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Once. Or Twice In Deeds Upon Our World. Legends Tell Timed Of Land Placed Shifts. Movements Of Massive Masses Of Mass. Enmasse Mountains + Landscapes Ways Means Shifting Soils Borders. Fluidly Becoming Under. Waters All Overs Rounds Abouts From India Too. To Australia Walkways All Washed. Ups Rediscovering Kumari Kandam This. That Land In So ‘Tween Two Too. Once.



long. Ago


so well as well. Over a century of Centuries. Ago

upon Lands now seen covered oft. Of Seas seen

awashed Oceans in Our World. Legends surely


tell in + on. Kumari Kandam.




At least

Once… perhaps mores. Moreovers mayhaps

Our Yore Ancestors

forthrightfully left. Rightfully or wrongly so. Warred

each Ours upon. Yore Long Times, Places. Once placed

in Our World. Legends tell

well as. As well Our Ancient Ancestors so. Of Yore

Lost Lands Less Walked Now.


Then so this

One, once when that. One Australian met One Indian

too. To short storied Traditions of Long. Yore Both

Tells oft. Of

Our Travel travails Two too. To there being Beings

Southern. Shored so ever ready here. Already there be


firstly Here Giants, Pygmies too. Two. When Our Aboriginal

Tribes Times. Places then began in. Australia’s so early

of later

arrivals. Later meetings Our Yore Indians



so were. Crossing Lands when met eached paths. Means


whilst heading. Ways North West from another

North West Waterhole. In Our Aussie West. Lands

Kumari Kandam.

A Land afore this. Time


that Once upon Times. Places


Their Yore. Times was more Land. Less Place so ups

brokenly divided here. Walkways thereso remained

thereto + hereto on. Kumari Kandam lauded landed

so Imaged below. Above Our Yore Walking


ways. Means grounding continentally outs so ‘tween.

India + Australia-



main means of Travel. Then beings LONG

afore Now Our World. Legends

tell later splittings + such Continental. Drifting

Icy Ages much overs 10,000+ Years such

in. Our World


when then

Global. Cataclysm + resulting Resource. Wars, Population

Movements/Migrations. Rising Waters Levels

levelled out. Removing Low Land lying Areas. Truthfully fully

rearranging affected Lands so forth. Forthrightly left


Landscapes… + Peoples

partings aways arounds. Abouts now. Which was

Yores Then… +



now playing outs. Later on 10/2


Means Magnesium. Lights

Those Electrolyte Ways.