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‘Tis oft said that Two’s Company and Three’s… Not. Dualism is buried oft embedded in so many Ways, Methods and Teachings from all over Our World. Legends from Alchemy as well. Well as The Stone of Philosophy… too. Pt.1. Two Stones.?. Too.?. Join i, Shiro and Sir Isaac Newton as we Seek+Search out that Stone solid Duo. In his Notes that is. Times and Places to search for that Other Philosopher’s Stone.?. Herein.


As Above, So Below. Simply Balanced.Balanced Simply.


With this advice of the perennial wisdom from that

Olden and Traditional Alchemical Philosophy realised. Realised


i, Shiro… this Work was only half completed. Then.

Mine that is. Herein.

Realised this issue just Doubled. Itself. Whilst i then. Then

and Was to NOW


leave… No Stone further Unturned. Again and

too. So to


Search For The

Other Stone.

Alchemy Newtonian.

Would be i, Shiro steps first therein. Thus and then.

Herein. Now.


Revelation Times. Also. Not


necessarily. Biblical. For as

and has. Been said. Is this as follows.


The Sun and Moon. Yellow Light and White Light. Warm and Cool.


As Above, So Below.


This Ancient, Perennial Axiom or Wisdom Saying thus

and so, informs and beholds.



Two Mysteries.



Above. Below.

An Outer. An Inner.

Exoteric. Esoteric.

Complementary Paired.

Two Sides. Two Views.

Complementary. Paired.




This realisation of multi approaches appears known of oft. perhaps

by many. Many

so called Crafts, Apprentice Ways, Learning Institutions

and some


Societies with Secrets use such a seemingly Method or Ways. To

convey Teachings, Guidance, History. Our World Legends. Too.



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Two. Sometimes more.


Double-meanings and so on. Layers of Knowledge. Also. Also

and thus many Aspects become paired in that process and


of the Tale being Told are then, understood as dual. In Application that


is. Understanding of both. Meanings. As well

this can also. Extend back. Into. Into


the Text itself. Back. Too.


Such is so. Herein too. With such and so


Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton,

who did this too. To



find in Ancient Poetry a duo. Dual


in the sense that the Tale has a General Outer Message/Meaning

whilst buried or rather written in within there are…

Other(s). Sometimes similar in meaning. Oft though…


a better Term perhaps.?.


Sir Isaac Searches

Too. Two

Stones it seems as well.


Dual-Natured. Double-Aspects.

Yin-Yang. Up-Down.


Lab Work-Work of Nature.

etc etc.

Inner-Outer. Too. Two also.


Alchemical Treatises and Texts of Our World Legends related

oft use such a written Device. A device, a double-whammy

that such as i, Shiro. Occasionally


do so and use. Herein.


Sir Isaac Newton Equations = 23900… Nasa says… something not quite like that… at all. Herein. What can it mean.?. o the gravity… of it all in deed.


Newton. Isaac. Sir thereof.


Sir Isaac Newton as well. Too. Above. Imaged.

Herein. As well.


Well as the Legends have recently spoken to i, Shiro

they have led – eventually thus and so

to the Natural Stone Of Philosophy. To The Philosopher’s

Stone. Therein. The Research on that Search and then

that of the Find. Therein. Also


a Revelation. Two. The Subject that is too. Two phrases

that bind as The One;.. As above, So below.


Inner. Outer.

Lab Work. Work of Nature.




Philosophy Stones too. Two.?.




As well.?.


There are.?. Are there.?.

In the Real. Two


such Stones.?. For real.?.

Two Philosophers Stones.



Two Stones of Philosophy. Our World Legends

get and got a second somewhat deeper Search

and Find. Herein.



The Man.

A Man.

The Our World Legends previous Research uncovered Sir

Isaac Newton’s interest. Interesting now to take a further


His Personal Notes and Writings. ‘Cos we can. Now.


Sort of. In deed indeed.


As Times and Places go by Our sense and knowledge of Isaac

Newton are being

refined. Far from a simple struggling Scientist into a Man

struggling with Inner Secrets.


His semi-solitary Ways were chosen as well by choice…

and circumstance. As well. Ways of things. Then.


Of Science, Theology, Alchemy and Life.

In the Real.


Isaac Newton. At Work. Home.


At and during these Times, were Sciences

also struggling with Power

sharing. By Church and/or State. Such a mix. As

his Notes do and so show

mixed up His Life. Human Traits to the fore

as well. Well as

doubt and concern with chosen Field

and Future. Personal issues hung


in that Balance therein. Heavy on His Mind.

Isaac was a Thinker type of guy. He actively sought

to appease rather than argue.

For many Years he refused to let Others see his

Science Marvel of Principia

simply because the Nature of The World

and Society at that time was so turbulent.


Though distrusting the Church. The State

fared lil’ better. Also.

Geopolitics, Vested Interests, Conflicts of Interest. All

which Sir Newton

had no interest. At All. He Lived in such scenes

for some 25+

Years of Reformation Ways of a Society reforming

itself trying to fit in. In


such of Our World. He simply wanted

to continue his Works and Studies.

Which would eventually rearrange later

World Views… without

any conflict being thus attached.


A Dreamer too perhaps. His Ways.


His interest in Lab Alchemy came

soon after realisation. Realising

the said Experiment… actually thus and so





The effect on this Man must have been total and

tremendous. Here He

is… an Early such and so straitlaced almost pure

dedicated and puritannical

leaning Researcher/Scientist who has continually

and then gradually

with lost Faith and Reason also

abandoning Church AND State. Only

to keep his idea of Morality,.. somehow

intact and then.


To find a Truth within the Legends

of Alchemy. Such a Truth.


The Experiment Worked.



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Before His Eyes.

Ancient Truth realised. Therein He was. He knew.

The Alchemists were right. On

the track. Of something. That is.


He too… had much more to Learn from this Past.

As now i, Shiro. Herein. Do.

Below. Times and Places soon too. To


Recap. Refresh Memory.

Times and Places. Lab Alchemy Defined.


Thus and so. Soon in and of



Alchemy uses much of Nature to Explain the Natural Philosophy. Symbolically as well.


Two. Pt.2.

More Lab Work… and Notes to go. Through.

Of Alchemy. Sir Isaac Newton. Also. In the-next. Pt.2.


Search For The Other Stone. Newtons Notes. Noted.


Therein Stones Two too. As well. Well as.

As above, So below. So.


To so and realise a complementary. Two.


Inner in

to Outer. Simply and thus and so.


Live Your Dreams.


Musashi the Master Swordsman.Gets this Close.With Wood.Herein.That Legend.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.


Till next…