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Pointing Outs In Our. World Legends Tell Sharply Oft. Of Yore Greatness Long Held Within Japans Long. Spears. Pointedly In Deeds Indeed Pointed. Part One Sticks Upgraded Down. Thru’ Outed Times, Places Placing. Our Greatness In Yore. Hands Up Rises One Trio Great. One To Three Grate Fully Listed. Few Points.


Spears are long +

have long been so. Incorporated

within many Martial Forms/Traditions. Traditionally

ones with that lil’. More than a Sharp. Stick. Great


Spears tend too. To pointedly stand out. In

Japan’s Yore a named general Weaponry. Type ref’d

well as Our Spear nomened:


The Yari.

Yari = 



Our Japan’s Yore Great. Spears incl. one Trio. 3

stand outs in Deeds so forth. Forthrightly left


Yore Part One. To 3

Great Spears. Our Japan’s


aboves, named belows so nomened: The


  • Nihongo
  • Otegine


  • Tonbogiri


The 3 Great Spears of Japan.

Tenga San Mei Sou  天下三名槍




In Our World

Legends told in. Annals mentioned incl. Our. The


Kyoho Meibutsu Cho

one. Famous Blade Listings compiled by The. Honami

Clan/Family circa app. 1715-25 ish. Vis

Commissioned behest by Tokugawa Regime

Shogun Yoshimune 徳川吉宗.


Signed off by Mitsutada Honami 本阿弥光忠. Thus

The Nihongo: 日本号


Image Of The Japanese Spear Nihongo.

The Our Nihongo passed. From Emperor Masatiaki too. To Shogun. Ashikaga Yoshiaki too. To Daimyo Oda Nobunaga too. To Daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi too. To D. Fukushima Masanari… who then. This lost in a drunken. Bet too. To One Mori Tahei then onto. To Our The Fukuoka City. Museum Display thus + now. Retold in Our World. Legends + Songs as per Kurodabushi. Our The Nihongo measured app. 7-10+ Feet dependent on sections used. Blade Length app. 80+ cm.


The Otegine: 御手杵

Image Of The Japanese Spear Otegine.

The Our Otegine is lost too. To Our Times, Places. Placing a restored replication in Ours. Hands. Yore handily One Yuki Harutomo commissioned the Original. Passing One Spear too. To Yuki Hideyasu then which disappearing too. To Our Knowledge. Knowings only the incessant bombing of WW2. Japan conceal the resting. Spot. Spotted now the Replica within. Display at Yuki-Kurabikan in Our Yuki City. Speared Otegine greatness approachings 10-13 Feets Lengths. Our Blade Spike Length app. 140cm.


and +

The Tonbogiri: 蜻蛉切


Image Of The Japanese Spear Tonbogiri.

The Our Tonbogiri is sorta’ lost too. To Public Display that is. That is why one too. One Copy has been made. Making this Spear greatly a part oft. Of a Private Collection has put Our. Copy within the Ieyasu Display in The Miwa Bushi. Museum. Elegant, compact, streamlined, keen Bladed + small in comparison possibly mainly Ceremonial/Symbolic in Design. Designed + nomened. Named as The Dragon-Fly Cutting. Spear with a Blade Length app. 40+ cm. Various sections some 7-10+ Feet Lengths incl. One Hand-Spear Variation of 3+ Feet.


Our Yore great Great. Spears Trio Collections

crafted. By Yore

Craftmaster Master-Smith


Masazane Fujiwara 藤原正真. One


early Apprentice oft. Of Heianjo Nagayoshi 平安城長吉

well as later. As well The Muramasa 村正

School/Tradition of Yore Smithing. Our


The 享保名物帳 listing documents/details much. Such

Bladed. Weaponry deemed of importance. Important

Historical/Martial significance for/from. Our The Heian too. To

Yoshino periods Our Yore. Japans app. 800-1400’s

History. Future



writings our part two. One

weeks (18/9) Times, Places. Placing herein on:


Yore Part Two. One To 3

Our Great. Spears… + One

Sword. So


next stabbings ats on 15/9:

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