great Pyramid


on + in Our World. Legends tell Orionswise Osiris

Belt so aboves. Belows so symbolically

Stars are Mountains are. Pyramids are Triangles.

Otherswise geometrically

Our Ancient Ancestors roundly noted many. Stars


triangulate, so align back over. Mountains…

which squarely based. Triangulate + Point… back




over ups in so Our. Yore made pointed


Giant Man-made. Mountains = Pyramids

are. So for pointing. Outs our Yore Stars

that had. None triangulated squarely there

afore… their symbiosis symbolisis so nots

in then. Now starrings as aboves so. Below

their Yores there indeed in. Deeds alignments alikes


aka Our Star Mapping. Imaged above matchings. Belows

Image so nomened. Naming Our

Stars so one favourite. Yore Egyptian so

Constellationally cultured aspect. Expecting


culturally to find Treasures, Artefacts starring in

our Great. Pyramid greatly gravely symbolic

Tomb oft. Of Osiris/Orion religiously

greatly disillusions many greatly. Such one

gratings much found gravely. Entombed only

starring great was. Only one. Empty…


Stone Box. Boxed Stone




Empty. Symbols so full entombed


tell you starrily whys mores. Moreovers underlying

rightly in our world. Legends tell classics. So

classed as beings one. Immortal Being

so was one Being. Osiris being divined. So hence

beings thus is that. This


The Osiris Coffer/Sarcophagus/Tomb is. Empty


Nobody’s body was/is so beings in

there. Now… Their Yore

Osiris being let. Outings so by Our. Yores

Goddess Isis. Osiris

being rescued. Revived

out oft. Of The



so. Yore beings so

starring Symbols in our world. Legends

tell then now this. That Coffer’s Occupant is one

Divined Being. Being one

those so nomened Undead. One these named


Immortal per se. Sayings say Any/Every Tombs




of Osiris WILL. ALWAYS BE EMPTY. Symbolswise

namely applyings such. Much nomened

ones too. To names as in our world. Legends

tell so oft. Of

Uru-anna, Orion. Osiris. Alazir, Lazarus,

Vishnu so forth. Same forthrightly left


star sent. Star sense

meanings. Ways so tell in our world. Legends

otherswise tell Superstar. Osiris is so out

oft. Of his box squarely… + now

Immortalised roundly. Eternally constellated

in our. Stars aboves. Belows triangulated


on our world. Legends Egyptian Superstars

Orion/Osiris, Sirius/Isis is for all. Also to be seen

so greatly starrings. In Yore + Your Pyramidical

Starry Night. Sky watched starryeyed. Grounding

Yore Egypt by heralding this. That lifebringing Nile

Annual. Flood… + yours/ours now Times places.?. So

Osiris Beltings cosmically


Yores so NOW then.?. Osiris IS.?. So where

out there.?. The answer is out. There. There Their

Divined Constellated Osiris walks alikes. Yores

Egyptian… so perhaps. Mayhaps


with a foot upraised, extended arm

as well. Well as



belted Yore

whilst Great. Pyramid squarely highlighting now

Constellation Triangulum so aboves. Belows points

then hereto. Thereto one Our Osiris/Orion is. Pointedly

not Zodiacal constellated nor on Our. Sun ecliptic

pathways. Bound


Starred one. So one Yores Hitchhiker

guided too.?. To one


our universe arising stepping ups. Overs Our

Yore Giant Man-made Mountain. Our Yore

Great Pyramids greatly Star Pointings… Yore

Osiris Our. Orion Constellation still

rolling ons slowly Roll Precessionally High. Role

is so then. Pointing now.?. So ats.?. Our


Solstice Sun… +




at the Charioteer Auriga. Auriga contains such

many much Stars. Prominently.?. 4 Bright


Stars in one. Straight Line To one Pole Star. 4

Bright Stars That Form One Cross. 3

Bright Stars That Form Isosceles Triangle. Many

Stars That Form Many Triangles. The Auriga

Chariot Constell. stars as geometric. One Four-Horsed

Universe spannings Vehicle.?. So starring

Yore Osiris Our


Orion so.?. Is geometrically pointedly Starswise

flagging a ride.?. Hailing taxied


one summery Cosmic. Cab in deeds.?. Driving

so amiss


dazily indeed



out. Next starring so aways so on 8/6:

Quirky Quotes #46.