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The IOT gives the illusion of being OPEN TO ALL. The IOT is not free. The IOT knew FREEDOM for only a week. The IOT now,.. is no longer free. Just like… the REAL. Origin Our World LEGENDS of the IOT. Herein. Shiro STYLE indeed.


The IOT (click),.. knew FREEDOM for one week.

From 28th Jan. 1998… till the next.


In that week,.. the users of the IOT knew nought…

…no noticeable on-line effects per se.


In that week alone…

…8 of the then 12 Regional Root Authority Protocol Servers were pointed at the University of Southern California.


In that week alone… the other 4… continued as per their Programs.

In that week,.. the IOT had TWO Sources.


A choice.

A sense and sniff of… Freedom.



The IOT is not free

… not any more.


Our World LEGENDS herein,.. as freed responsibly as can be.

By Shiro.



At this time however and as far as my add-ons can tell;..

…there are on average 6 Trackers at least whilst you read this.

Somewhere ‘tween 3-9 on most of this Site’s Pages/Posts.

These are interspersed within the usual…1-99+ Computer Programs running dependent on Content and so forth.


This Site Admins Laptops use several ways and means incl.,..

…lots of COOKIE AUTO DELETE with;..

…add-ons to reverse Track and maintain a Watch on the Watchers.


Such as Fire-fox, Mozilla, Ghostery, No-Script, Ip Who-is, Disconnect, Light-beam, Policy Control, Ad-Block Plus etc.


Let’s… Watch the Watchers. Herein.


The Main Trackers here belong to the Site Web Hosts WORDPRESS,..

…for the differing ways to Shinobi speak Site: GOOGLE TRANSLATE,..

…the hopefully Social Media Giants TWITTER, FACEBOOK,..

…the ideal Id/Photo Icon site GRAVATAR and…

…the fancy Font-Stylists ADOBE TYPEKIT.


Such as GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, DOUBLECLICK and PINTEREST and so forth also,.. on the relevant Pages/Posts.

Most of these are Labelled as Stats or Links as is.


Many other on-line Sites have… many many more that watch and track (click).

Several set off alerts on my add-ons on a regular basis.

YOU… nor i, Shiro… are free in the Real.


Nor the IOT.





In the Internet Beginnings:..


At the flick of 8 switches Mr. J. Postel (click) then of the USC and Team had set the IOT FREE.



For a week anyway.


By first morn the (click) US Govt./Network Solutions (click) Team running the remaining 4…

At the DoD,.. NASA,.. and so on,.. (click)

…had figured it out.


These un-named U.S National Security Officials who solely CONTROL such a necessity of the IOT…

…got together.

Summoning Mr. I. Magaziner (click) whilst attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (click).


Soon enough the chain of command threats,..

…filters and ideology explanations ensured this support Base Control of the IOT was again,..

…within the weeks end;.. controlled and…


…wrapped in chain.

Born… and Back… in the US of A.


That this is so these herein of Our World LEGENDS say,..


…can be found in the very soon after release from the U.S. Govt.

vis the U.S. Dept. of Commerce:

Entiltled;.. (as per Shiro’s eyes color…) the ” GREEN PAPER “(click).

(Docket No.980212036-8146-02 ) (click)


Mr. Jon Postel btw,.. passed on some… 9 months later.

Complications… after Heart Surgery (click).


So these of Our World LEGENDS… say.


Was thus in DARPA (click)… the internet began and was controlled.

DARPA… and the skynetARPANET etc etc…(click).



(Video Link)


Here’s some other Tech the folks at DARPA… do;



(Video Link)



Released publicly under the Dept. of COMMERCE banner, this critical component of the early IOT infrastructure of the created  Virtual World thus akin to that of a Trade Commodity in the Real.

Control/Ownership of the Virtual maintained as per such Real World Methods.

By Nation-states in the main.


Monopolisation, Commercialisation, Monetisation and such inherent.

Both Direct and Indirect Control Methods available therein.


The Virtual World is also… virtually controlled.

Only a few can resist Direct Govt. actions.

Threats or acts of Incarceration and Personal deprivation, Legal ramifications, Fines and Taxes and so on are usually well enough and threat enough.

Especially for those who value their continued Life, Liberty and so forth.



The vast majority of Public Trade is strictly controlled oft with much too much Legislation attached.

Either at the Manufacturer, Supplier/Seller or Customer (M/S/C…) levels…

…or ALL.


Differing governments use differing measures and applications to suit the situation…

…or their occasion.


Usually by defining the unwanted as ILLEGAL… AND… subject to prosecution in some manner within their Territory.

Applicable to either/and-or/all… M/S/C.

Quite Simple.


For example; tis NOT ILLEGAL to make or own a FAKE Item… tis just ILLEGAL for most Shops/Stores to sell.


Most governments also factor costs and benefits from their point of view.

Whichever of the above Trade Peeps are on their Territory will be subject to their various Trade Controls and Legislation.



Our World LEGENDS say;

The IOT… is no different.

In China for example;.. their version of the IOT is strictly controlled.


With the aid and equip. of foreign Companies,.. mainly of the U.S of A.

Companies such as CISCO, GOOGLE, YAHOO and etc are bound by Contract and Legislation.


Tis also explains why indeed,..

…such as GOOGLE MAPS… has bits of the free World’s details…

…missing… cos Nation-States request it.



IOT Control freely achieved at a cost using a basic Proxy Server and Server Filter Systems approach.

ALL of the IOT data entry points are funneled into their… Proxy Servers (click).

Filters, Restrictions and Censors applied.


What remains… and is given Freedom,..

…is the Chinese version to which ALL in China… can now freely access.


Not necessarily for free of cost though,.. either.

Devices, Net Connect and more.

No free ride here it seems.



ART per se…





LIFE… in imitation there-of.?.

@ a City… near you…




Njoy… or not.

The so called open IOT,.. Freedom of the Information Age.

Tis… ALL under Control.


Not necessarily yours though.


The Elite Gurkha Soldiers… have a LIL’ KNIFE. Herein. The Slide-show. Shiro Style indeed.


Till next…