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Featured Image Of An Ornate Copper Medallion With Knight And Dragon Legend Drawn/Etched On.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #C. See See. Copper In Deed.


Verdigris. A pale Shade


of Green, One Colored so nomened. Named

as that. This Patina shine. The Coating/Color

of Elemental Copper Carbonate that. These Metals of

Metallic Copper

so undergoes, overall acquires. Acquirings over All


a Coating such. Greenery, Copper much so then develops

those. Rust Proof Like Capabilities. Verdigris

Copper is capably further resistant too. To Water. Sea Water

also. All so thus


Copper Symbolised Cu.

Copper… Cuprum Latinised Aes Cyprium. Copper


Image Of A Mixed Selection Of Various Sized Copper Tubing.

Rounded In Deed.


can be found arounds abouts in. Several Rock

Ore Types. Typically Natural

Copper can. Be a red/yellow/orange Color

when not. Greened or Polished. Ups


high so is this named Lady. The Statue of

That nomened Of Liberty. So thus Statued of NYC

whoso is also. All so Verdigris Copper Skinned in Deed.

Indeed a greened Site too. To

See. See Copper


rather mixes well as. As well

Our Metal nomened Bronze is an Alloy. Of Copper +

Tin so named so combined. Copper

is one too. One of the prevailings more. Common


Elements/Metals found/mined/traded in Our World.

Legends moreovers


Image Of The Science Periodic Table Highlighting The Element Copper.

Tabled Copper In Deed.


long Tell

of Our. Yore usage of Two Main Types. Typically


using both too. Two thereto so beings, Nuggets

(… which are so relatively Rare now…) + Rock-borne

which is notso. Rare.



in Mind, mine. Our Copper Bearing Rocks/Minings usage

goes Ways. Back Yores, thru’ Our Ages long


too. To Then, That now so nomened Chalcolithic

Times, Places. This

thus beings named The Copper Ages. Young

or olden Raw. Cold

Copper susceptible too. To cracking outs

tho’ warmings. Ups Copper when in Deed. Indeed


heated, liquid Casings Castings so. Copper friendly. Heated

‘n’ Treated


Image Highlighting The Upper Torso And Face Of The Statue Of Liberty.

Statued Free High. Lighting Copper In Deed.


Metals thus so require. Further handlings well also. All

so Productions involvings… well,.. further Deeds. In Mines,

Smelter, Blacksmith, Crafts, Trades so forth. Forthrightly

indeed left for so Works


of Art as well. Well as Medically rightly quite capable of


an Anti-Viral Nature. Naturally even quite well

Elementally Our


Copper. Gets ‘n’ goes arounds abouts

in Our World. Legends Told


Image Of A Small Block Of Copper Being Drilled.

Indeed Our World. Legends Arounds Abouts In Deed.


next too. To be so writ

rounded. Ups in Quirky

Quote #75.