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Featured Image Closeup Of A Golden Dog Statue Of Ancient Egypt With Other Artefacts In The Background.

Naturally Disasters Occur In Our World. Legends Tell Mores. Moreovers Underlyings Truths As. Civilisations Ours. Yore Minoa, Egypt So. Falter. Fall Arounds Abouts These. Times, Places In Deed. Indeed Then Mount Thera Blew Top Heavy. Largely People Suffered. In Large Numbers Lives. Molehilled By Mountains.


In Yore 1883 they so began. Our

Mount Krakatoa’s mounting death Toll. Upping +

ending this. That Mounts Natural Volcanic Cycles. Big Bang


that was the Major so Eruptive. Explosion

from Krakatoa then cracking. Eruptions ups + outs. Fire +

Water Elements mountained. Out so of control. Disaster.

Practically every Life Form within 25 Kms. Was taken

in Deed. Indeed explosions



heard in. Australia some 4,000+ kms aways. Meaning

Some 36,000+ Peoples perished.


Image Of A Blueish Volcanic Mountain And Plume Colored On A Sky Blue Day.

Clouds Blues In Deeds.


Such Mod. experiences of Natures. Powers


gives us a start. Point,

pointing to similar startling. Effects, destructive

extents in

Our Past. Our Yore. Then now

allowings the passing Times, Places

of informed. Judgements on such. Much

more likely. Like comparings Btw’s Our… Yore

Mount of Interest. Pointedly outs in



Mount Thera starts with, has a Crater… There

… Sized 4-6 Times Larger than. That of Mount Krakatoa.


Image Of An Ancient Egyptian Bowl Figurine.

Indeed Bowled Overs. News In Deeds.


Mt. Thera erupted long of Yore. Our

Sciences, Research in Our World. Legends too. To show

a series of Volcanic explosions, Tidal effects. Affected

over a short times. Places, a probable

period of Yore. Our 16th Century B.C.


When Mount Thera erupted. Then in Our World. Legends

Tell least Two Cultures, perhaps mores. To Moreovers

finally sharply decline pieced into. Rent both

Minoan + Pharaonic Egypt aparts. In endings


Yore Pharaoh Times. Our

Places Minoa, Aten

Pharaoh/King Egyptian

so begins with each facing that. So in this,


detailings Natural Disasters, Water. Body Movements,

Plagues, Disease, Our Sun clouded overs. All ups


Image Of A Forest Desolated Under A Cloudy Sky.

City, Forest, Desert. Stormed In Deeds As Well.


Others notsowise Afflictions as well. Well as

neither the Then Our. Yore Minoa nor Egypt

Cultures, Cities, Civilisations were. Evers again the same.



Whenevers seen One of

The Mask Of Tutankhamen. Is not so

of that. Face of

Tutankhamens… That Mask so

originally belonged Others. Family Members

too. To then another a Brother + later.?.


Pharaoh in Deed. Indeed

in these Yore. Times, Places. Those

Ruling were Responsible for much. Such as

Bearing/Holding Kingship… + Blame. For that.

This bad Weather Mount Thera so born. Borne


by Winds so turbulent. Ongoings Disaster Weather

also. All so arounds abouts

in some ways. Means


Image Of An Ancient Egyptian Mask Of A Pharaoh On A Ledge With Green Tree As Unfocused Background.

Indeed Behind In Our World. Legends Unmask In Deeds.


Pharoah’s that then went. Through such as

Plagues, Floods


were. Later rightly or wrongly even. Denied Afterlife

Rights. Left

outs Egyptian Rites of Death. Ceremonies only for those

heading too. To

the afterlifes majestically. Smenkhare. He,


Tutankhamens Brother reigned for only a month/months. Barely

mentioned in Our World. Legends as well. Well as

so lil’ recorded His Reignships. He

ruled in the middle of these Storms. Weathering

Thera’s Eruption and afters. Effects. Effectively


Tutankhamen, Smenhare, Aten… Others.?.


Image Of A Fantasy Themed Young Woman Musician With Violin Backgrounded By A Fiery Volcano.

Then This In. Deed.


Each of These Three Kings/Pharaohs of Lower + Upper

Egypt. Of Yore

were so BLAMED in some ways. Means They

tried were Ceremonies too. To appease angry Gods,

so with

Statues, Buildings, Religious Upheavals. Changes

Political, Social… none worked. Working


beyond Their Peoples and Cities. Volcanic

and Oceanic effects lingered longer. Than They. In

Minoa. In Egypt.

Civilisations Fell.


Their Gods there favored. Neither

King nor Citizenry. Both


Image Fantasy Themed Of Man Atop Camel Looking At The Great Pyramid.

Indeed Yore Egypt. Ours Now In Deeds.


Ways means indeed next is

#E in Our World. Legends Tolds

A To Z in Deeds.