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Looking Behind Our Yore. Japan In Our World. Legends Tell Chains Sighted At Sides Oft. Of Weapons Behind Chained Link Back Too. To Forward Thinking Blacksmiths Unchaining Melodies + Hammers. Hammering Strength Also. All So Arounds Abouts These. Those Weakest Links Gone. Here History + Chains So Slide. Shown.


Do not be roped circling into. To linking assumptions

thinking. That this Our Chains

Knots. Simply Yore Business


is straight. Forwards so simple. Simply Yore

was so serious. Knotty backed Business. Our Chains

Blacksmithing took great care in Technical production. Products,

Ingredients, Processing. Strengthening + Manufacturing

became somewhat. Sub-specialities within much such. Arts,

Trades. Intensive labour + time, prepping +

forging high quality associated. Components.


Yore Chain Variations incl. Cord/Leathers, Rope, Hair. Chains




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Silent Knights. Dally Daily.


in Yore Our Japan so. Meant artful Ways. Means

chaining it all together. To gather Our Yore


unique smithing. Processes nomened ” wakashitsuke

where + bys. Named ” first separate + then join

became Our customary norm. There. Yore Japan

that is. Is that

each + every one. Link individually forged in deeds. Indeed



later then. There then added Special Compound Mud too. To

the Link Joins so just prior. Forge Hammering

so then began. Endings ups there


with no weak. Links

we hope. So




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whilst Yore Our Metal in the main. Mainly Iron Composite

so forth. Forthrightly left

processed + forged Ultra High Strength. Chains. Chains


so able too. Allow One

Defensive Weapon vs Our Yore Heavy Weapons. One

classic as well. Well as now




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Our Yore Slide-Show:


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Our Japan’s



so nomened Our. Named Chain per Kusari . Chain

Ways means Official/Militia/Police/Judicial/Ninja/Public

choosing. Chains partly reactionary too. To Samurai’s

strict monopoly of The Sword. Chains


one alternative to many. Yore Our People. Chained




Weaponry becomings much such. Moreovers underlying

truly greatly Variety too. To Our fore. For

such Bans means ways many weapons oft. Of

varying size and type incl. Chain Combos with Otherswise


weapons of wood/steel. Chains

enhancing Ones natural assets also. All so

if controlled defensively that is. That is


even Beginners

thru’ modest/moderate Training. Times, Places

Skills quickly learnt too. To swing, focus ends, whip

or entangle. Looping basic strikes, timing in deeds. Indeed

and with lots attention too. To Your Personal + Our


so forth. Forthrightly


just don’t get left

chained to the wall. Striking


Well As Chained Too. To The Floor As Well.


Wall Too. To Wall Unchained Martial Movie. Mayhem.


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Quirky Quote #12.