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Featured Image.

DNA In Our World. Legends Scienced Tell Is Lookings So Snakelike. A Figure Eight Asided Ups In Deeds. Indeed Our Infinity. Symbol As Well. Well As Yore Ancient Ancestors Mind. Works Inner Kundalini Mores. Moreovers Underlying Lying. In The Grass. Serpents Arounds Abouts Ouroroborous Looked. At Herein. So Writ. Out.


On Your Bike. So


What do You think. Of,

off riding, oft arounds abouts Our World. Legends

tell Epiphanies, Revelations even can so. Happen


On Your Bike. Yore




a lil’. So dreamily structured Ours. Mind inquiring

Sciences. Legends Albert Hofmann for examples

tell so in Deeds. Indeed in 1943

whilst on His Bike +


on LSD. Circling arounds abouts

His. Our World Neighborshoods there. Hereto Sciences

can be with. Mentioned another, Our Francis Crick

whilst also. All so in His own. Times, Places. Placing Helix

snakily doubled onto

Our DNA into. To a 1953 co-

Structural Discovery outed then. So due

duly too. To influences in LSD inner well as. Well as


there. Here Snake



Research mindfully partly delving into. To further Healing

Properties. In addition to anti-Venom Compounds/Venenes



Outing Yore Serpents

Two. Into

Our Inner Seven

so reveals. A DNA Merry-go-round Symbolised. Snakily Medically

unwinding further Healing Possibilities. From Snake

Poison. Component Forms. Therein. Thereof

Peptide Increasing Compounds. Enzyme Inhibitors. Blood

Pressure, Heart Attack, Stroke, Auto-Immune assists also.  All so

in this much. That Research still too. To be done continuing


Research well as within Other. Bestiary/Creatures:

With well known Poisons/Toxins vis-


Scorpions, Bees, Ants, Sea Snails so forth. Forthrightly

lying behind many. Otherswise Studies Medicinal/Poison. You



Indeed Serpently 7 In Deeds.


so too. You.


Symbolically, Alchemically, Elementally-


so have. Inner Serpents. Snaking


thru’ these The One. Mind Kundalini Experiences

are. Those of Our Inner TWO:

Fire/Water, Male/Female, Red/White, Pingala/Ida,

Left Brain/Right Brain, Conscious/Unconscious

and so forth. Forthrightly left Our


Serpentine Energys.

Thus unwinds… as above, so below- per se. Sayings

Imaged imaginatively



As above… the Labyrinth of Mind. A maze.

So below… the coiled Serpent Power. Amazing Mind




(Music Link)


Power/Presence that rests at Spine’s End. Ends…

or Begins. There. There so lit


being the Place too. To

where Your Life. In the Real. So Began.

Same. Metaphorically, Symbolically and Mores. Moreovers


The Serpent. Within. Lies,


mis-interprets, mis-leads mores do so run. Over

in such as Religions, associated Traditions. Controllers.

With more twists in the. Tale thereto so keep under

that there Rock. Tailed


Matters of Truth. Therein. Thereof




Our Shamanic Traditions utilise Methods Yores +

Techniques too. To dreamily access the nomened


Mind State which named in. Turn, entail via contemplation

of a certain. Manner with kind;

leading to.?. allow access.?. enable.?.



The Centre of Mind.?.

The Core of Mind.?.

The Core… of All.?. All


This, that. Those Journeys are then so also. Mind

filtered through the particular. Mind tendencies

doing that buzzy bizz. Om

Basically… Noting Mind Seeking, Searching. Within: Mind



7 Layers/Folds/Turns of the Brain. 7.

Symbols and Images: The Maze, Labyrinth,

Cupmarks, Coils, Spirals + so on.


These are Symbols/Metaphors/Pictograms representative-

of a “…3d profile slice…” Coiled arounds abouts…

of Our Brain. Refer Images above Video. Music


above One. To



One’s 7 Layers. Refer Feature Image. 7 Snakes per.

7 Coils/Spirals/Turns. 7 Mountains too. To Climb.

7 Earthly Chakras. 7 Virtues… 7 Deadly Sins.

7 Rainbow Colors. One Light.


7 Day Week.

52 Week Year. Strongly 5+2=7. 7 Dailys per.


Light form from Dark. Colors

Our White Light, Enlightenment. So made of 7.

7 channelled thru’ Your serpently Two. Eyes

into One. Mind lightly thou’s certainly

hopefully fully. Empty Emblems so thus these

Symbols brightly show. Long use +

Yore History those in Our World. Legends

that begin DNA’d enlightened


with Yore Serpent. Yores, Ours

so within. Without


Indeed No Snake In There. That Grass Be. Lilys. Nile Blues Ridding Blues In Deeds.


a doubt next too is 6/3. One

Must See, So See. Vitamin C.