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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #13 Test. That Courage.


Many of Yore. Societies use Tests. Testing

Their Peoples. In many Ways. Means

even such as ManHood. Will soon

enough be put. To that


Test. That Courage.

The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #13.

So in Our World. Legends

Tell. Herein. A such. Tale. Telling


of Endurance beyond. Those

pain filled points. Pointed


outs in Our World. Legends

nomened as Ceremonial Initiation Rituals.



Involving Torture. Of

some. Natures. Naturally


ensconced amongst the Plains. Of

The Missouri. The Mandan Tribe.

Of Yore a lil’...


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Went about Their Ways. Means

Dome Shaped Earthen Huts. Built.

Buffalo Hunts arranged. Crops

tended. Herbal Medicine processed.

Wood gathered. Mores. All


whilst the Young wannabe Warriors.

Were Tested.


The O-Kee-Pa.

The Ordeal. Ritualised

Fasting for many. Days. Least 4.


No Sleep during. This. Then

Time. Time to get dressed.

In Your Best. Clothes.


Some Body and Face. Painting. Added.

Thereupon. Face and Body. There. Then


a Meet n Greet. In The Ceremonial. Hut.

With an Elder/Chief/Medicine Man. Who

then. Proceeded to slice. Body to ribbons.


The Chest sliced into.

The Shoulders so next as well. Well as

then. Thrusting Large. Wooden Skewers. Thru’.

Many Body Parts.

Alls that Flesh. Bits. So cut. Ups.


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The Movie A Man Called Horse Featured such. Actions initiated.


Thongs attached.

Then Young Warrior. Alls.

Hoisted, hungs ups.

Attached too. To That. Rafter

aboves. In that Hut. There


They hang. Hung

by their own. Fleshy weight too. To

hang. Till unconscious. Soon


enough this came. Cos’ The Elders.

Also hung some. Leg Weights extra.

Buffalo Skulls mainly. Thereupons

Ons Thems. Young ‘uns. To heavily accomplish. Much

Torturous Pains. Alls Over. Their. Bodies There. Then


when. Those had come so arounds. Abouts

and down. Were released. They collapsed

to be handed a Hatchet. To rightly

cut off. Their Left

lil’ Finger. Handing then


over The prospective Personage too. To

the long distance Running Team. Who teamed

ups too. To tie Ropes. To Wrists. Then to

run arounds. In Circles abouts. Till drop.


Was so achieved. Then:


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If Warrior awoke. Warrior Passed. Test.

ManHood proven. To Society.


If Warrior awoke. Not. Proved

He was Dead. Failed Test too. To


Live Those Dreams.

And You.?.