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Featured Image Of A Panther At Rest.

Indeed Long Tails In Our World. Legends Tell Tales Big. Cats Down Unders All Ups. Down Into Suburbia They Come Too. To Be Seen Bayside, Portside, Southside As Well. Well As Not Being Aussie Born. Borne As Urban Legends In Our World. Legends In Deeds.


Our Panthers. In Yore like


many Others of the Big. Cats

are in no Natural way. Natural born

Carnivores found here. Downunder in Australia. Australia

is One. Of those


Times, Places these Big. Cats so

accordings too. To such i, Shiro, Sciences much

studied. Studies show Oz Big. Cats so

stayed very very Historically lil’. Small presence… +

yet persistings in Our World. Legends tell Tales


still of toiled. Tails subbed Legends Urban. Suburban

Cats. Big Cats ins Suburbia. Btw’s Our nomened




Image Of A Panther Looking To The Left In A Nature Setting.

Indeed Rightfully Left In Deeds.


so named as of big. Interest Yore Catswise aboves. Video’d

Belows Link seen. Oz recently Batesman Baysided N.S.W.

also. All so shows arounds abouts Oz.


Panther Paws. Oz.?. Pause

In Deeds

then thus so begins. Ending indeed

mainly ups with Three too. 3 main


Panther. Types:

Leopard, Jaguar, Mountain Lion. Those Panthera

Purdus, Panthera


Puma Concolor.


The Panthera

Nomen simply refers too. To a generalised Name/Species. Of Big Cat.

Panther… refers thus well as. As well basically any Black

Feline oft. Of The Big Cats. Basically

(Video Link)


Image Of A List Of Panther Facts.

Indeed Listed Panther In Deeds.


Gif Of A Panther Moving Towards Camera/Front.

Indeed Seen Arounds Abouts In Our World. Legends In Deeds.



so not born borne of Aussie. Lands, Times, Places

in Deeds. Indeed so…



have so. Been seen much

arounds. Abouts a few Places, Times in Deed. Indeed


Circus/Zoo/Privately Owned. Lost or Dumped.?.

such mayhaps. Mishaps perhaps explains. Much +

Btw’s… Well as Our Panther has long. Yore

Been an Aussie Icon. Rep’d

as well as

Mascot, Symbol oft. Of The South Adelaide Football. Club

Aussie Rules Styled. Sports

of Australia. Whilst


Image Of A Map Of Australia.

Indeed Aussie Borne In Our World. Legends Born Panthera In Deeds.


Image Of A Crouching Panther Statue.

All Overs Our World. Legends In Deeds.


even so ats/near The Port. Port Adelaide

evens closer too. To i, Shiro

has occasionally Newspapered. Reported Sightings


of similar. Large tailed Big Cats. Panthers

Taled occasionally mayhaps. Occasionally perhaps small

Minds let. Out wrongfully Our Big. Creatures Catted. Yore

Legendary in. Our World…



seen video’d aboves herein. .?. Asides Their Urban

Legends Status thereof

so forth. Forthrightly left in Deeds. Indeed

Legendary Creatures.?. Have You seen. One


.?. whilst You so here. Their

Tails in Town/City Tales thereabouts. So You +


Yours Times, Places.?. So Here + There.?. Herein

do Tell. Therein


Image Of A Jaguar And Panther.

Indeed Big Cats In Deeds.


reportedly here panted. Outs so writ

next. #H in. Our A To Z.