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One. Round Table Arounds Abouts In Our World. Legends Tell Crafted Bys Merlin Then. There Sat Arounds Daily Bys Knights + King. Heroes Oft Of These. Those Grail Cups Above Challenges Pendragons Belows. This Seats There So That Perilous Is. One.



Yore Knights sat. Arounds Our

Round Table. Fellowship uniquely


Tabled with Merlins Craftmanship + Wizardry. Naturally

Tabling. Our Once Arounds

Abouts Yores. Round Knights


one Seat was so. Nomened Perilous. Named so

Siege Perilous


so. ONLY allowing true Grail Knights too. To

be seated thereupons that One. Seats

in deeds. Indeed such much as Sirs. Percival or

Galahad only need apply also. ALL so Others

will soon so. Die if daring sit upons Siege Perilous.


Such much

aboves imaged belows. Such much



Our Yores Fellowship of the Round. Table brought

together. To gather so

around Knights there. Them Their Daily of Chivalry, Our

World Legends as well. Well as

Their Deeds indeed


retold in. Tales oft of Print, Movies +

Computer Games/Cartoons so forth. Forthrightly left

with this. That

so QuestionSo

How Many.?. So


Knights oft. Of Our Round Tabled.?. So


Hows Many Daily. Knights Tabled In Deeds Be Around Our. Round Indeed.



Those few.?. These are in deeds. Many. So

indeed numberings


from 13… to 1600.!. dependent on Ref./Source(s) ref’d

to. To Our

The Winchester and Arthurian Listings the most. Commons so

nomened well as. As well Naming Yores Our




  1.  Sir Galahad.
  2.  Sir Lancelot.
  3.  Sir Gawain.
  4.  Sir Percival.
  5.  Sir Lionell.
  6.  Sir Tristram de Lyones.
  7.  Sir Gareth.
  8.  Sir Bedivere.
  9.  Sir Bleoberis.
  10.  Sir Lacotemale Taile.
  11.  Sir Lucan.
  12.  Sir Palomedes.
  13.  Sir Lamorak.
  14.  Sir Bors de Ganis.
  15.  Sir Safer.
  16.  Sir Pelleas.
  17.  Sir Kay.
  18.  Sir Ector de Maris.
  19.  Sir Dagonet.
  20.  Sir Degore.
  21.  Sir Brunor le Noir.
  22.  Sir Lebius Desconneu.
  23.  Sir Alymere.
  24.  Sir Mordred.


King Edward 1 (…13th Century A.D…)

commissioned the re-creation of One. 25 Seatings

real-life. Table Round.


His Kingly Table accommodated 24 Knights + King.

Their names inscribed therein… as above. Belows herein



onto. To Our Grailed King 13 Seatings




  1.  Sir Lancelot.
  2.  Sir Gawain.
  3.  Sir Geraint.
  4.  Sir Percival.
  5.  Sir Bors the Younger.
  6.  Sir Lamorak.
  7.  Sir Kay.
  8.  Sir Gareth.
  9.  Sir Bedivere.
  10.  Sir Gaheris.
  11.  Sir Galahad.
  12.  Sir Tristan.




Of Yore

Our Knights were almost exclusively. Noble + well funded

there. Their Military commitments + ongoing. Expenses

incl. Men-in-waiting/-at-arms, Weapons, Armor. One

War-Horse. Food, Drinks, Lodging perhaps as well. Well as

for all those so involved/employed. Btw’s


Our Sir Lancelots Ways. Means

He so acquired/borrowed Others Knights. Daily

Gear + Equipments quite. A lot went

Lancelot’s Ways.. His


Son the Sir Galahad. One truly Grailed Knighthoods

personality. Personally



a Round Table is personal. One


with no specified Head Placement/Position. Rounded


as per Our World. Legends nomened Our Planet. Namely


one All Round. Table where All so. Around

are Equals as well. Well as

one Table to Balance one World.


A Table Round for thus. The Fellowship of Mankind.

A Table Round for ALL too. To sit All around. Circling

all possibilities indeed. In deeds



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