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Earthquakes devastate Populated Areas and cause devastation elsewhere too. As ongoing Science, Public and Tech Applications… are applied by interested Researchers, Scientists and other interested Observers of Our World Legends also. We are gaining Knowledge. A look at several interesting New Ways of looking for Quakes. An Olden Way also. Ancient Tech. Modern Tech. Earthquake Detectors… detected. Herein.




Earthquakes are one of the Natural Processes that so

endangers Life.

World Waters so affected,..

effect Tsunamis at Times and Places.

Many Times within Our World Legends has such

desolation unfolded.



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Whilst the release of such mounting Inner pressure

may relieve the Earth…

of such pressure. The pressure

released, impacts on the Earth’s Outer. ‘Tis



we tend to Live.



Historically and in the Modern Earthquake detection

has been

an ongoing priority for those of Science, Invention

and Public Safety.


Much of Our Lands Coastal are oft subject

to the oft devastating effects. Effects

which have ultimately led to the Invention

of Earthquake Detecting Machines.


Historically and in the Modern as

well. Vis Our World Legends…

or other-ways and -wise.

A need does arise indeed. For;..


Shake Spotting. Earthquake


Detective Machines.

New and Old. Ways.

Have. Found Ways in deed

and in fact also. To Detect that is. Effectively.


As herein. Below.



Modern Mobile Phone Apps for example of recent

have also been so tweaked to Detect.



Devised by the clever Inventors at UC Berkeley U.S.A.

passively monitors

and detects Quakes both large and small. App

users… use


it within many different Countries and Regions…

yet can such Tech. can easily

correlate, compare and coordinate.

The Data being received therein and thereof.


As the number of App subscribers grow…

and/or Travel too. So too then,..

does the Database of Knowledge within… grow

as well. As well then,..


this innovative App can also provide a

Summary of Quakes for the Location You

are in or at and on. Elsewhere also.



the effecting Earthquake forthrightly displayed.



Btw the MyShake App is FREE on Android.

Forthwith. Also.


Can as well. Be found therein and so forth

and so on. On

Subscribing and Usage… will add Your

Detective Data…

and anything thus Detected for the building up

of Knowledge of these oft Earth shattering Events.

Databse Style therein. Thereof also. Also


there is in deed and in fact quite,..

more than a few. Inventors, Research Scientists

and Other Interested Parties

from All over Our

World. Who.


Are also working on several Systems

and approaches

to Early Earthquake Detection

and Warning.


Detectives All. Therein.



New Ways…


From Countries and Regions such as China,



Europe many such Systems are being utilised.

With effect.

Their sensitivity is oft being Updated as Tech.

further applied. Also.


Online as well. As well by.

Using Unique approaches… it seems;..

many such and so sensors could even turn

the entire IOT ONto

this Task.


The IOT Network Globally that is. Turned On.

Per se. By Tech. that is indeed.


As shown on this Map. Herein. Below. Underwater

Cabling links Us All too. To and from,..

in Ways IOT. All over Our World.


Legends of Data can be thus and so… attained.

Combining and correlating readings off such Cabling:..

the next step and so on. A Cabled Cooperative


of Detecting Ways in deed and in fact also.

Group Detectives. At Works and Ways.




One such cooperative Online Co-op

has cooperating INput from several of the Sciences

and interested.

Observers too… i, Shiro as well. As well as being

interesting thereby;..


using Detective collected and collective

Data from Solar Activity, Astrophysics, Meteorology,

Seismic Geology

and so forth. On to. A forthright and bold Unique

Compilation of Science Reports

correlated therein. Within. IOT.


This widens the Viewpoint of Research to encompass more

than many before. Applications beyond even Earthquake

can be used in similar fashion to bring together

various research and findings. Findings


within such Fields as Earth GeoMagnetic Patterns

and Behaviours.

Pole Shifts. Earths Magnetic Field Studies

and suchlike and so forth. Go forth…

and detect too were also Ideals pursued long ago.

Long Ago


in Times and Places…

of Yore that is.


Modern Reproduction of an Ancient Our World Legends Tech. The Earthquake Detector.


An Olden Ways…


The above Image is a Modern Replica of Ancient Tech.

described within Our World Legends,..

in deed and in fact.


An Earthquake Detective Machine.


Inventor nomen: Zhang Heng.

Times and Places: 132 A.D. China

…of Yore,..

that is indeed. In deed and in fact. Also.


A Man of many interests was he. He was

a very early Researcher it seems. Of many interesting

interests inherent him.

Astronomy, Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and

Invention all captured…


piquing his interest. Therein and thereof. As well.




The Ways of Zhang Heng…

Whilst mainly recorded as a Philosopher Type

he dabbled experimentally

it so and seems. In deed.


Elementally using Tech that is. Elemental Tech. That

is that,

similar in essence to much Others at use

then and thereof of Yore.

Using Powers of Gravity, Water, Fire,

Earth Mineral Element mixes


so on and so forth. Elemental,.. the Tech

therein. Early Alchemy perhaps.?.


Elementary too in Ways,.. is when

Our Cultural Memories…

forget such as these.

Many oft forgot and lost it seems,

some yet still trapped…

within such as Lore.


Our World Legends also have Others. Therein. Herein

as well. As well, for example:


Other Elemental Inventions of Zhang Heng;..

include a Water Powered Wheel and Clock Mechanism


Applying Force and Motion to a Sphere.




His very working example was used

to portray the circling

(… and en-circling…) Heavens.

That is… Our Skies Stars

at Night. Catalogued some 2,500+ of these

did He.


Though uses others for this Tech. are noted. Noted


he,.. Heng., who


came thus and so close to that Iconic

Maths and Physics Pi… Pi

in the Sky above He also discerned via Studies.

736/232 was Heng’s Ways of getting that.

Whole picture and rounded view


therein and thereof. Indeed. In deed. Done.



Other Ancient Tech.,.. for the intrepid Our World Explorers.

Designed a Grid Type Reference for Maps

and such Cartography.

A Permanently Pointing South Compass

Type Device was another.


Other and these Devices such,.. from and within

such a Career.

Contrived a due promotion therein. Thereof

sometime in 112 A.D. that is and was.


Chief Court Astronomer for the Han Emperors…

become he. Heng Zhang

that is. Indeed. In deed and in fact too. Therein.





Written before and after this particular Times…

as well. As well,

his Elemental Inventions did work as well. So

and well,


in deed. In China Ancient

and of Yore.


Very well it seems.



Mixing Ways Mod…

Zhang’s Seismoscope involved several Forces or…

Powers. Elementary that is.


The Earthquake set off a… rather moving Display.

A Chain-reaction of these moving within his

Device. Gravity,




Inertia overcome, Weight, Pendulum,

Cranks and Levers,

Swing Arms and so on. All to detect and

thus and so do.


To display Intensity and Direction of Quake

Peak Event. Via Balls

dropped through that and the… Dragon’s Mouth.

Then on…

and into the and that Frog’s. Mouth,

that is thereon

Machina. As well.


A mix…

of Tech. Ancient thereof and therein.


Applying such a Mix, matches in Our Modern

with such as the usage of Hydraulics, Dampeners

and Shock Absorbers

per se also. On Lands…


and Waters. Also.


An example of Mod. Tech. usage to show and thus effect Earthquake Proof Buildings… being built with minimal affects thereof and therein.


Moving Tech. to equalise Earthquake effects. Effects

that tuned and sensitised

devices such as Gyroscopes/Sensors register

displacement. Replacement back


to normal Position is quite immediate and…

effectively effected by the compensating actions

of the aforementioned

machinery affected… of Tech. Earthquake effects.


Emerge empty-handed therein

and thereof, on and in deed. Gravity and Displacements


equalised… displaced, neutralised… such Powers be.


Hopefully. Hope Machina on turns. Fully

as well. As well do Our,..

Seismic Ships do Float.



An Earthquake Ship. Indeed in deed. A


Fact. Herein. Below.



Usually referred to as Seismic Testing Ships some of these

Project Sound

in addition to Detection. For more than just

Science. Science


Applications that are thus and so used to

promote Profit over People.

With effects on much Wild-Life probable therein.

Military Industrial Complexes looking for more Ways

to extract

and profit from Exploration. Maritime Mining

per se thereof.


Whilst Research into Earthquakes more than

laudatory the misuse

of Sound can also be devastating. If misused that is.


Disorient effects aside,..

Sound indeed can Kill.


Effects on The Earth itself.?.

are largely still unknown. Or an added… effect.?.


Strange Science in deed. Therein.




Whilst the above senseless Science + Industry

approach of Seismic Blast Testing and Sound Blasting

has very questionable profits to and for Our World. Legends


of Maritime Life should not be Subjects of. Nor Subjected to

such subjective nor irresponsible Experiments. Sound

or not. However;


Earthquake Detection and Detectives such as

MyShake + co. makes…

a large pack of sense. Sensing


and acting quickly

therein and thereof a necessity. Vital. Vital

Communications and Disaster Relief can hopefully be

maintained and acted upon. Therein.


With the mixing of basic, simple Sensory Tech

and new approaches

to the Collective capturing of Device Data.

Our World knowledge of these Events is

growing. Whilst

each Earthquake may harm Us so.


From each,..


we learn more. As well.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Inventive.

Shake the World.


In deed. Not

the literal. One.


Till next…

Live Your Dreams. Also.