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Carbon Full Oft Off. Of Mother Natured Glass. Diamonds In Deeds Raise Concerns. Raise Yore Glasses Too. To Types Attracting Diamonds Attention Too. To Detail One Part. Two. To Such Mores Much Moreovers Underlying. Truisms Why Diamonds Are Lightly. SomeTimes, Places Placing Cupid. Wolverine, Card Players + Persons Oft. Of Fame Also. All So Agree. Diamonds Shine Apart On. In2 Herein.





so not found


hard in our world. Legends tell easy

read there in Part One too. To Two

fully in now hereto. To then Their



Our Science’s hard. Word is from

straight. As ups

inventings Our one Frederick Moh. Who

had the bright one. Idea as well. Well as



Our Yores (1822) MOHS Hardness. Scale/Test

so shows us into. To beings testy one

Yore Rare. A Part Two. To

Our Diamond, Glass Raised


for one Measurement System so forth. Forthrightly

MOH’d left showings being. Systematically testings

not wrong. Diamonds rightly are. Left very Hard. Easy


passes Our Hardness/Scratch Resistance. Tests. Hard

much such MOH so easy. Hard Scaled one 10

in deeds. Indeed Diamonds

one easy too. To see well sorta’ as

so. Thru’ + tho’


alikes Glass lookings as well. Raising hard


Indeed Diamonds In Deed Oft Full Of. It Also. All So Carbon Is It. In.


Diamonds so classily done. By our aboves Mining

deep glassy Rockeries below. Above then addings on


we shine. Them glassily so polished so. Lots. Ours +


light Diamonds each heavily so. Contain

evers so, tightly so fully so

packed. Carbon. Covalent


Molecular Bond/Structure so applies there. Here


Diamonds are. Great for scratching one too. One

or two or more oft. Of i, Shiro’s vinyl

records anyways. Means Sciences ways records

show + regardings. Considerings Our

Diamonds are. Ways MOH Hard. Easy


out scratching fingernails. Yores

hardly softly so whilst. Advertising now then

dug in. Diamonds


much such Saleable hereons too. To stay. Therein

lil’ Yores once. Ago Times, Places. Placements


Indeed These Were Never. Yores Traditions In Our Deeds.



Our Advertising went on one. Recruitment

Drive walking out an invites too. To Queens,

Royalty, Nobles, Famous. Persons all

also. All so too. To so join

in Advertising. Diamonds.

Easy hardly


hard work so now seems. Seemingly easy how

money can now buy. Hard Stuff, anything,.. even

new. Normals


like hardy, hearty, rare… yet available…


Hardly softly

stifling these. Those Arts oft. Of Persuasion. Ads


mainly used arounds abouts mean. Ways

wherebys by + by Film, Books, Fashion. Designers,

Models, Reps etc’s

so include. Diamonds in there. Their

latest Trends + Wears, Writes so forth. Forthrightly

lightly lying Ads deeply beguile. Be


flashed arounds abouts well as. As well

rarely shinings on Yores

or not. Engaging, Marriage. Material hardy

Ad Mens largely engaged. Traditions so


Diamonds inserted easily into. To


One Oft. Of The Most Washed Things. Our Brains…



All Overs Arounds Abouts Our. World. Legends Co-Opted. In…


Ours Guys ‘n’ Girls. Dreams

added on by Ad. Men. Brain washed

one likely. Result then. Empirically now

Modern Mans + Womans system of gifts. Giving


Diamonds so created so by Ads. Men. Women +

Men Yores prior had. No much such in our

world. Legends tell Traditions


traditionally. Diamonds

were so so RARE then etc etc… Now Yores then

whilst Our Yores. Cupid‘s


connections lovingly come too. To/with one

non Eros like sharp


Tip. Diamond


Indeed Did You In Deeds.?.


Psyche One. NeoClassist Painting By J. L. David (1748-1825). One Psyche Appears Too. To Have One. Headache Probably Effected From One Diamond Tip. Of Cupid’s Arrow. Cupid Appears Pleased. Probably With How Effective Diamond Tip Arrows Are. So.?. Was It One Bulls-Eye.?. Did You Score.?.


Headed shafted. Arrows oft of Cupid off

His. Bow

so were. Diamond-

tipped Love. Bolts, Yore tip so

Diamond cored

in deeds. Indeed


Yores early Grecian in our world. Legends

nomened Goddess Minds. Ours Psyche retell

that. This namings

one place too. To hardily mention in Our

Word. Legends tell handily


so for Ours. Diamond so has also. All so



Yores Greek + Latin nomen

influences. In beings


Yores Otherswise Spartan. Influencers.


In Deeds For One Nine. Pack Unique Classical Yore Japans. Weapons Surface Scratch Ours Herein.


named usings derivation/influencer

oft. Of Yores Our hardy Grecian nuanced

Adamus +/or Latin Adamantem + Diamas =

Our the Hardest Mineral Metal… = Diamond… +


Our Wolverine connect so per se. Sayings

in our world legends tell. Thus

Adamintium so His. Clawed worldly

versional approach too. To His worldviewed…

things. Something


sometimes we so places Diamonds. Hard… Sure,..

tho’ Wolverine also. All so one hard. Nut

indeed. In deed



Till Yores 15th/16th Century. Ours Now Still.


open one. New Card Deck. Easy. Easily

shows lots. Light Cards + hard too. To handles

crispy new o so slipperys. Ones

as well. Well as

much such Diamonds. Cards +


some Otherswise… other Suits. Suitably

impressed Findings = 13.

13 Diamonds Carded impressions per. Pack

packed per handily


norm therein. Outing here one handy

ref’s packing too. To

15/16th Cent. France for such. Much Cards

simplistic yet easily printable. Shapes suitings…

simple easy. Recognitions, Symbols

Yores, Yours + Ours… Suits. Carded now. Suits


Diamond as so aptly Symbolicswise ref’d

beings too. One Being otherswise nomened

Naturally. Elemented as so belonging too. Our


Element named Earth. Element. Naturally. Naturally

Diamonds one

Universal gem so oft. Of Our


elemental Truths. Lying




in TRUTH… ‘Tis only truth

that is rare. Lots so


good wishes. Lightly

so next on 9/3: #33 Quirky.