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Image Focusing On One Giant Rubber Toy Bear Amongst Many Smaller Surrounding.

Indeed Greatly In Our World Legends Rise. Ups As Well In Ecuador, Switzerland, Germany As Well. Well As So Looms This. That Large Site Too. To See Herein Sights Those Unfleshed. Yore Giant Skeletons Of Our Amazon. Larger Than Life. Researched Museumed For Now. Yours Video’d Slideshowed. Theirs Showing In Deed. So There. Herein.



Hope You are greatly well as. As well

noted there’s largely this. That high so noticeable

Giant. Shortly Seen


weighted News noting that big. This just cannot.



to see in Our World. Legends Tell then now Giants

One too. To be sized ups indeed so heavily. Weighted,

waiting so on ups Universitied-

Museumed. Ecuador, Switzerland, Germany

a Times, Places in Deed so high arises. Rising


some several Times Our. Size these. Those Yore

high standings Skeletal Model. Citizens Our who. Fully

so step outs can. Walk



the Belows pathways Image also. All so means


Image Of Ancient Giant Steps.

Questions Indeed Big. In Deeds.



(Video Link)


Them. They who can so move. Larger Stones, Blocks Monumentals +

great, Pyramidal, Standings ups right so forth. Forthrightly greatly

move thru’ these Larger Doorways. Those are here. Their

Yore Skeleton’s sized overs. Ours thereovers sized ups


actually in Our Ecuador/Switzerland. So

Museumed. Therein

this aboves Video’d. Set that rather hugely Models

so found outs. Set outs belows in massive ranged

Mountains of. The Amazon by Carlos Miguel Vaca Alvarado

(now dec.’d) of Changaiminas, Ecuador.

Elsewheres A British/Univ. Anthropological Research

Team also. All so Investigating


Skeletons such

much greaters Height. Heightenings known interest in

otherswise. Largely so unknown

Pre-inca. Civilisation/Tribe/Culture. Carlos’s further Research

identified several such Numerous. Other

Tools/Mining Implements much collected as well. Well as


Early Analysis so. Well confirms a “… Human Skeleton…” Type.

So Writ well so big noted therein. Noting also. All so



This Area largely Amazonian. Btw’s… greatly awash so with.

Massive numberings noted, great amounts. Of Waters,

… Pyramids small + large lots arounds abouts so too. For


those big Stony Blocks as. Anywheres Stonily Immense

elsewheres in Our World.

Legends Slide-Showed Below so Tell. Aboves

average Big

Hands of This. That Tribe


so Giantly movingly required such so forth. Forthrightly

so much left. Rightfully a huge Legacy. One fully larger

than. This



now were we.?.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We were


Giants. Once

now then. Upon a Times, Places in Deeds. Indeed


Image Of Giant Skeletons Models Museumed In Ecuador, Switzerland.

Indeed A Model Rise. Ups In University Deeds. Museumed Arounds Abouts.


so next largely. Diggings so deep in. Therein

#C of Our A To Z. Yours.