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Legendary Craft and Beings can be found of Yore and in the Modern. Our World Legends are Awash with Mystery, UFO’s and Aliens. Awash with Shaman’s Water… Scorched by Fire, Sounds of Sticks and Didgeridoo, Shiro seeks and searches the Journeys therein. Ancient Lore, Nature and Modern Tech… too. Inner and Outer revealed. Your State of Mind. Matters indeed it seems. photocredit/thanks:sivutedulahtifi/aminoapps


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Do Ufo’s exist.

Of course.


If Flying and Unknown ID = Ufo.

Natural, Man-made or Otherwise Phenomena/Object/Being.



I,.. Shiro have seen then:..



Yes,.. it seems indeed…

…and Aliens.?.

Not in the Real… yet.



Journey of Our World Legends…

…fruitful herein to therein fill that Mind State Gap.


Our Minds can Muse and Matter on Many Subjects. We also have… MANY PERSPECTIVES AND WAYS OF LOOKING AT THINGS. photocredit/thanks:mnw3atnetwork


Driving at night the long highways alone… problematical.

Heading Far North into the South Australian Outback.

From Adelaide to Leigh Creek bound.


Darkness was coming.

I was still a couple of hours from my Target.


Targets… actually.

A Shaman’s Apprentice Position…

and a Young Lady.


Leigh Creek Sth. Australia… ‘tween MARREE and FLINDERS RANGES. photocredit/thanks:nmagovau


Heeding Prudence… I stopped to Camp.

At next Truck-Stop Area. Alone still.

Unpacking in minutes. Food and Bedding.


Adding and piling a few large stones to the Fire-Pit edge as a wind-break wall.

Fire-Starter next.


Useful Survival Tool… with several inherent Capabilities. Typical of good equip is the capability for Multi-use and uses. photocredit/thanks:armyandoutdoors



Wood/Tinder, Magnesium, Carbon Steel Striker and Flint = Fire Started.

The Stones serve other purposes… too. Later.


Bed-warmer on chill nights.

Underground Oven/Warmer Aid.

Throw option.

Fire cover next morn.


Wanna see the Town… We set on Fire.?. Herein. Our World Legends. Centralia.


Dinner was going to be simple.

Goats Milk Porridge.

Slightly Watered down.


Farm Fresh Chicken Egg slightly beaten in at cooking’s end.

Molasses sweetener.

Cinnamon, All-Spice, Cayenne sprinkled.

Small Handful crushed Nuts n Seeds sprinkled.

Let cool a lil’.


1 Pot… 1 Spoon.

Clean, Rinse, Refill… begin Heat Water for after drinks.

Start to Eat.

(… in ‘tween and along the Way;..

…Make Pot hot Dark Choco… sit pot on Stones to keep warm.

Spice sprinkle as prior…)


Burp… content.


Drink… a lil’.

Mouth tingling slight of Cayenne.


Chilli and Chocolate…a good Mix. A couple of Condiments for that Cupboard.?. Herein. The Slide-show.


The Lights… the Lights…


Gets cool quickly.


Night Sky mostly clear.

Lotsa Stars.

Warm Porridge and Hot Choco… Cayenne;..

…keeps out the Chills.


Wild-life not oft an issue.

Not that occasion anyways.


Cigar… or two.




I stretch out just watching the Sky.

High-Intensity Torch and Hand-Spear… close… at hand.

Neither was used much.


Chewed the crap outta that Cigar though.


A while passed and then i saw Lights.

Mid Height… only lil’ head tilt etc.

Far in the distance… rapid color changes.

Moving in a… Pattern perhaps.?.


Moved more like a Copter…

not Plane per se.


Could not define shape outline.

Lights merged… or ‘cos distance… looked like did.?.

Several colors… flashed and changed a lot.

That’s about it… well under a minute… perhaps.


Seemed to move away in an arc type maneuver.

Fade and gone.



Yep… an Unidentified (…by me…) Flying Object.

With lotsa… Lights.



Far North S.A.

By i, Shiro.



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Mind States, Inner Aliens…

and a Shaman’s Dream.

Some… 3 Months Later:..

Within half an hour… give or take.



3 Aliens.

3 Types.


In Reverse Order:


The atypical GREY.

An Insectoid Form.

An Invisible-ish GIANT.


The first above… locked eyes. Stared. Faded aways.

The next… wanted to KNOW me physically per se… i think.

We parted. After realisation… by i, Shiro.

Not… my Type.?. thought intruded in Mind. Mine.


The last… gave me a (Energy) Massage… i think… again.

Looked strange.


BIG HANDS… lil’ i, Shiro.

SWIPE Torso… easy. Large Structure to this Image.

A GIANT. Gentle as well.


Felt fine, wasn’t rough etc.

Guess how a Cat feels when us guys do such. To them that is.



(…Please note that the Images in the Slide-show and Article herein and following are ONLY REPRESENTATIONS…

not the “Real” Imagined Image… just similar overall etc. that,..

i,Shiro did see under the Shaman Spell Rituals being described herein.)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Shaman’s Sticks were Tapping in Time with my beating Heart.

Synched with low tones and haunting earthy echoing sound of Didgeridoo.

The process well under Ways and effective…


Half an hour after Tea(s).

Mind States accelerating and changing. Fluid. Flowing.


Past and then beyond my Birth.?. I… Journeyed.

Via Chains of Light that Snaked and merged.

Inner Aliens.?. or Gods.?…. emerging. Balanced.




Endorphins such as DMT… approaching Max.


Mind knew. Adjusted. NOT Poison.


Touch sense gave way to… Texture. All soon… altered.



(Video Link)



Felt in some way… each tap, sound and note…

gave Life. Was Life and more.?. Knowledge.?.

Felt… more than Alive. Different indeed. Deep… yet.?.

A definite Disassociation… also.


Sorta… Dead.?.

Didn’t have to Breathe or Eat…

there.?. Just felt no NEED.?.


Was hard to distinguish what suited each of these…

altered Mind-States… 27… states/dimensions/worlds.?. I think.

whatever they are.

need lotsa Study.


She… had told me that,.. with a Smile.



Not the Real A.J.,.. as far as i, Shiro… know.


Her smile.

That o so cute offset Eye-Tooth in an otherwise perfectly symmetrical Smile.

She… the Young Lady…

of Leigh Creek mentioned ways above.



A.J… and R.J.

She … and I.


(…i;.. Shiro now…



Tall enough, blondish and more than…

willowy was she.

A typical Aussie Country Girl look and persona.

Smoldering heat,.. at that age.

Father,.. a Miner.


A.J. wore Boots…

or Stilettos… equally well.

Handled Animals, adept with Rope.

Adored the Band… Motley Crue.


Taught me to ride Horses…

on a Donkey.

Cos… i kept falling off…

the Horse.


Cos Donkeys lower to ground…

slower too.


Ninja Horse… Play. photocredit/thanks:bellenmark


Suited me fine… i was in no hurry.

My bits were bashed enough by then indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.


That was 3 months earlier…

and no such Spice… in my Life…


…nor real Food and Drink either… since.

3 months.


The Indigenous Shaman lived simply, ate frugally and so forth. Starved practically.

During approaches to Ceremonies this may involve a Special Diet.

A Special Dish or Plant.


Whilst Ceremonial Medicine their Forte this One knew much on Herbs…

too. My Study Topic at the Time.


They Teach mainly by letting the Apprentice observe and fulfill small yet necessary actions.

Like cooking their Dinner and serving Drinks.

Of Teas, Potions and Decoctions and so on.

All done under their Supervision of course.


Lots of Tales told, Myth, Legends, Lore and so forth.

Fire-place… too.


Fire oft a Major Part of the Rituals of Shamanism… ’twas Sacred when in such use. Certain Herbs cleansed and purified… as well.


Lots to Learn. Recipes too. Herbs that suit…

those that in no Ways do as well.


On Ways to encourage their growth.

Propagation and finding underground Water.


Warmed by Fire…

Earthy Lessons and Advice also.


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Recalling;.. My…

…Journey Of Our World Legends.

DMT and co. are one of the Keys herein. To unlocking the Mind…

especially in regards to that of Shamanism… and…

THAT PLACE… Those Worlds and Dimensions,..

they go to…



Possibly solving the UFO dilemma and phenomenon.

Maybe. More… as well.


The Sciences of Our World Legends gives this nomen therein.

DiMethylTryptamine. DMT… in short.


Found generally throughout Nature and Earthy Life Forms therein and thereof.

Several Plant Species concentrate such production.

Enacting as Endorphins these substances provide key Energy in several Forms.

Though generally due to inherent Hallucinogenic Properties these are classed as Poisons/Toxins/Drugs and etc.



P.C. Terminology and so on.



Hallucinogenic… in high enough doses.?.


YES. INDEED,.. in deed and in fact as well…




Some are built on a Molecular Scale and Ways so close to Our Own…

only one Molecule may differ and so on.


Selection of Endorphin Type Molecules. Strange Science.?. Herein. photocredit/thanks:bibliotecaufabcedubr


The Shamanic Diet/Rituals of Food, Drink, Music and Trance States approaches…

are full of it.

DMT… and associated compounds.

Ways of increasing and deepening.


Endorphins per se such as DMT oft seem to be produced in high quantities…

within a certain frame/State of Mind.

These States of Mind… in turn… GO…




E.G. For i, Shiro to see and interact with Aliens…

…to see more than a mere UFO;..


i meditate shaman style as described herein.


Anything… On and In Your Mind.?. gifcredit/thanks:thefreethoughtproject/giphy


Such capabilities only… THEN available.


Does this hold TRUE for Others.?.


Are those that see UFO’s, Aliens, Other Dimensions or Worlds…

high on such and these Endorphins.?.

Whether Natural or somehow induced.?.



THUS… somehow.?.

enabling their Mind… to see such.?.


Our World Legends of:

UFO’s… and… Aliens.


Is there perhaps too.?. Ways to approach them…

within Our Minds.?. In such Ways.?.


Our Minds are powerful enough to comprehend much of Nature.



what about Our Own.?.


Is Inner Mind… another Real Ways…

to Outer Space.?.


Inner Spaces… To those of Outer.?. photocredit/thanks:youtube


If such be so;..

would not.?. We then




Our World Legends.

On Your Journey.

Be One.


In those Outer or even…

Inner Spaces… indeed.


Worlds… within thy Hands. Our World. Our World Legends.


Within Our Minds… as well. photocredit/thanks:psyamb


Till next…