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In Our World. Legends with Words… are many. Ways more than 3. Many Gifts We oft give. Some… We get. What would You gift a King.?. The Magi Three of Wise, Olden Persia have made their choices. Choice. But… Why.?. Seek and search  Legends of Worth, Beauty and Health. Gifts that keep on. The Top-Shelf. Herein. A lil’ more ol’ MAGIc.


Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. A Gifts Trio of Treats bestowed on

a nominal King. King of the Biblical remnants of the

Israelites and Jews who was later

HimSelf, turned into a part of a trinitarian Trio. Also. Is


and do Gifts

contain oft more than their separate value, worth.?. Worthy

of closer examination too. A Trio tested. Belows. Herein.


Is the Questions… 1,2,3. As Belows: As well,


1. Whosoever are these Men of Magi.?.

2. Whysoever those greatly Gifted Choices.?.

3. Whatsoever are Their Names nomened only

extra-Biblically.?. Also. Also


the Magi. Portrayed as Olden Persian Wise Men. Which

says it All. Tells You… No Thing. ‘Cept they are

Smart. Persian. Old Men.


In Our World. Legends

as well. Well as



’twas; Magi Melchior, the Gold Giver; Frankincense

furnished by

Magi Caspar, and mere

Magi Balthasar following up with Myrrh. Mirth

on no account. Accounts

of Their Names. Only in The Traditional Ways. Not


even the Baby’s. Whose nomen at this stage. Is

apparently unimportant. Ços


at those Stages of the twisting Tale. Told it’s All

about following those Stars

in their Eyes, Heavens too. To and searching for

this King of that Kingdom. They

do so Seek. Back Then. Now…


we know… Bethlehem or thereabouts… we

think. ‘Twas.

Hand on the Cradle. Mary’s, perhaps

Joseph as well. Also, as



so some Legends vary a lil’. Names, Looks, Photos

too. To and Yet, so mainly.


Names oft just so slightly locally rearranged.

Within. Thems. At Times, Places too. To


now then,

Wise Up. Ways

of The 3 Magi. Men


Golden Mirth

is and so, irrespective of which and what are the Names.

This and their Deeds

was done indeed. In deed of.


All. In the name of Good Health. In deed indeed. Therein.

Fit and To, For a King. As well. Well as





Frank Mirth…

Their Worth.?.


China, Australia and Russia.

The Top 3. Gold Diggers.

Gold Miners and The Companies thereof;

though THEY… not necessarily OF China, Australia, Russia…)


(Anyways… app. 400, 300, 275… respectively Tonnes p.a.) Mined.


3 Countries/Continents 1,000 + Tonnes per years.


Globally in Our World… 3,000 Tonnes Gold Mined…approx.

…$120 BILLION… worth…

approx. p.a. Years after Years… going…



Gold like Silver can be in a Colloidal Form. A Form

which can be used to facilitate specific Medical Tests as


well. Also


More Trio’s… More Crosses. To Bare.


These and those  Books known as The Bible. Are heavily Edited

with (BIG) bits missing.

For example; The Christed One had 12 Main Members in His Crew.


Disciples. Apostles.


Like a… Zodiac or Calendar… Carton of Eggs also. Also



Yet and so… ONLY 4 COULD WRITE.???. Apparently.


MARK, MATTHEW, LUKE and One of the JOHN(s) also. Also

and even these 4/12 agree to disagree. Lots.

(… Only this and that Matthew Tells of the Wise 3 Btw…)





2/3 ain’t bad. So Singeth MEATLOAF whilst JIM STEINMAN so Writ.

As Belows.


1/3 didn’t rate a Mention. Therein. Thereof



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From Whence…

They Come.

Persia. Of Yore where the Magi so be. From. Probably.


Ancient Persia was a very large Empire of Regions and Areas

which extended

at Times and Places to encompass much more than it’s

Center of Origin.

Various Kings, Rulers and so forth. Sallied forth to over

and takes neighbouring

Lands. The Conquests though essentially Military

to obtain Control adapted


to the Local Conditions and Cultures. Assimilation,

Reconciliation, Forbearance,

Tolerance of many aspects. Cultural, Religious, Political,

Local. Cooperation

with Local Leaders and Authorities continued

to keep interference to a



The Carrot… after the Stick per se.


Trade, Coinage, Law… and Taxes.

Interesting to note… NO PERSONAL TAXES.


Work, Business, Trade, Agriculture, Manufacturing only.

Including the Churches.


Ancient Persia Empire.


Such Regulations and Laws… applied mostly, evenly.

Areas turned into Province type with each, a Local Governor.

Land, Equip supplied where needed.

A Courier System, Main Roadway, Lodgings along route.


A growing and adaptable Defensive System developed too. To

so end up with a Persia. Being slowly expansive,

a Model for the upkeep of a growing Civilisation. Empiric. That is.


That is updating whilst Tradition respected. For the most parts.

Over Times and Places in Our World. Legends of Our

Words and Origins

indicate several here still. Still here in deed. Indeed such as:


Asparagus, Bazaar, Lemon, Melon, Orange, Peach, Sash, Shawl,

Spinach, Tiara, Turquoise and so forth. Do so sally forth from

Persia. Of Yore. Still.


The Ancient Persian or Old Persian Language was kept

aside too. To

only be used for Official, Royal and Special Occasions. From

thence. On. On



The Chariots…
of the Magi.

Camels were and was most Personal Traveling. Done.

A Camels Hump… or Two contains actually lil’ Water.

Mostly Fats… soaked in Water.


Oval Shaped Cells enable the Camels Legendary quenched


Whilst Kidneys + co… only release those little flows. Very

little. Not

oft. At All.

Though also prodigious Drinkers the Water is quickly assimilated

into the Bloodstream

vis their unusually shaped Cells. Cells which expand easier…

hold more.


Fats so stored can suffice for up to 3 Weeks with the Hump

slowly being eaten up, alas and ends up drooping. Therein.

Alack of

fatty support. Support


Searchers… Starry Eyed… Giving…


Crew in Our World. Legends do so and say the so

and called

Wise Men 3. Were.


Support,.. Supply as well. Well as

Star and Sky Lore Followers it seems in deed. Indeed

even those Biblical Epics so heavily Edited do so and

say. That. That

Wise Men follow Stars. That is. Is that


and will that… then leads to… Was This Star of East Far…


as well. Well as

it seems stopping only… where needed in deed. Stars

in the Skies…

Stars in Their Eyes also. As well


The Magi were so steeped in Ancient Traditions

and Ways. Enigmatic,

well studied Men and Women. Well versed in Ancient

Astrology + Astronomy.


(… Btw’s…Wary of the intentions of Herod… When They

returned ” Home “…

They took an alternate Route to avoid His

influence etc… Refer: Matt 2:12-)


The Magi in Our World Legends too,

are those we now derive that spectacle of Awe…


That ol’




from. Magi were Healers, Researchers, Priests, proto-Scientists,

Scribes and mores.

Advisors to Leaders, Royalty, Community.


Multi-Cultured, High-Cultured and appreciative thereof and

therein as well. Well as

being well-travelled as a Class, One of the most Educated

also. Also distinguished

Foreigners per se in the Lands so travelled, described

oft as such.


Very Early Versions of this Tale gave the Total Number

of the Entourage

that visited YEHOSHUA bar Joseph… as 12.!.?.


The Term most referred to when discussing their Beliefs

is that of a

“…Wise God…”


The Zoroastrian Priest-hood.

Sacred Class of the Medes.

High-Priest… The Chief Magus;


RAB-MAG so nomened therein. Within


Star Searchers… Seeking…


The Elixirs For Life…

the Annals of Science, Medicines and Health Studies.


besides it’s invigorating and heady Aromas, is great for the

Skin. Skin



so forth. Forth


rightly too Our World Legends do say that OMAN the Oldest

Known Source thereof. Frankincense has been cultivated,


for many many Centuries. Mainly off the Two Type



Trees (…carteri, sacra…) A White Milky Sap

extracted, hardened


and scraped. Generally, Oil is usually Yellowy-Green in Color with a

Woody, Earthy Spice Aroma. Several Colored Varieties known


Frankincense… Nuggets thereof.


as well. Well as a Clear/Transparent Type usually reserved

for the Royal Household. Households in Egypt. Of Yore

also powdered F. as an Eye-Liner Additive for the Womenfolk.

Anti-infectant, -septic qualities.


Easily adapted for adding to OILS, PERFUMES, SOAPS

and so on. On



Internal and external uses.


Beneficial for several DIS EASE Conditions of the Kidneys,

Skeletal Structure,

Immune, Digestive Urinary Systems and the COLD/FLU

type Issues. Issues


Elixir Creation…


surrounding the Ancient Ceremonies invoke too, a lot of

Myrrh. Myrrh

is that Science so nomened; Commiphora myrrha.


Far-East, Mid-East, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Berbers, India,

Europe, Africa

and more. Regions and Cultural uses

and usages abound arounds.


Wound Healing, Digestion, Female Issues, Immune


anti-bacterial,-viral, -septic, -inflammatory and mores. More

oft now in


Mod Mouth-Washes, Toothpaste and so forth. Forth


Myrrh… the merrier… Nuggety chunks thereof.


Crowning Celebrations…

So summing Ups the Magic of these Magi Trio.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.


Maternal Healers, Mid-Wife Mentors, Bill Payers. Extra

ordinaire. In deed indeed.


A Triple Treat. Natural Hits.

Were so brought.


Alongs and around. In deed.


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Indeed, feel more than free to expose. Herein.

How You Treat YOUR Ways

of those Holy Days Holidays.


How… You Treat… Your Self. What Ways.?.

In these and On those. So crowned and


Special Days.

Treat thyself in deed.


Do Share. Herein. Your Ways.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Stay Golden, Frank and with Mirth…

Triple Treat Yourself. Others… well as.


Live Your Dreams. Then.

Now. Also.



Next… Our World Legends jumps on and into The

Stillness. I See.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



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