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Featured Image An Unseen Person In A Hooded Cloak.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends So Confronted Back Herein. The Letter. #N. So Yore Nemesis. Named So.



In Deed, Confronting Your

Nemesis, this Sis


too. To that many Divined of Yore.

Our so Grecian Classical

Gods. Divined Parently apparently

so. As


Nemesis-Daughter of The Night. Goddess Nyx.

Daughter of The Darkness. God Erebus. So

Nemesis in turn so


Mother in Deed. To The Helen. Of Troy.

Indeed Several OthersWise Divined

as well. Well as


Secondary Topic Image Classical Ancient Greece Landscape, Buildings And People.



A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. So

Yore Nemesis. Named So


Nemêsis Ways Grecian Νέμεσις

nomened so forth. Forthrightly means


Dispenser of Dues. So Due


even Those. Heroes, Gods at Times, Places

arounds abouts directly

of Yore. So confronted


frontly knew that. The Nemesis. Nemesis


Featured Topic Family Tree Image Ancient Greek Gods.


so walked. That line ‘tween Revenge

and so Divined Retribution. A Righteous Justice. Harsh

were Her Ways. Means

so oft there. Traveled Winged protected,

Balanced, Sworded. Avoided so forth. Forthrightly


left too. To clean Ups. Down

of Yore in Our World. Legends Tell


Divine Grecian so Lands, Times. Places

providing redress, Balance. Enforcements

of Basic Laws. An Established accomplished

Karmic Sheriff. A Messenger


when Generations. Of Gods so Battled. Appealing


Featured Topic Image Statuette Of Nemesis Of Ancient Greece.


as Aphrodite so in Her Youth. So Times,

Life + Deeds, Events, Places in Deed

take tolls. Darkly of

such Poise, Grace, Beauty. Fierce


in Battle even this. That Zeus

so indeed Respected. Her

Home so Deep Undergrounds. Aboves

Her Judicial Works enabled. Travel ennobling Her

not to those so Working. Criminals. Justice


these She so swiftly thrust. Her Sword,

Crown, Apple/Oak Staff/Tree, A Goose/Griffin, A Wheel,

The Stag, The Lash/Whip, An Orb


in Our World. Legends Tell

Within The Arts. Oft Alls thus highlighted. As Icons,


parts of Her Historical Weaponry, Symbolism. Simply


Wood Toy Puppet Figure Looking In A Mirror.

Mirrored Next Quote Quirked #47.


.?. Confronting.?. Yore Nemesis

in Our World. Legends

Tell of This. That…


The Nemesis oft

simply, swiftly. Life


so. Confronted. So

then ended.