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Stars, Sun, Moon, Planets are All in Our World. Legends say and tell of Past Events that are oft. Written in, on. The Stars as well. Well as a Star studded Message Warning from an Ancient Culture. An End. In sight soon.


Certain Ancient Philosophies. Say the ALL

is an illusion. In Our World. Legends

Ancient, prophetic. Revealed now

also say. Our World will END.

This Year. Dec. 2019 that is. Is


that Advice given by One of the Oldest

Australian Tribes thereof too.


Also To and from Our World.


Following Alchemy’s FootPrints… As Above; So Below… There Are TWO STONES… One Lab Worked;.. One… Au Natural.?. Therein Seek. Clicks Aways.


Legends tell of that Poetry. Oft

Their Lore. Poetry. Of Yore. Now

wherebys. Though


The Sun and Moon are oft looked at

separately within such

as the Major

Sciences. Sciences


that so and set them apart like

Night and Day. Times,


Places of Yore. So within Our World.



Legends though. Tend to place them

Together. Together where.

Their Destinies

so appear

fulfill and complement. Complementary

as Day, Night;

Dark, Light; The Yellow. The White.


Elemental their Powers. So and thus be. Being

not only paired. Rarely

are they without. Otherswise

Starry counterparts. Also. The

Solar System

and even Our Universe. Is in Our

World. Legends


of a Book. So Writ. Upons.




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The Words are Ours;.. well...

Ancient Ancestors. Who have then

written of The


Of Our World. Legends

On Stars. So Writ

if but One. Can just so. Read.


Thems as well. Well as



by using the Skies as Paper on which to

their Messages

so Writ AND

Tell of Times



Civilisations Fall



Tale is. Was

Of a War, Enforced

Migrations. Then dues too. To

A Past Catastrophe. Not so long Ago. That

The Ancient

Ancestors thought.





This Year… Actually…



Mid-December ish. If All… goes as well. Well so


Writ anyways. Means So bright, deep. On

and in Our World. Legends tell Tales o’

Starry Skies. Still. Still

they are not as. Planets and Stars do



move. Arounds. Around and of



the many. Our World Legends prophesy.

Over Our Years, Times, Places. Many

(…incorrectly Btw’s…)


foresee an End. Beginning with

Several Predictions much. Publicised with lil’

fruition. Yet.?.


Even unto the IOT. Various Bugs and so

forth. Forthrightly

or not,

Religions too have crossed such Paths.


Armageddons, End Of Days, End of The World.



We are Here. There



is In Our World.

Legends of the Sciences. Which

oft backups, confirm.

Civilisations Do in Deed... Fall.

Have also. Also


Causes, The Whys and Wherefores.?.

Oft only guessed at. From Remains. Ruins.

Cultures vanish, Cities empty… whether

cause or effect.?.


Some We Know. Of.

Theories, Opinions, Guesses. We have for

many. Others.



The Australian. Aborigines are an Elder Culture.

Their Lore, Poetry, Short Stories oft combine

Teachings with Entertainment and Wisdoms.


Combined with a Love of The Land...

(…oft nomened Caretakers of such…)

and Sky, Tales Told. Share insights into many

facets. Of Life, Death. Much in ‘tween.


Herein. An i, Shiro Version retold Tale.

So Told with that Gif Image. Aboves. Told


From Times, Places.

Ways back in those Dream. Times Telling


of The Begins.

When this Land was One. Mass. Massive

Continent. One.

As Now. War oft reigned. Raining Down


too, Waters formed a trickle, Then torrent. A

Sacred Spring. Emerged. Thereupon.


The Land. One. That Was.



The Sacred Spring…

was so tucked Aways that only those

stumbling. Upon it.

Knew of it’s Place in Our World. Legends

Writ in Stone,


reflected in Sky Lore. Thereupon.

The Taste of such Sweet Waters also. Well as


This War with The Indians Turbanned.

Ongoings. Thereupon

One Land.

Many Aborigines went to War.

Travelling Far to protect this, Their…

One Land.


Battling Heroic Foe…

becoming Heroes themself. Till…



One Day in Their One Land. Was no more.

One Day. One Night.

The Serpent Dreaming. A Nightmare. Did

So Form.


The Earth-Mother groaned

along in such wrath, fury.

Whilst Man of Winds blew

more than mere gales.


The Old Master of Mountains

then moved, One

Land split apart,


in that terrible unearthly noise. Where

River-Woman tossed, so

turned. Every which Ways.


One Day…

One Land. No Mores. As Now.


Seek and Search… Springs,


The HighLighted so Aboves. Is an

adaptation. Of a small number. Of particular

Aboriginal Legends in Our World.

Legends predominantly


kept in care, thereof.

Matriarchal Tribes. Australian Aborigine.

Of Carpet Snake and Birds

Clans/Tribes. Origine.


Birds in Our World. Legends nomen The

Feathered Serpents.


Their version of The Events.

When a Civilisation Fell. Of Yore.

What They Saw. Felt. Mores.


The Star and Sky Lore indicates a Time…

set for this Tale:

11-13,000 Years Ago.

(…End of the Last Ice Age... Btw’s…

Atlantis also…) Also


This Tale. Tells of Lands splitting, Natural


Wars, Famines, Migrations. Mores.

Over a relatively short Period. Of


Time. Places



became desolate. Others prospered

in new Ways.

The Then Ancient Aborigines Wars

with the Ancient Indians... so



Civilisations Fell.

The remnants. Becoming



Each got a separate… Land.


As Now. Now is the Times, Places. To Tell.

More Lore. Still. Still


and soon enough too. To be forewarned

may hap such. Again. Soon.


A Civilisation Will Fall

in Our World. Legends


Prophesied This Year as well. Well as



Feel free in deed to Share,

Show and Tell.


Any Predictions

known or unknown. As well. Herein. Please

so and do. Tell. That. Those


Tales Told

that soon enough. So


End. The Days. Of Ours. Yours…



Next… Naturally: American Plains

Medicine. Herbs. Man. Mores.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…