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Super Volcanos + Tidal Waves In Our World. Legends Tell Uncivilly Took. Outs Our Yore Minoan Civilisation In Deeds. Indeed Wreaking Peoples + Land. Changes Forcing Our Wracked Yore Egyptians Into. Moseying Ups To New Challenges New. Ways Means Namely Parting Yore Misty. Watered Down Nomens As Well.


In Our Yore Egypt Pharaohonic. Kings

were so oft. Of highly

lauded. Thoughtlessly


or nots there always so. Is seemingly

those exceptions. Exceptional

Yores Parting Ways. Our Means Revealed


these too. To the fore

here are. Four

so nomened Research finds. Found

intriguingly also. All so Four

in a Row per se. Sayings


in Our Yores Hieratic Scripts note. Notably

The King Lists + such. Much

take notings of History + Rulings

Lineages so forth. Forthrightly


perhaps wrongly The. 4 to the fore

excluded were so not too. To blame.



Tutankhamen, Smenkhhare, Ay +

Akenaten This 4 has been. Left off. Of Our Yores

Kings Listings, Statuary defaced/erased, Tombs

desecrated. Only.?. Now…


With Our vantage of now knowledge

Mother. Nature + Her Super

Volcano + Tidal Waves so. Are


also too. In addition to Four Pharaohs

co-Creators of Biblical. Events. Thus

Our Yores Santorini Super. Eruptions


That Fall Civilisations. Greatly

The Fall of Our Minoa. Extinguished

by series of Volcanic Eruptions… leadings too. To


The aftereffects in Yore Egypt… summarised so. Ins

that Bibles Tales…




Our World Legends of Minoa tell oft. Of

a great Civilisation in. Yore. Our

Archaeology + related Studies relate

we still cannot. Read


The Minoan Script. Whilst

Forgers create further. Issues Our

modern Crete faces what may resemble Minoa.


Island based Civilisations facings Natures Tempests. So

Gorgeous scenery, idyllic rich Lands +

Vegetations with instant access to Sea. Life +

Foods. Stuffed


full of positives for Our Lives. So ‘cept

for Tidal Waves, Earthquakings… +…


Volcanos. Minoan




by Birth may well as. Be

Nefertiti + Tutankhamen etc possibly Minoan.?.

so possibly relatings too. To

explainings the many defacings and erasures

that pop. Ups in Their Hieroglyphs/Statuary there

well as. As well thereof Our Yore


The Four Pharaohs.?. may ALL.?.

HAVE BEEN. Minoan-Egyptians.?.


app. 1500-1600 B.C. Once upons those. These Times,

Places… Our Yores Egyptian- Powers ups on into

The 18th Dynasty:The Amarna Kings: Co-rulers;








Amenhotep 3 rules,.. Deity Amun-Re Theirs. God there… as

per norm… Yores Egyptian Culture/Society flourishes

then.?. Something.??

happened.???. Suddenly


Amenhotep prefers Sekhmet as Chief Deity. God of Chaos


Amenhoteps Son’s name Amenhotep 4 changes too. To

Akhenaten. Aten now preferred. God. SunDisc God.?.


Next Pharaoh too. One Tutankhaten name changed…

Tutankhamen. Amen-Re back now again so pref’d. So


orderly religiously Yores Egypt ’twas: So

Olden Gods/Sekhmet/Aten/Amen-Re…

Gods in orders per se. Sayings


Olden Gods/Destruction/Sun/Olden Gods.

Thus this.?.


A Destruction during Amenhoteps Times, Places… =

Santorini Super explosions volcanic, tidal waves.?. =

Sekhmet.?. Then




Aten Our Sun now revered as it.?. ‘Cos had clouded

overs all arounds. Abouts with Volcanic Dustings so.

Disappeared.?. So

later once reappeared.?. so Olden Gods… Return.?. All


so Our Yore Akhenaten had an Elder. Brother. One


empty Tomb found… tho also. Unused as if He.?.

was of interest elsewheres.?. Of further interest

notably Our. Bible Biblos

notes One of Yores Egyptian. Nobility/Royalty noted

was soon leading parting Ways.?. Means elsewhere

than there Egypt. We nomened Him. Moses. +.?. Our


Akhenatens missing Elder

Brother so Yore named… Thuthmosis. Mose on

in Deeds. Indeed



waving in next on 23/6:

Yore Plato. Mentions Our Pluto. Crats.