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Featured Image Of An Elephant Statue Made Of Many Small Television Sets.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #E. Wall Of Grey. Many Shades Elephantine In Deed.


The Tigress so had Her Eyes. Green, upons i, Shiro

whose Eyes are Green as well. Well as i,

so then ran. With Elephants . Away


so the bright after noons. Sun heat also hit. So

All so heating ups. Inside i, Shiro,

as lightly burst so outs. Of Treed cover to go too. To

within my Defensive Shield. A Great Elephantine. Herd

seen briskly moving Wall of Grey. Many Shades of


… tho’ perhaps not. 50


Image Of A Young Man Sitting In A Branch Of A Tall Forest Tree With Several Others Backgrounded.

Hi. High In Deed.



(Music Link)


or so

passed. Soon enough came past too. To be so

now so. ‘Tween Tigress… i, Shiro. Thems

there their Our Greened Eyed. Both. One

to which of that. This

so greened Forest stand. Beckoned grimly. Ahead


led to such cool safety. Safety greatly

in much of One so numbered applied too. To

One Green Jeep. One Grey Wall. Moving

now unquietly quite rapidly. Liters of air so

thank. Fully consumed as peak. Pace


maintained fully. Thanking i ran oft so shaded.

Covered so in Grey. Moving

at a steady pace within/behind. This Herd. That


Gif Image Of A Lone Samurai Sword Driving Along In A Convertible Vehicle With A Forest Backgrounded.

Out There In Deed.


beings so i, green-eyed, on so ran. Begins herein

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Running


with/behind so that. Those so Grey. A

many Herded Elephants trottings. Alongs

around abouts Our World. Legends Told so all

my then Natural Smell there, so Elephantlike. Likewise

coverings as for that. This then approaching Tigress


also paused. Lost interest… Slowed paws

then so stopped

still, panting. Stop


Image Of A Tiger Resting Calmly Backgrounded By Nature.

Tigered Outs Indeed Rest Times, Places In Deed.


still we All. Many shaded of Grey Elephants + panting grey-

faced green. Of eye i, Shiro did. Not,


for quite some MORE whiles. Times, Places

still Jungled arounds abouts

remembered. Colored mostly of running

so with such Life. Elephants inhaling, exhalings hard

the smaller. One’s moreso

too. One of those. These Few lively so Natural


Legendary. Creatures not quite yet

so Extincted. Quietly so

overs. Yore attainings greatly Our Symbolic status


in Deeds. Indeed A Creature tusked so fondly

statuesque. The


Image Of A Closeup Of An Elder Elephants Face, Ears And Tusks.

A Shade Of Grey. One Not. 50 In Deed.


Elephants so really am. Larger than Life

in that flesh per se. Sayings this anyhows means


anyways these. Those Elephantine ran freely. Spaces

Places, Times permittings that was. Then,

i was far. Less grey haired, taller also. All

so now/then eyeing greenly keenly. Elephantine

herded greyly walled shadings. Savings


i, Shiro in Our World. Legends Told so warmly

in Deeds. Indeed oft venerated. The Elephants

Elephantine Ways means also. All so inspired

Self-Defense Martial. Arts


such as Bokator.


Image Of A Lone Elephant Next To A Tree Looking Right At Camera.

Treed Ups In Deed.


So thus emerged with huge numbers of. Followers,

largely strong

motivated Techniques adapted giantly too. To

so emphasise


Elephant sized Moves + Body Structures.


Wrists, Elbows, Knees, Feet Stamping Ups, Down, All

so powered. Ups arounds abouts also. All so with

Timingly smashed Defensive + flowing

Counter Movements. Exploring such Elephants


much Natural Ways means speedings so They

can do. Some 15-20+ mph in Deed. Indeed

so sorta’ like. Us well as. As well


Image Of Art Grafitti Styled Yore War Elephant And Rider.

A Wall. Of Grey. Arts In Our World. Legends In Deeds.


Greenly Prosed, Greyly Schnapped.


So Writ Aboves, So Now Belows In This.

That Grey Of Aussie Winters Green.



Keen Too. To Smash Wintery. Blues

‘thru Mulled Wine Or Betters Yet…

So Perhaps This- So Some Of That.


Good ol’ Elephantine.



Image Of Mother And Baby Elephant With Baby Holding Onto Mums Tail.

So Indeed United In Deed.


Snappily Recalling Next Too. To

Be One. #71

Quirked Quote.