Blinded By The Light. Zatoichi. The Legends.

Darkness is just… lack of Light. Sight is one of our main Senses and it’s loss a bit of a concern indeed. Join Shiro… in the Dark of Night and on into the… Light… of our Inner Visions. Soon enough a Master Swordsman shows the Ways. Zatoichi. Our World Legends. Peek herein it seems.


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TIS CROWD CONTROL… ZATOICHI SWORD STYLE. gifcredit/thanks:giphy/youtube


In the dark of night,..

…we had hoped to be…

Blinded By The Light.

Zatoichi. The Legends

…of The Blind Swordsman;..

…from the epic Movie Series,..

…were now brought sharply back.


To examine… in only the Light of our Inner Mind.


In the dark of night, several times flesh met Sword Steel.

The sharp bit.

Hand slick, becoming stickier as the night went on.


Somewhat grimly… we all persisted. Endured.

Tis NINPO after ALL.



Night Training with Weaponry,.. problematical.

The Dark deceives,.. persistently shadowing.

Live Sword Work… full of risks.


Usually for Self.

The Hand that Holds the Scabbard that is.


Dark is just… lack of Light.

By persisting,..

…at Class end… we all had learnt.

At least Two things.


The necessary hand placement(s) with accompanying movements appropriate.

A sense of Blindness… too.



The Sense Of Blindness

…Was He.

Ninpo/Martial Arts Sensei oft become somewhat Legendary amongst the Students for particular applications of the Training Methods available that they provide.

Night Work… a typical example.

Dangers and pit-falls magnify.

Good Balance with flowing adaptable Movements a vital necessity.


An awareness develops of “…what…” your Body actually does.

At night… at ALL times… “…when…

And “…where…”… it is indeed.


Unseen or not.

You “…feel…”…and “…sense more…” perhaps too.



Zatoichi had learnt such and much more… long ago.

Long before his hand held a Sword.

His Survival now involved a different Way of Seeing.


A vision Inner Created from a Real World of… Shadows.

Learnt early to define what was his and what was out there.

His place,.. his Body… he knew.


Many small injuries, cuts and knocks, bruises too,..

…filled his learning days and Ways.


Yet proficiency brought with… many advantages.


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Senses overflowing,..

…still Sightless,.. yet and with…

…eyes wide-open to all… ‘cept the cruel Light of Day.


Those that remained… went into Survival over-drive.

Sound, Smell, Taste,.. Touch… too.


Amplified… flowing with Information.



The bereft, sore and injured yielded pain to his Healing Touch.

A renowned Healer and Masseuse.

Guided by much more than mere Sight.



The Sense To Start

…with a Stick.


ALL this he learnt well.

Long before the Sword which brought Swift, Sharp…


…and Blind Justice… …too.

To… Vagabonds and ne’er-do-well Samurai,.. both.


Long before the Sword.

There was the Stick.


Started with a Stick…

…and never looked back… metaphorically speaking that is.

Simply Click for a… Crystal Clear Look… at a CRYSTAL CLEAR COLLECTION. The Slide-show. Therein.


One tap,.. One step at a time he learnt.

To SEE with ALL the other Senses.


A Stick led the Ways he soon followed.

An orchestra of data converged to clearly Light the Ways ahead,..

…though it’s curtain was never raised.


Smelling emotions,.. Hearing the muscles move, clench and bunch.

Tasting that which gives Our World Legends Life,..


…Feeling and Knowing the Space where Survival lay.




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Till next…



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