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Defense In Our World. Legends of Safety. Safely Overcomes. Over Thrown Spears. Over Made. Purposely. Shield Breaking those. Lines of Defensiveness. Martial. Of Yore. Your Throwing. Arms Tested. Shielded as well. Well as Herein.


Shields in Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales of Defensive too. To ploys

that played. Ups with Offense. Defense


is integral to any. Army. Armies

Times, Places.

The Romans. Of Yore. A Lil’.


Were practiced. Much

Trainings. Therein Army. Roman


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Maneouvres. Maneouvering War

Shields. To the War. Front. Frontal

Line, A Wall. Of Shields. The Square/Turtles

Types Move. There as well. Well as

That Defensive Shield.

Spear-Breaker, Broken.


Known as the. Pilum.



Another Aid. Armied, Aided Romans. So

armed, used. As Belows. So Tells Tales


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The Roman. Wall. Shielded.


of Spears

had long been. A Mainstay in Alls. Armies.

Variety. Of Types.


Small to Long.

Javelins for Throwing. Thin, sleek. Straight.

Wider Bladed for Thrusting.

Even Wider too. To be Slashings Aways. Means.


Thus partly that need. For Shields.

Thus partly as those wheel. So spins.

The need for the. The Shield Breaker. Spear.


That Pilum.

So nomened. Rome. Of Yore. ‘Twas


A Long Spiked Javelin. Types Spear. Breaking

on Purpose well as. As well Full

filling several. Purposes. Packed

within. That Pilum Spear. Structure. Was


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The Pilum. The Purpose. Built too. To Breaks. Ups. Downs as well.


a Woodenly. Attached

Manufactured Fault. Flawed. To


Bend, Fold. Break. Particularly

at a certain point. Not Quite At. The Iron

Spear-Point. Yet

this Spears. Ironic Point

Was just. That to Break. Fold, Bend Ups. Then


After pointedly. Piercing the vast majority. Of

Shields. Appendage

of thus. Weighted Wobbly Woes. So became this


Broken. Ins Spear. Could

not be extracted so. Quicks. So whilst. War-Hammers


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Pilum. With The Wobblies. Piled Ons.


meanwhile simply percussed. Once. Or

so. Concussed

and caved. Ins. Pilums pounded,

pierced. Then got in those Ways. Means


Light Shields. Heavily gained awkward weight.

Of and with. Those Pilum protruding. Remains

stuck ins,

those. Broken Speared. Off Points. Pointedly

Pilumed then there. Their


Remaining Movements. Of Shield Bearer. So

hindered. Restrained

Drastically, Weighted. Downs.

Thereon ins, ups so in cases. In case



Shields. Got in their uppity Ways there. That too

’twas. So axiomly prompted. The Viking Armies to.

Create. Created the creatively. Shaped. On


Multi-Purpose. Again. The

Skeg Axe.


So aptly Nomened. Hooked-Axe well as. As well

Light. Enough to use. Those Nordic cool. Runnings

Momentums forwards. Motions-wise

For Throws. Also


useful in. Others Ways. Means

that by. That Crook of

that Hook. Axily easily.


Hooked Overs a Shield too. To

evince Control. Of that

situation. Martial. There. Then


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The Skeg. UnShielded.


Many. Others in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales of the Native Australian Aborigines.

Of Throwing. Sticks, Implements. Accessories.

The Aztecs too. To The Spear. Aid

there. Both Their Cultures. There. So used


well as. Well as One. The Woomera. Other

The Atlatl. Wooden Thrower Aids. Adding

impetus, force. Force Full too. That


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Unleashing. The Woomera.


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The Atlatl. Thrower. Of Spear. Selection of Others. Aztecian Weaponry. Shields.


The Aztec Obsidian. Club. Of War.

The Maquahuitl.

A very Stout. Oversized.

Wide as. Wooden Paddle/Club.

With an Add-Ons. On, en-


-Lined with the Blade

Like Edge. Of Obsidian Stone. Razored

sharp Gems

craftingly embedded. That. Now so

sharply. Stiff. Outer

Woody. Edge. So lined. Linings


of the sharply shiny. Gem

such as this. That added to

Others too. To The Aztec


Weaponry of Spear, Knife

and so forth thereupons as well. Well as

Forthrightly. Lining


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The Obsidian. Gem of a Maquahuitl.


Ups. His Bow. The Arrow. That Arrows. Head.

He had so. Just unpocketed. There. Then


The Japanese Bow-Master aligned. Alls too. To

The Task. At Hands. His. That





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A Korean Diplomatic Mission presented. Gifts too. To

Japan’s Emperor Nintoku (…319-399…). A Korean

Envoy. A Shield. Of Iron. Confidently


exclaiming None. Nothing. Could so penetrate. This

Shield. Shielding

a Smile. Tatebito nodded as the Emperor. Looked

His Ways. Means


Testing times. Ahead. His.

Now. In front

That Shield. Filled. His Sight. Sighing

as He so released. His Arrow. Just One.

The Arrow Head.


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Pure Metals. Pure Heat. Treated well as. Well as

Shaped with Leading Angular Edges circling in

grooves arounds, abouts. Spiralled arounds, abouts

that is. That is.

A Specially Designed. One. So faced.


That Korean Iron Shield of wholly None. Nothing

at Alls. Could be done too. For, Tatebito’s Arrow.

Was going Places.


Passing Ons. Thru’ too. To

That. So diplomatically wholly Overjoyed. Envoyed

Korean. Shield Holed. Is now. Forever Mores.


By Tatebito. Simply and so. So Holed In

One. On

Wrapping. Ups.

Shields in Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales Many. From the binds of

Netting. To The Silk


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Shirts. Of the outbound Mongols. Silks Nature

Btw’s annoys Arrows. Especially Specially That. So

Layered. Leathers, Woods

To Arm Bucklers. Metals,

Chain Mails To Kevlar. Armors.


The Shields

In Our World. Legends




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Next… Posted. Ups: So Writ Down:

Still Mad At Uncle. Sam.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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