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Women In Our World. Legends are Many. Many Went From The Cradle… To War. War from WomanHood to NationHood. Get Weaponised. Amazingly Enough,.. Amazons Are Made. Herein. With Allegiance To No Man,.. Only Sovereign and Country. Amazons So Step Ups. Warrior Women. That Make a Difference. Many Ways. Slide-Showed.


In Our World. Legends of the Amazon Warriors do resonate.

A particular combination of Qualities so highly thought of.

Women. Warriors Defending Country, Kin. Mores.

You. Yours.


Such appreciation, admiration

is not new. New not even to such as The

Herodotus, that,


this Ancient Grecian Author.

Of Yore.


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So Writ. He Told Tales of Lore, War. Mores.

Of an Invading Army of 5th Century Greece.



Long Legs.

Small or non-Breasted. Now. Then,

after removal Thereof. Of also


Clothes adorned. Lil’.

Long Pants, Leather Boots.

Spear, Bow, Shield. Axe. Thereupon.



The Battle-Axe.

Double-Headed that is. That is also when



Amazing Amazons


so fought for Freedoms, Lives and Dreams.

Even now;.. ish… well…


Not So Long. Ago. Herein. Then



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Sunset. Amazonian.


as now, veneration flows. Like the Amazon.

River flows. There. Aboves. Image.

South Americas.

The Amazon River.


Of long and vast renown in Our World. Legends

so Tell of immense

Length, Width, Waters as well. Well as


during the Wet Season widening to almost 48 kms.

Containing some 20% of Our World’s Fresh Waters.

Surrounds the Jungle Amazon Rain-Forest; also

so nomened respectively similar. Women of Warrior-

Hood. Amazon.


Warriors, Soldiers, Weapon and Combat savvy.

Ready as well. Well as

In Our World… Legends. Amazons that chose

through adversity to display Martialness, Rightness-


A Ways Into Amazon. Jungle.


foregoing tenderness for the tougher

Realities. In the Real…

World. Then. Wars

that so sought to tear African Tribes, Nations apart.


In and within Our World, Legends, History records

well such Exploits, Bravery of

Queens, Empress,

Leaders as


Boudicea, Tabua, Iati’e, Kaipkre, Min. Also as well,

The Cleopatra, Joan de Arc’,

Molly Pitcher. Mores. The Herero.

Heroines. Alls.


Amazons as well. Well as in DAHOMEY, War was abrew.

Then. Mid-19th Century. Ish.

Now nomened, so called as West Africa, Benin. The Nation

There. Now. Then



’twas called so. So The King gathered



Advice. Troops

too. To and for an emerging Dynasty

with an Emergency. His.

Of Kings. African.

GezoGlele, His Son. Families and crews.


12,000 Troops.

Amazons. Did Come.

To become

aka Ahosi.

The Kings menWomen.


So called. Ahosi.

There. Dahomey. Then. 19th Cent.

Amazons. Army. African.

The Amazons owed allegiance to Sovereign, Country.


NO mere Man ‘cept

whence, wheres, whens, Sovereign…

Ways, Means a King/Man… Reigns. Reigning

King. Only Then.



And that… well as

within Bounds. As well, Following Protocol,

Traditions. Such Things.


The Ahosi Amazons

of Dahomey had a unique

Weapon. Razor Sharp, Half Meter Long

Razor(ed) Blade. Mores than able

and rather capable of ‘twain slicing. A Man

in two. Two


Lines Amazonian did One. European Visitor

Travelling Thru’ Cana in 1777,

then nomened, thus so see.

Two noted. Lined Within. Palace

Grounds… There and Upon;.. Trained…



“…A Great Number of Armed Women, Forming

A Square BattalionParadedFiring Musket Volleys.

Soon They Formed Into Two Lines

and Kept Up A General Fire

Which Was Very Well Executed…”. Execution


paraded, so and well done. To That. Two Lines. There.

Parading. Palace Grounds. Amazonians

Dahomey. Ahosi. Then. Then of yore,


In Africa, many Tribes/Nations settled differences

with conflict. War.


Dahomey itself, from the Fon Tribe had come into being

through the remnants of winners and conquered of

several earlier skirmishes. In this Region; The Yoruba

their main Enemy.


Odins Valkyries. Amazing as well. Clicks Aways…


Ahosi were more than willing to cover all

the War Specialities then required.


RifleWomen, Sword Bearers, Spear Specialists, Archer Cohorts.

They oft assumed a Central position within the

Dahomey Main Army. All Officers were Women.

Amazons only answering to such Others and Sovereign.


Civilians, esp; Man;..

kept well aways and Eyes averted too.

Custom, Tradition. There.


Training as harsh as the Men.

Marching, Burdens, Weapon Carrying, Shooting.

Rough Terrain Living.


Weaponry, Defensive Movements.

Fitness, Strategy, History.

Alls. Mores.



Scaling Cliffs, Hiking Mountain Lands, Tackling

Palace Ramparts.


Prevailing Traditions guided Battle-Gear, Equip, Uniform.

Generally Environ guided Short Tunics, Knee Pants.

Ammo + co. kept in small Boxes tucked aways.

Belts, Caps… at Times, Places.


Gun and Sword…

perhaps the Main Weapons by the turn of the 1900’s.

Flint-Lock Muskets, Breech-Loading, Repeating Rifles

all came into favor. Favored too The

Amazon Sword. Still


Warriors. Ahosi.


as mentioned previous… Razor Sharp.

50-75 cm of Blade. Razored. Eventually a

Spring Loaded Mechanism at Times, Places.

Akin to the Switch-Blade Mech.


Folding down and into a Black Handle Scabbard.

One Press, Sword Ready.

Mostly used with swinging Movements. Ahosi.


Women… and those Hips.

Amazons. Our World Legends. Still.




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Amazing Amazonian Ahosi.

As Belows.


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Feel Free and Mores.

To Share.


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