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In Our World. Legends Tell of Increasings. Importance Of Atmospheric Pollution, Ionospheric Electricity. Energy, Powers and Motions. 2 Outs Of Three Ain’t. Bad Times, Places So Turned. Arounds, Abouts Spun. Outs Herein.


Our Planet Earth. So Spins

Mother Nature. Naturally

Our World


Legends Tell. So Spins, Orbits

in Motion. Wise

Quotes, Anecdotes. Sayings

still insist, persist. That ’tis


.?. Love.?.

Makes Our World. Go Arounds


abouts. Orbiting,


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Our World travels

at some unseen unfathomable. Yet

so powered Rotor Scientifically. Ats

66,600+ Miles per. Hour. Hourly


Speeding Ons in Deed. So indeed

whilst Motions Wise heighten

the dispersal of per se. Say


a Major Issue. Many Locales

so affected. Effective Public actions.

Ways mean herein

A necessity. So called


Clean.?. Energy would still avail.?.

…Aboves That.

Atmospheric Pollution. Ionospheric


well as

would still so be/begins. Thereaboves

too. To build Ups. Up


There. Aboves yet Below

Outer Spaces

lies the Ionosphere/Stator. Aboves

Our Atmosphere. Closer too. To


that Sun. Sun




processes release, free electrons. Energy

powered by Stars in Motion. Movements

within That Ionosphere, Earth provide. Several

Energy access Points/Types. So

2 out of 3… ain’t good…




Orbiting Our Sun We have learnt

to utilise some of. This Energy. Thus released

on that. Tech nomened Solar Panels.


Solar Power that is. That is


a similar application then too. To

Atmospheric Power. Wind/Water

Power collected well as. As well


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If Power/Energy is also… Motion.?.

Why nots so Tapping into. To


Our Worlds Spin.?. well as. As well

ins Earth


Spin Power.


Much more than just

attaching Solar Panels to Vehicles

…in Motion… producing Wind+Solar

Power thus


producing 2 out of. Three… which

in Our World. Legends tell so

…ain’t bad… why



not the whole. Spun ins.?. So

as too. To be Powered Ups. Up


ins The Ionosphere Our Sun. So shines

through, though Our Atmosphere

with it’s Capacity. For


liberating countless Free. Electrons. Overs

and overs. Practically limitless in

unknown quantities aboves. Ons daily basis

regardless of polluted Atmosphere. Belows


Silicons and Minerals on Our World

surfaces well as. As well

liberate and free

those. Electrons…

as per that there so aboves. The

Ionosphere so does. Our World, The

Earth stores its per se.


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Some of the Ionospheric Energy is howevers

drawn. Back spun offs. Of attractedness

thereof. Suns Gravity. The rest surrounds

and trails

behinds Our Earths spinning Motions

as so travels ons Universally freely.


Freeing Electrons. Full of its. So there


Energy Extractions bys. Stripping back downs

and puttings into. To wise Motions…


Solar Panels too. To expose and contact


Our Atmosphere

Solar, Wind/Water, Free Electrons. Alls 3 Power


Water/Wind, Solar, Spin. So


2 out of Three…

ain’t bad…


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We can do. Better


than just… simply spinning in Space. Less

Pollution, Smog. Effects on Global. Scales

and using ups. Those


Dwindling Resources belows. Aboves

Our Imaginations and Sciences can. Must.?.

Get Grounded ins. The Real


Do better in Deed. Indeed

We can. Before


we may. Have to.


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Next So Too. One To Be


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Rainbow Raw. Aurora Roar.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…