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In Deep In Our World. Legends Tell Waters. Runnings Aways With Yore. Treasure Within Of Treasured Artefacts. Factums Asides Arounds Abouts Shipwrecks. Building Gear That Gears. Ups A One Of It’s One Of A Kind. One Mechanised So. Easy Recognised. Antikythera’s Mechanism. Gears, Treasured Lost, Found In Deeds. Our Wonders Indeed. Yore Tech.




Deep in. Our World

Legends tell so. Lil’ of Yore.

In that Our deep Aegean. Seas

Waters this so. Ship wrecked Treasure too. One


a One of it’s. Kind. Kinda’ packed deeply with

Featured Liked. A Mechanism Of Gearing. Engineered.

Just ups so, Mechanical

Our Yore. Ship downed wrecked Treasure now. Lost

Yore Tech. founds with

Intricate Measuring/Calculating. Device

mores. Moreovers aboves was in belows. Waters


underlying True. State of the Art Tech. So Now, Then…

Mechanistics Machined

Dialed. Then Hi-Tech so Then Yores. Times, Places

Our The nomened recovered washed + dried: The


Antikythera Mechanism. Mechanical named




Treasured Device of forwards. Thinking. Innovative +

Bold. Rounded so Structured Gearing aligning thus

Machined begins. Ending

with this


Our Wonders. Yore Tech. Geared

Ups Down Deep

that calculatings so wondrous


how. Many Interfaced Dialled Connector

Arms/Pointers some Calendrical.?. Planetary.?. Cyclical

in Deeds so forth. Forthrightly wrongly indeed left

so. Deeply many unrightly

unsurfaced. Largely for many. Years, Our Peoples All so

in that. This so deep also. Unawares of Yore Tech.

righteous Real States not at. Alls focusing leewards. Bound

Hemp Ropes so deftly bind. Ships Gears. Going decking herein


so Alphabetical. Happily A =


Treasured Part of The Antikythera Mechanism. Sunken.


  • Antikythera Mechanism :

Discovered on a Ship-Wreck. 1900-1. Treasure. Wrecked ways

150 Feet Belows means. Discovered by inquisitive Sponge

Divers. Diving Booty

Remains indicated this. That reflected

“…Roman Era…” Ship. Found Lost Treasure. So

Named afters there. Then a nearby Island. Nomened of

Waters of these. Those Aegean Seas. Watery


Excavations of this ongoings. Wet area/wreck… was/is still

Ongoing. Therein to follow Finds so dryly. Of That. Findings

soon warmly confirmed. A now Dried Ups. One of it’s Kind.

… Gearings Template Mechanism. Thingy… Device/Calculator



Planetary. Motions of the Mechanism. Geared ups outing

recordings so Accurate to. To under One

degree every 500 Years. One Yore Grecian oriented/based

Mech. With Tech. Pretty much such spot. Ons. Off


In Deed Mod. Repo. of The Inner. Gearing Indeed.



(Video Link)


with it’s Lid so. Reveals A. A


complex, very accurate Device. One

Reads Readings oft. Of Winds/Directional. Sun, Moon

Eclipses. Moon,

Planets Phases/Movements so discovered. Precision

mores. To Moreovers underlying exactings. Days,

Calendar, Seasons + The Olympics, Major Festivals. Eventfilled.


Filled with so more. Than 30 Bronze Gearings. Goings

sizingly arounds in motioned abouts. About wheels

this. Mechanism so lil’. Is largely

so lil’ known… yet now… which was. Then even. Has

Forwards + Reverse Time Directionals. Capability

Possibilities Predictings Extendings so there. Their Our


Antikythera Mechanism: There named


Mech. Age = perhaps overs 2100 Years. Yore

well as


Inventor(s), Builder(s),

FULL/Complete How. Usages + Capabilities also.?. ALL

so here so… for now in. Our as well Ours


… Unknown. Knowing all


As Well Mod. Repo. of The Outer. Construct Well As.



next so. Tho’ herein too. Be 16/1:

#E of Our A. To Z.