Unique Weapons Of Ancient Japan–Shiro’s Slide-show Of 9.

UNIQUE WEAPONS OF ANCIENT JAPAN and Our World Legends–SHIRO’s SELECTION OF 9. WEAPONRY has many variant forms. Prior to gunnery we had several other ideas. The Unique Weapons herein are but a small selection. We have MANY WEAPONS… so many…even wiki has compiled LISTS). Some forms or variations were probably used…ALL over the world. WEAPONS UNIQUE AND CLASSIC INDEED. photocredit/thanks:bujinkanyvelines



WEAPONRY  has many forms.

Prior to the overwhelming fire-power of gunnery we had other ideas.

The Unique Weapons herein are but a slim selection of the whole.


( so many in fact…wiki has compiled LISTS…click).


Some forms or variations were probably used here for example…


…A FAV.SHIRO MOVIE… photocredit/thanks:youtube





Shiro’s slide-show of 9 Unique Weapons of Ancient Japan is just a peek into both Our World Legends and the World of Weapons the ancient SHINOBI were exposed to. These ‘ ancestors ‘ of the modern Kunoichi and Ninja, were, like many;

just common people…with uncommon philosophies and also…

unable to LEGALLY carry…THE SWORD.


Hence the need for Unique Weaponry.

Njoy the…slide-show

Please start with/at The Castle pic… ends at The Tree.


(An in-depth historical and technical article

on the 9 UNIQUE WEAPONS will be avail…shortly i hope.)





This slideshow requires JavaScript.



for viewing a little of the HISTORY of the olden and ancient SHINOBI.

Article of analysis coming soon…


(Video Link)



(Video Link)



For a look at the ORIGIN LEGENDS OF NINPO…(click)…or…

at some of the NON-MARTIAL yet MUSICAL LEGENDS variety…(click)…or…

again…scroll up…

NJOY the views of SHIRO’s slide-show of 9 unique weapons of ancient Japan.



Till next…


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