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Featured Image Showing The Sphinx With The Great Pyramid In The Background.

Indeed Yore Egypt In Our World. Legends Tell Of Nile Waters, Ships, Kingships, Kinglists. The Inventory. Stele Also. All So Our Yore Artefacts Tell. Different Facts Of Their Lives There. Your Our Egypt A Tour Of Hieroglyphs Heroically Historically Not. Matchings Mains. Streamed Thoughts Herein Still. Checking That Inventory In Deed Stele.


Even whilst so Writ on Stone is that. This

670 B.C. ish. Founds Archaeologically in 1858.

The Inventory Stele still. Wrong.?. or. Wronged


are some of. We.?. Archaeologists

opines asides- i, Shiro for One. Of us

cannot so read. It. So


Still Checking This. That

Inventory. Stele

in Deeds. Indeed

even Translated strictly. Our Yore Ancient Egypt

Archaeological Artefact: The Inventory Stele Tells

somehows around. Abouts somewhats differings View. Total

Of The. Worldview so mainly streamed. Mainlined


The Inventory. Stele should so be. Still that


Images Of The Archaeological Artefact Called The Inventory Stele.

Still Inventory Stele In Deed.


for this so Stele tells. Further telling Tales also. All so

History slightly. Rearranged, tweaked

or mores. Moreovers underlying such

Ancient Beliefs/Truths. We simply fail much too. To

take. On boards, Ours. Outboard


Motors now useful on That Nile. Nilewaters

are of Yore Our Egypt a Main. Stream/River

so. Widely deeply venerated. Bathing Our

Egypt in Pharaonic Yore waters. Of Nileish

glory. Glorious still stone


Hieroglyphs in a Commemoration Tablet:

The Inventory Stele

so nomened still casually insists BOTH.

The Sphinx + Pyramid Great are greater

aged in Deed. Indeed

greatly older longer. Yore than Our Thinking allows

now. Yore


Data ours now so is not so casually. Dismissed. Intro’ing

Aboves Commemoration Belows.

Thus Translated Elseswheres. Yore


Image Showing An Old Drawing Of The Sphinx With A Closeup Inset Showing A Entrance/Exit Way On Top Of The Head.

Indeed Atop Down In Deed.


Than Our Herein:


“… Lives the Horus Medjed, the King of Upper and Lower

Egypt, Cheops, given life. He found the house of Isis,

Mistress of the Pyramids, next to the house of Haurun,

northwest of the house of Osiris, Lord of Rasetau.


He (re)built the pyramid of the king’s daughter

Henutsen beside this temple. He made an inventory,

carved on a stela, for his mother Isis, the mother

of the god, Hathor, Mistress of the Sky. He restored

for her the divine offerings and (re)built her temple

in stone, that which he found in ruins being renewed,

and the gods in their place…”


Image Showing Cleopatras Needle Monument And Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Showing A Pair Of Giants Erecting Such Monuments.

Needle Points In Big Deeds.


Image Showing A Pyramid Built Using Water Canals For Transport Of The Large Stones.

Indeed Well Waterways Wiseways In Deeds.


Whether misinformation or missed information…

is yours too. To Choices make. The Inventory Stele

in Our World. Legends Tell insistently


.?. Found A Pyramid, The Sphinx (Haurun) those. These

were only rebuilt, repaired BY

Khufu (Cheops) ways means.?. Renovatings revealings still Stele:


SOMEONE(s) Else BUILT Them in Deed… Indeed

more Fact than fiction in. Our World Legends so seems.

Seemingly GIANT like tipped revelations in Deed. Indeed

long Yore so afore Khufu… + i, Shiro… + You…


The Sphinx + Pyramid Great were.



and Here in Our World. Legends Tell well as. As well


Image Of The Word Pyramid Written In Many Different Languages And Colors.

Indeed Man Made Mountain So Fired Ups. Down Inners In Deed.


next told arounds. Abouts

#M Of Our A To Z.