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Featured Image Basilisk Lizard On Tree Branch.

When Noted Legends As Well So Turn Outs. In Our World Legends Too. To Be So Writ Ups In Science Books. Notes Researched Herein Begin Also. So List The Basilisk. Basics Mores. Moreovers Many Miraculous OthersWise Creatures Great. Not Small. Not Alls Anyways. Still Legends Short Listed Well As.


Afore. Eyes greened mine…

i, Shiro, a. Miracle

so Jungle Greenly greeted. So dawned


in Our World. Legends Tell

Elemental Tales so. Of Natures mores.

Moreovers within Tales of that

The Basilisk. Basics,


so underlying Core oft. Legends Tell. Creatures

Strangely great and SMALL. Miracles


these. Those Walks Ons Waters


Featured Topic Image Basilisk Lizard Running On Water.

Indeed Let Those Waters.?. Be Run Ons.?. Basilisked In Deed.


Basilisks so. Left Runnings coolly. So Uprighted-

Light-weighted Feet flittings, such,


oft repeated. Much Paddle Types Movements. Motions

sunk only to That. To this Minimum. Depth

‘n’ Surface Tension. Propelling onwards yet overwards

those. Waters under so there. Their Actions

induce None. Of That

sinking feeling. Thus


so appear too. To Alls Appearances

so may deceive… Finally Agreeance even with

The Sciences. So

yet THE Basilisk. SO LIVES NOW Still

in Our World. Legends insist, persist. All, So


Walks On Water. Fire


Elemental Theme Image Of Punching Ice Vs Punching Fire.


in Our World. Legends Tell

this. That Original Chimera Monster

so appears. So alike that

Pyramid So greatly Pumped e.g.

so IS

in Our World be. A Place. Times


Past Translations/Edits

so oversdone. So

brought down thru’ Ages. Otherswise

knowings, givings in Our World. Legends so


too. To Life


Featured Topic Image A Crowd Of People Surround A Giant Squid Kraken.


Featured Topic Image Gif Of A Giant Squid Kraken Cracking A Ship In Twain.


there. Then to

onto A Burnt Bush so put outs. Bys

Knowledge. Of those so Volatile. Oils

such Nature Plants, reproduces. So grows, emit.





  • The Basilisk, Chimera, Burning Bush

then so more. Moreovers

onto. To be


  • Pterodon = Dragons,

Unicorned = Rhinoceros,

Centaured = Mens Ons Horsebacks.

Kraken = That Giant Squid.

TWO Philosophers Stone = Not A Stoned.


  • The Roc, Takahe The Dodo. Griffin

Birds, Moas, Neoceratodus, Aepyornis titan,

Dinornis maximus

so finely Feathered of. Yore


left Naturally. Alone

That Coelacanth Fish. The King

Horseshoe Crab. Happy

Birthdays So Million of Years. So Old


so seems. Seemingly

so Born Agains. Our Times, Places


Featured Theme Image The Common Basilisk On A Tree Branch.

Commonly Known As A Common Basilisk. Now…


Featured Topic Image American Soldiers Surround A Downed Pterodon.

Pterodon. Down.


Mod. Why No Fossilised


  • Platypus, Armored Sloth, Tapir

these thus so ignored for. Years

Alls aboves. Belows the then Mod.

Sciences. Lighted Views took

basically. For Ages too. To


crack open these so that. The Kraken

persisted. Insisted

inked so dark, in Our Blue Deep. On

Water Walking Basilisks Basics ‘n’


beyond. Being


so swayed by no Miracles. Unseen



Featured Theme Image Rhino/Unicorn, Flying Dragon, Damsel And Sworded Knight With A Misty Background.

UniHorned, Dragons, Damsels, Sworded Knight. GoodNight.


in Our World Legends

comfortings. Creatures so missed, Mythed

and/or Censored

overs Times, Places. Bys Mainstreams,

Sciences. Seen is not The OverAll View,

that. Species come and go well as. As well

so Aboves

Listed downs Creatures. Herein Too, To


Alls There In Our World.

Legends Living

for mostly Still Seeing. So Here


Now. Yore so

as well. For




Featured Topic Image Rear View Of The Basilisk On Tree Branches.

Next Be So #N Of The A To Z Too.