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That Search For. Intelligence In Our World. Legends Tell Of Spy Agency. Spies Well As. As Well Covert Ops. So Opped Ins Origins In Deed. Indeed CIA, NASA Mores. Moreovers Geopolitics Ticks. Ons. Herein.


In Our World. Legends told

of Ancient Ancestors in Deeds. Indeed

can so. Oft so



The Origins of several Institutions

indicate such. Much


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then. Whilst to some,

Spec. Ops

In Our World. Legends

Merely means Computer Games. Gaming

this not. Be in The Real


in. Our World

Legends Tell. Tales of Yore. Just a Lil’. Very



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much so is not. Fun ‘n’ Games Therein. Be

Second. World Wars, World Dominations

by Abominations Bombings and so forth. Forthrightly

and wrongly well as. As well



Scientists so built. Machinerys of War…

incl. Rocketry. Specialist Thus


Migration Programs Covertly. Runs bys

One of the more. Infamous U.S.

Spy Agencies. A Three Letter. Kind. To

Begins. As Belows. Aboves


Our Skies. Lies

the Spaces realm. Of NASA. Lies

seem to Follow Close. Behind. That CIA

well as. As well


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Nomened, an Intelligence. Agency. Centred

ons Spec Ops. CIA Operations with nomens.

So in them. Selves intriguing

Operation PaperClip.


Is Ones of Their Ways there too. To

Staff Nasa of the early Days. Of this Agency


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so seems. Seemingly

Covertly bringing in Enemy Scientists, Technicians,

Specialists. Rocketry, Weaponry.

Some 3200. 1600 too. T

the USA. 1600 onward ways. Means

Russia So. Bound.


Un-americans that be. Then

mainly actually previously that is. Is that

ex- mainly

Nazi Scientists. Thems Now

NASA. Then So be. Be




Operation Paperclip

that supplied Technicians

Ons Both. Sides of Wars Cold

and so forth. Forthrightly

so wrongly 3200 Manly Ways. Means


for the continuation of such Ways. Means

Hot/Cold Wars Arms Build-Ups

within such Fields as The

U.S. of A. Rocketry, Space. Travels


advances and so forth. Forthrightly

or wrongly Told The Public



Nothing. Till



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many Years. Had

passed. Op Paperclip


comboed with. The Lend Lease

Programs ensured. Further

Armageddons spurred ons. Science

Advancements Military applied. In Our World. Legends


So Tell Those Controlling. Ways

Geopolitical, Covert. Machiavellian

In Deed. Indeed


That Is In Deed Sir Isaac Newton Equations = 23900… Indeed Is That Nasa says… something else so seems. Herein.



within such. Pedigrees per se.

Saying Truth lies moonily

behind NASA

Statements. May reveal


much. Mores. Moreovers


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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…