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Indeed What’s In Our World. Legends Tell Yore Nomens Into. To Terms, Phrases So Turn. Turning Irish Landlord From British Army Captain. Boycott Gets A Taste. Of His Own. Name. Named By The League. There. Their Actions Above Bring. Down Lorded Estates Lauded By Greed During. Famines So Approaching. What A Profit Overs. Peoples Times, Places In Deeds.



In Ireland another Agricultural Season’s failed. Harvest,

so loomed.

Looming large over Public. Life, The Government

ways meanwhiles. Times, Places such gloom

recommended much Rent Relief.


The Land Owners recommended. Evictions, oft

forcibly bys Landlords these. Those Lords of The Land

nomened, so soon. Followed.



the Military Career of British. Army

Captain C.C. Boycott chose too. To

retire. Becomings


namely an evicter unbecoming. Thus

a Landlord. Himself. Then so refused

too. To accept the offered Terms of Tenancy

also. All so


Image Of A Farming Field With Several Hay Roll Bales Scattered Around.

Times, Places Roll. On In Deeds.


The League. Then


The Irish Land League that is so forth. That is

around abouts so forthrightly left in this. Town/County Mayo,

stated now so wide disagreeance. Wherebys herein

Yore Captain What’s

My Name. Boycott In Deed


so thus begins. Ending indeed

a Soldierly Military. Life Career Path. C.C. Boycott

became the Landlord Of County Mayo’s. Lord

Erne’s Lands + Estates there. Their


ire ups with these nomened higher ups. Namely,

gamely this Organisation ref’d: The League,

soon so downed His.


Aspirations. Hinderings


Image Of An Old Poster Boycotting C.C. Boycott With Pic.

Boycott. Boycotted In Deeds.


Life therein. Boycott’s. So


bys Boycott Effigy. Hangings + Burnings Parades. Paradings

outside, Boycott was. Jeered, mobbed, ballyhooed, so

basically disagreed. With. Fencing

off opposition made Boycott’s Estate. Fencing so

fall down. Disappear.


Disappearings Boycott’s Nomen + Person…

from allowed Local Shopping. Lists, Places

of Trade, Livelihood so forth. Forthrightly rightly

left Boycott. Out, so barred Hims from. Community,

Gatherings and essential. Services Others supplied

well as. As well


Servants also. All so rightly left, refused too. To

Works much for such a

C.C. Boycott. So


Image Of An Old Tractor In A Deserted Farm Field.

Fence Less In Deeds.


as Landlord howevers… He so was. Not Alone

in Deed. Indeed in spite

of the eventual. Arrival of largescale Military. Protection

ways means soon

His Lands no longer lauded


for beings bountiful. Agricultural rural Crops. Lordings

overs Peoples with Soldiers ensured. His Land’s


was harvested. Bys The Army there. Their

boots, bellies turning the Estate. Grounds into an

empty cropped outs, crapped outs,

quagmire + so on forth. Forthrightly left so


He did a lil’. Later so… Thus

boycotting Ireland all together so did. C.C


Image Of A Howard Zinn Quote And Pic.

The Systems… In Deeds.


Boycott. Uniting

Peoples there in that coercion also. All so

a lil’. Later

bys 1881 Rent Tribunals was. A Thing there.


Btw’s: Here in Our World. Legends Tell of Boycott:

His Nomen. Named/Termed as a Method/Way

appears initially. Initiated

bys Father John O’Malley of the. Ballinrobe


League. Branch so mentioned aboves. Belows




next systematically outs. Tuned

in still

Our A To Z. Yore #O.