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Featured Image Andromeda Galaxy Star Constellations.

Mean Ways In Our World. Legends Astronomical Told Can Turn Into. To Others Meanings Than First. Thinkings Ways So Meant. So Herein Outing That. This Symbol Of Overs Turnings Yore. Stars, Planets Mores In Deed. Indeed Our World Spins. Symbolically.


Last Century Astronomy so lost an Icon. In

Our World Legends tell. A

Symbol co-opted, misused. One

so torn from it’s Proper.


Place, Times. Placing

Astronomy spiraling far too. To that outer.



is not quiet. Quite Empty


Now, of Yore


Featured Topic Image Telescope Pointing Upperly Through Mesh Fence. Out Of Focus City Background.


well as. Once Upons a Times. Places

in Our World. Legends Tell

we had no Time. Clocks, GPS so forth.


Forthrightly so this. Then left Alls us. Lookings

daily. Ups


we had Sun, Stars. Planets


in Deed. Movements indeed

overheads. Understandings those

Turnings, Yore Our Stars Over

so there. Their Motions thru’ Galaxy, Universe, Sky Heaven


arounds abouts Our Sun. Polar


Featured Theme Image At Edge Of Forest Man In Lit Area Looks Skywards Whilst Stars Circle Overhead.


Stars whose Motions. Movements

thru’ Space so. Could be easily

repeatedly Tracked, Drawn, so Writ. Types


of thinking much so too. Of Yore

wherebys such

several Starry. Derived

Symbols had a Universal

Appeal overs All per se. Sayings

so Tell in Our World. Legends

from Alls over Our World. Legends


around abouts

include these. Those Circles, Center-Pointed Circles, Stars.

Wheels, Crosses, Disks of many. Types

that saw use far over. Thus Wide


ranging in Deed. Indeed


Featured Theme Image Chart Of Sun Star Symbols. 8 Variations.


of Yore. Yours, Mine i, Shiro’s

Ancient Ancestors looked too. To Nature


for such. As

Inspiration, Explanation, mores. Moreovers

so underlying Stars aboves.

Skies so Seasonally


spotted. Tracked, drawn so Stars spiraling


Polar of app. 4000 B.C… would reveal. As

so noted by Dante therein His

so noted revealing

Paradiso. See


“…The 15 Stars,.. The Primal Wheel revolves…”


Statue Depicting Poet, Author Dante Allighieri.

Dante. Statued.


Ways so Mean. See These

Great + Lil’ Bears Constellations


encircling that. This, the Then Polar Star. Alpha


in Deed a Primal Wheel


look like. This Symbol of Ways

Universal Turnings Aboves indeed. So herein


shown belows. In Deeds


Featured Topic Image Symbolic Man Figure Drops Litter Shaped Swastika Into A Bin.


Infographic Of Cia Operation Paperclip In The Early Days Of Nasa.


The corruption, degradation of that. The

Symbol’s Turnings Meaning turned. In

the Mod. Real World

So changes No Thing

of this. Yore


Symbol’s Meaning. So

long ago.


Silhouetted Deer, Moose Stand Under A Tree. Star Tracks Fill The Sky.

So Starrings Next In A To Z. That #C.