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Seasoning Greetings In Our World. Legends Tell Deer Perennial. Symbolic Faves Deer Light. Up With This. That Dawn Christmas Morn So Approachings. Approach Deer Cheeps Not So. Necessary All Overs Our World. Legends In Deeds Ring Out. Herein Indeed Wrung In, Writ. Out Cheaply. Deers. Extra Cheeps.


Cold snapped


this also. That swirly Morning full

all so chilled Air. Early mistings dawned

so from arounds aboves. Belows abouts


this Our. Forest Floor carpeted in. The

Fog. A Clearing


ahead, Clouds above green so. Under

suddenly sounds sounded outs. Inbound-

a large + lively paced moving Herd. Heard


Hooves hard so hittings. Scattering Soils,

Rocks repeatings with those. These Stony

clattering clicks. Snicks




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every so + oft. Of

bony furred Antler. There-

Their snorts resoundings, rapid

runnings thereon in… They’re.?.

Deer. Extra Cheeps


echoing eerily early in Deeds. Indeed

from several local Birds noting

arounds. Abouts so warbling warnings- so

were startled. Starting Wild-Lives running


for that. Their

Lives there so noted

begins. Endings


ups this greenly herein forested in. Tucked

outs Yore doors as with. Our named

Caribou thereto. Hereto


are many. Deer, Stags nomened



both Legendary, Symbolic Creatures. So

Our Deer noted, ref’d as. Fu lu shou ins


Oriental Asian/Chinese oriented

Terminologies. Nomens Studies Times, Places

Occultic/Esoteric. Yore Cults/Organisations

Heraldic, Crestal. Lineages, Artists

used such much as an. Our

Symbol of Honor oft. Often


of the Reindeer. Stags

well ref’d also. All so

Stags can be utilised. Used as alternate. Alternative

Symbols/Pictorials for that. This The

Branch-Ways Motif means

Tree of Life in. Our World Legends. Tellings


Tales/Symbols oft. Of



therein + more much mores. Moreovers underlying


involvings Regenerations, Growths, Cycles, Renewals,

recurring Traditions so forth. Forthrightly left

portrayed as an


Eternal. Elemental Enemy/Counterbalance

of These. That One so

Wise Serpent, Those He-Goats Ones too as

underfooted per se. Sayings


rep’d/ref’d Stag’s as a Symbol oft of. Light


Elemental Mediator, Our

Messenger of Them. Yore Gods divined



those. These Messenger Duties All so

attributed to/of such other. Creatures

Elementals Wise.

Much including Our renowned


Eagle, Phoenix, Lion,

Tiger, Horses etc.


Antlers certainly can so forth. Forthrightly

moves left. Right + mores. Moreovers branchings

all Treelike ups, downs. Arounds

abouts outs so there. Their

Antlers large can grow overs. Overall

sizes ups too. To hugely beings some. Growth

Antlerisedwise summarised over. All ups


330+ inches Sized worths. Worthy divined


naturally grown

Legendary. Creature Symbolised. So



Gifted/Accredited with that. This arcane

innate Yore. Knowledge


billowings Wisdoms Ancient so of. Our

Edible, Medicinal, Miraculous Plants. Thus

bellowings Stags, Deers as well. Dwell well

amongst OthersWise in. Our

World Legends in Deed. Indeed


so well All so Symbolically reflectings

further. Basic


Concepts/Traditions/Ideals of

Heroism, Beauty, Grace. Balance, Speed,

Agility. Strengths

moreovers underlying such Attributes. Much

bestowed Deersways


in Ours. Arts, Sculpture, Literature,

Movies/Photography. Music, Holiday

Seasoned so on. Endear



into so dearly. Yours dailied

so next herein. Outing Ours on 21/12:

Quirky Quotes #74.