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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #87. One Top 12. One How-To. To Read Stars Alpha Baptised.


Yore Stars in Our World. Legends

as just. Past Our Hallowed Eve


told did toils. Slow changes so rightly awakes. Nightly

Stars naturally twinkle. Lightly sparkling, beckon. Reckoning

charitably on Our. Light hearted humor, Yore Customs +

Traditions Yearly. Seasonally opening Doors roll on in. To

Rolling out


of Pumpkins also. All so faced




(Music Link)


in Our World. Legends Tell hallowed Stars ways


belows descriptive shines. Outs in ways means

outing herein


Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done


One Top 12. One How-To. To Read Stars

Alpha Baptised mayhaps. Perhaps Alphabetised

also. All so


nomens Science Researchers researching. Research

using naming them. Science

Fictions writers +

Readers Otherswise aficionados so positioned oft. Of

persons perhaps. Of interest interested ins. Outing

the Knowing of


what. Stars are these. Ways means starrily mores



right here. In ways Alphabetised in Deed. Indeed means

Meanings Overview below


for One’s. View divined aboves so forth. Forthrightly below

left with Our 12: For/To You too. To Stars,.. so Typed:


  • Binary Stars: Stars that team. Up

in Pairs. Many Stars out there go Binary. Binaries

here aka nomened. Namings Typed = several. Categories:

Eclipsing B./Spectroscopic B./Visual B.


  • Brown Dwarf: Heavier than a. Planet

lighter than a. Star in/on Pause mode.

So in ‘tween with lil’/no. Internal nuclear actions/reactions.


  • Main-Sequence Stars: Like Our Sun is. One

of The named Norm/Ordinary. Stars nomened

aka main-sequence dwarfs/dwarf stars also. All

so simply burn Hydrogen into. To Helium vis nuclear

fusion processes deep inside. Star


  • Nebula: Gaseous Dusty Cloud tends too. To

Glow/Shine. Shine aka as Nebulae nomened. BirthPlaces,

Times of New Born Stars. Namings Typed = several. Categories:

Emission N./Reflection N./Dark N. = so

Emits Light/Reflect Light/Absorbs Light.



  • Neutron Star: Tiny collapsed Superdense. Objects

of massive Mass yet so compacted. A Neutron Star

could weigh such as much. Our Sun yet be only. 12 Miles wide.

Total Gravitational collapse. Thick as. As for Our


  • Nova: A Star that brightens. So for a lil’ Times, Places

then slowly fades. The dramatic increase of Light

may. Well be the result of Explosions. Of some nature. Of

Natures alt./nomened aka Novea. Natural.?. Expandings Matters

named on those Star. Star Binary Systems (ref. above) +

(ref. belows)

White Dwarfs seen. May be susceptible too. To Nova-

isms. Waving on ats


  • Pulsar: A Neutron Star (ref. above) with an Upgrade. One

Star that also. All so generates Pulses of emitted regular. Energy

Cycles as it’s Mass/Matter rapidly spins/turns. Our


  • Red Giant: Yore Ancient Sun. A Star long past its use by. Date.

Dated mayhaps yet perhaps. Some 10-100 Times sized Our. Sun

with cooled Surface Features beginning too. To End Cycle out so. In


Mores Super Stars In Deeds. Indeed Ninja/Samurai.


  • Supergiant: As nomen says- Largest, most Luminescent

Stars. Some up too. To 1000 Times sized Ours. Sun that

is cooling yet so huge still bright lit. Huge Surface… Low

on Fuels per se. Say into


  • Supernova: This Starry Supergiant (above) hugely exploding.

That Intense somewhat prolonged Energy release. Resultant

Matter may form a Nebula (ref. above). Below onto


  • Variable Star: Stars with rather Varied Properties/Features.

Featuring Fields changes over Times, Places indicating. Combo’s

of unbalanced.?. Forces so alight still starring there. Our


  • White Dwarf: A Star here beginning too. To End. Ending up

small, very dense + very hot. Not very so luminous. Due

per size + very low scale fusion events. Eventually white

fades so white out. Outing



so next starring. Our Lasting Final. Quote

Quirky #88.