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Limited by Our Senses We oft use TECH. to See more. The Discoveries and Theories of such as Science, Health and Mind… hint also at much more. Herein. Two Ways to extend Our Sight. In Color and Dimension. Creative Thinking and Science combine… to open Our Eyes. There’s more… to Sense… out there. To See as well.


One cannot help but smile at the hubris

of Humankind.

(…Well,.. the i, Shiro kind anyways.!.)


With somewhat quiet assured arrogance we assume

Knowledge of and over many Topics.

We have Files, Books, Libraries, Databases, Experts,

Professionals and so on.


Easily Sensed within Our World Legends

are such undercurrents.

A well told Tale… well liked therein and thereof.

With and within these too,..


we reveal and See a/Our World-view.





are there not Legends,.. from such as Science, Health

and even Mind that tell us…

in spite of All Our Senses… we Sense OverAll…

lil’ more than 10% of…



Thus,.. and in the other 90%.?.


What type of… World-View then is 100%.?.

Sensory Overload perhaps.?.



With such in my Mind.

I, Shiro… wanna know then…


How To See

Another Dimension.

In Color Too.

The… 11%… per se.?.

One step at a Times… perhaps then indeed.


Searching Our World Legends. A Pair of Ways to Look was found.



Herein. Two Minds of Science and Health found a Ways.




We Are… 10%ers.


Whilst Our Eyes do a great job of seeing

the Visible Spectrum.

The Spectrum overall is many

times larger per se.

With such as the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum for


Our Eyes cans see ONLY… 1.5%.!.

Largely and mostly… Invisible 98.5 %

and so forth.





Touch and so forth… are All in this same Ways.


Running blind… per se. Limited and Filtered.

We only experience,.. very

approx. some/MAX 10+% overAll.


Our Senses are limited… quite a bit. A LOT… actually.

From that POV Our Mind is but a Receiver with Filters

ON. Full-On…

Filtered… almost indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


The Thoughts delineated above…

came into my Mind as I read through the Life

Tales of these Two Discoverers/Inventors

of a Ways to see another Dimension. Their

Legends impressed creativity

onto existent Tech. and squeezed out…


Ways for Our Sense of Sight to be

enhanced. Onwards…


to the 11%.



The… 😦


Color-Blind… Colored In.

Let’s Color their World. The Color-Blind that is.

Thus and now…

Enchroma journeys on to Our World Legends. Herein.

‘Cos… that’s what they did.


Colored Glasses for the Color-Blind. Invented. 😎


Glass Science Expert Don Mcpherson PhD of Albert University was (at first)

tasked at Enchroma with Research that was aimed,..

at assisting Surgical Procedures. Laser Surgery Protective Eye-wear that is.


For the Surgeon(s) and Team and so forth.

Forthcoming though from his Special Surgical Glassy Lens

was Laser Protection… indeed. In deed and in fact… as well. As well

as another asset hidden therein and thereof. Had been thrown in…





In Color… it seems.


A visiting Friend and Game of Frisbee threw

out that Research Target…

and caught in Sight of Full-Color…

This Laser proofed Lens…

hidden Talents so bright and so clear.


Then and thus,..

this bright spot of news… went Out.


To Color Our World. Legends indeed.



Don and Others had oft taken to wearing a pair

of these Special Sunglasses out…

in the Real.


During a friendly Frisbee free-for-all. The friend…

who WAS Color-blind.

Michael Angell.


Colored his World… for the first Time. When Sunglasses

borrowed from Don…

shone through. In Color,.. that is.

To show Our World… clear Reds… clear

Greens. Bright as… also.


After such an enlightening revelation…

Enchroma Science and Tech. swung into action.


With assistance from Computer Modelling developed

by Mathematician/Computer Scientist Andrew Schmeder

they tweaked the Lens to refine and further adjust

the input and filter Light…


especially from the areas/Wavelengths where

such Color(s) overlap.

This Filter allows those with the Main form of Color

Blindness to basically isolate then highlight Colors

for much easier identification as Don’s Frisbee

Friend… had earlier.

Caught onto indeed. Seen. As well.


For the first Times and Places.

In Color… brights. So and thus:..



(Video Link)


The Enchroma Color-Blindness Corrective Glasses,..

can be seen… and have been.

Available. In many Colors as well,.. as Types;..


for Public Sale, since 2012. The Year of. Indeed.


Now To See 11%

By  and ‘tween 1980-2006.

So… Our World Legends do so and say.



In 2006 the

“… International Society For the Study

of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine…”

agreed. Dr. Harry Oldfield was due. An Award.


Harry had long photographed the Invisible. Life Force.

Kirlian Photography that is. That which cannot be seen.

With Eyes that is.

Biology,.. a major Study Interest as well.


Invented a long-looker too. 1997. The Oldfield Microscope.

With 3-D capabilities therein.


As Our Bodies are a combo of Bio-Chem-Elec. We emit

a corresponding Field Effect.

A Bio-Electricity per se. Electric Field/Energy.


Using Special Photographic Filters this Field can be viewed.



Allowing Us All,.. as the above Award. Awarded

did agree. For such;..

“… allows us to experience our Multidimensional

Existence through his extraordinary Images…”


Video and Slide-show,.. seen also. Therein. Below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




(Video Link)


Harry’s Imagery Research however… had only just begun.

With an Inventive and Scientific… intuition. He knew.

He… We…

could see even more.


Dimensions that is.


Applying Frequency and Intensity variables to the construction

of the Lens/Camera Filters.

Till… the Light shone through. Well… PIP Light

anyways that is.


Polycontrast Interference Photography.

The nomen therein and thereof. PIP.


PIP was Kirlian… with a twist. Tech. Upgraded.

Computer Tracking converts the Images into Pulsing

Bands of Light and Color.


Highlighting therein… the Differences. For,.. Harry

does say;..


“… Some objects radiate Light, but mostly we see

an object because Light reflected from it, is seen

as an image in our eyes…

A Photonic Interface set-up was required with

which to detect Light of varying energy

from varying environments,

leading to an Image of the Energy differences

that was meaningful, i.e. PIP…”




These Energy Differences indicate Dimensions

or Frequencies of Light that Our Eyes cannot

by Nature,.. usually see. As with Kirlian, X-Rays,

Radio Waves and the like.

Unseen… yet there. Out There. The Our

World Legends


Objects of Light such as those Termed Orbs…

oft show up to Light their Ways. Seeming Balls

of Energy

that also move unseen around Our Environ

in mysterious Ways.


Energy in several variant Forms can

be photographed using Oldfield Type Filters/Grates.

Harry Oldfield continues to Research,

Investigate and Write on these Frequency Fields.



With reference and emphasis on the Fractal Geometry

of Nature,


Ways to safely biodegrade such as Plastics, as well as,..

the Vortex Energy within Hurricanes, Tornadoes

and Cyclones. Hopefully.


Ways to lightly disperse and degrade…

those too.



(Video Link)


Our World Legends.

Be One.


I Dream of Ninja.


And You.?.

Do You… have a Dream.?.


Then to… Share the Light and

make the Invisible… Visible.


Live Your Dreams.

Till next…