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Plainly Planed Sightings Ups + Downs. In Our World. Legends Tell Lookings Ups Nazca. Plain Lines + Unplain Pictograms. Downed So Abounds Arounds. Abouts Mores Moreovers Underlying Yore. Overlying Nazca Grounded. Delights So Starring Plained Oft. Of Belows Our Aboves. Divined Ones Outed. In Nazca Too. As One View Plainly So Overs There. Explained Here No Underline.


Stars = Mountains = Pyramids. Pointing squarely

based outs triangularity so. Ups roundly


in Yore Symbolswise Ours. Otherswise Stars, Mountains +

Pyramids so pointedly same. As above so. Below

we see our Points of night. Lights so shine. Pointing



Stars overs passing. Mountains

By Yore Stars. Our Yores




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and younger Mountains as well. Well as so

pointedly Point. Up

so at Our Heavens aboves. Below Stars

Our Yore Pyramids ones greatly so too. To Pointings

so uppity so


same. As aboves so below also. All so Our

Stars aboves Pointing. So belows

at the downings other ways. Means



Stars… are Pyramids are Mountains. Pointing so

Symbolically reflectings pointed

so outs. At this. That Otherwise Mountain, Pyramid.

Stars. ALL so same. Universally symbolised =


We are Tri-Star-stuff ones so too. To

starry-eyed wonderings wandering arounds. Abouts

Our Nazca. Lines + Pics Geo glyphically

so Yore rep’d. So





by + bys passing nearbys Nazca so seen. Lined

Yore Stars We

Do. Wee


our Lines out. In outing

lil’ + Large Pictograms/glyphs so see. Seeing plainly

drawn afore You Our. Yores + now Nazca. Plains

plainly drawings lined + so

planed afore Your. Eyes


there Nazca. Plainly sighting

here lines + curved plane geometries so. Meet

twisting turning over drawn also. Alls so around

plainly abouts. Nazca Lined Geometry

Plains. Plainly


not one easy. Plain Drawing too. To Pictograms

moving haphazardly across the plained Land. Scaping

with variety, type + form. Forming single lines planings

one immense Ground bound. Spectacular… YET…


only when viewed. Plainly Planely

for + from afar spacily so

above. Far above… Far far





above.?. ARE Our Stars.? Universally


varietally Constellated. Early Cosmic Lores

Symbolised so in Yores.?. Our Zodiacal now reflectings

as above. So belows in.?. Outing


Nazca Plains as possibly plainly Mapping Astronomied,

Astrologised. Remains

so lyings right hallowed. Grounds lined on. Above


are Yores + Ours. Planets, Stars align so. Movements

belows meant mapping, tracking Our daily night. Skies

whilst plain lines

Nazca. Plains thus reflecting Yores plainly. That. This

studious examination + determination Oft. Of Yore


Our Ancient. Ancestors mirror

mapping Our Yore Heavens so on.?. Earthing aboves

so below in


Our World. Legends



tell starrings in deeds. Indeed

next so in on 18/5:

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