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Bottles In Our World. Legends deposit much too. Into Thems. Their Messages. Sea Postal Voyages titanically Oceanic. Oceans apart. Bottled in. Messages so Pass. Herein. More. So Found in Our World. Legends. Alls. Lost Leaders, Lives, Loves. Mores. In.


A Novel. Way of Communication

is that of the Message. In a Bottle. Approach.


Life, Love. Death as well. Well as

those Eternal Themes in Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales of many Bottles too. To

within find Messages. So writ. Therein Bottles

Bottled Up. Ins




So is Mores. As Belows so shows.






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toss Bottled Glass. Quite well as. Also

as well so, Love. So

tossed by those same Seas.


Whereas bottled. Ups Emotions are no.

Good Things. A Message in. A Bottle

can open ups more. Moreovers

reveal that. Love

and even Death


In Our World. Legends

Tell tall and not so. True Tales


Within too. To



instances of Love so found, Missing Times,

Places. Unto a Nazi

Fuhrer Fates finally revealed.?. So

even writ. Within


A Message In A Bottle.

In 1958.

Brought Paolina and Ake Viking

to celebrate an Autumn Wedding.

Theirs that is in Deed. Indeed


Ake a Swedish Mariner,

had thrown The Bottle.


During a Voyage. In 1956.


A Lil later on the Shores. Of Sicily...

Paolina’s Father. A Fisherman


made a catch that so changed. Lives.


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Presented same Bottle to Daughter...

Who after reading That Message Within. So



Further Correspondence continued too. To

eventually bring Them…

Paolina of Sicily and Ake of Sweden.


So together too. Two

Years Later after the Wavy Bottle toss. Tossed

was that Bouquet. So

wedded in Our World. Legends of Love

that found. Their Way. Means



of Geopolitics within Europe and Germany

in Our World. Legends of the

begins of another

World War too. To

Our Second

so nomened. Named Hitler

as the Leader/Fuhrer of Germany.


A controversial figure and figurehead as well

in Deed. Indeed even His Death well as


lil’ can be confirmed. Conforming

to practices of those Times, Places. Many

Doubles... Look-Alikes… Decoys... of

Famous and infamous People. So employed.


At that Times, Places ’twas The Russian. Forces

forced Their Ways into Germany. First. Later

also the USA ran Operation Paperclip.

So detailed in that Official CIA Archives




brought many ex-Nazi’s into NASA and other

Agencies. The Russsians dithered on releasing

Their Info/Intel and also accused Britain of smuggling

both Hitler and Eva Braun away. Means


in The Real.?. In Our World Legends

cannot define for.?.


Hitler and others are/were also long. Also

suspected of using several

Look-Alike Doubles and so forth. Forthrightly

no definitive identification can be positive

that is. Is that


According to the New York Times… 26th April 1945. Article

titled “…Hitler Imitator Reported Ready to Die in His Place…”

which so writs of former grocer, August Wilhelm Bartholdi,


“…a double for Hitler

who was thought to be preparing to die on the Fuhrer’s behalf…”



Theories so abound around. About

thems. The Choice

is Yours too. To Take there. There

are at LEAST 10 too. To


be Online

for You to so. Choose froms. One of 10.?.

Hitler died many. Ways oft so seems. Seemingly

means nothing known. For sure.?.


Therein a List. Herein…



the 11th.?. Therein a Bottle


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found ons. The Danish Coast

of the North. Sea. 26/11/1946.


Hitler Died In U-Boat, Says Bottle Message.
The Sun ( Sydney, NSW )
27 November 1946. So Writ


This Bottle contained a Marine Journal

Log Book Entry of the German U-boat Nauecilus- which The

“…American Associated Press.. reported. That the letter,

written on a page of the U-Boat’s Log Book was signed Hans

Routenburger. The “…Reuters…” correspondent states the Bottle

was washed ashore one hundred miles from Gedser Lighthouse,

which is the area in which the wreckage of a U-Boat was found…”


That U-Boat…

which sank on 15/11/1945. Within


ons board. Was Hitler. So thereupons

logged so seems. So Writ. Writings


go far in Deed. Indeed the Longest

Journeys of Messages In A Bottle

in Our World. Legends



Tell Tales of so

many bottling more. Than

25,600 kms so wavily tossed. Upons

arounds about Our World. Legends

of a 6 Year swim and float. So there. There

being The Indian Ocean. Oceans


out there. Have also been known too. To

seven Times so known. At least

carry Messages well overs. From

A Century, more. Ago. Of Yore


traces remain. Of Us in Our World.

Legends so Tell. We began

free posting using such. Much

Wavy Energy. With


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Messagings in a Bottle from

arounds, abouts. 310




In Our World. Legends

go far in Deed. Indeed


Love and Death

from Ways, back

of Yore. Now



Posted So Next: With

Chernobyl Radiating. Giants Too. Part 1.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…