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As Well It’s Time. Did You Know In Our World. Legends Tell Those. Tales That So These Days Quiz. Mary Christmas. Aways 12 So Seems. Seemingly In That Daze. The Ditty Dozen Stoppers Herein. Solved In Mere Minutes So. Merrily Gift Bonus Poem Solsticed. Presented Timingly Ending Wrapped Ups. Prosed Well As.


Those Changes. Are so Here.

Therein Seasonal, Times Places. So Near


When That Hard Word. So

Placed. So

Afore You There. So Staring Into. To

Space. Here‘s This. So Is


The Ditty Dozen. Quiz Christmas

Aways. 12 Daze

Posers Posted. Prosed Ending

Posed. Posted Well As In Deed. Indeed


As Well. So Begins… Herein


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Herein Elements. 101.?.


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Herein. When Children Create. Language.?.


  • So Nomen An 8th Wonder. Of

This. Our World.?.



  • Legends Tell A Star So Borne. 687 B.C.

March Ides. So




  • The Fictional Solstice Tale-It’s Time. So What

That. Arounds

Abouts Ways Means.?.



  • In Our World. Legends Tell So What.

Happens When Pilgrims. Clash

With Pagans.?. So There


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Herein. Woah Too. To Their Wed. Day.?.


Quiz Topic Theme

Herein. Within Swords. That Dragon.?.


  • Nomen Any Of. These i, Shiro Top. Music

Riffs Of Any.

Times.?. Then



  • Why Does That Phoenix.

So Nest In Our World. Legends Tell

What Then.

So Rise.?. There



  • What Do These Fallen

Now Do. So In

Their Holy Days.?. So



  • easily Nomen Games. Japan

Played In Our World. Legends

Told Holidays, Otherswise. So


7 There Be.?. So


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Herein. So Star Stuffed. Filled Smoothies Health.?.


  • also The Red, The White. So


Berry. Good Why In Deed. Indeed.?.



  • So Wander In Wonder Arounds, Abouts

In Our World. Legends Nomen

The Ancient Chart Topping. 7

So Nomened.?. Nomen



  • Those So Writ. Guide,

Tips. These That

So, This 24.?. Then The Finale. Finally



  • So Podcast. Pick

A Top. 9 In Our World. Legends



Wishing You. A Merry Xmas


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Herein. Labyrinth Unraveled. Traveled.?.


It’s Time For Posing That. Change

Of Season.

Time For Tradition Too. To So

Kitchen Blossom In Deed. Indeed


So Time When So Tall

Evergreen Trees Change. Gardens

Blooming Indoors In This. So Topped


Star Lit Fashion Ways. Means


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Fire. Ice Lens So. Lit.?.


In That Daze These. Days

so Holy Dayed. Red



Greens. Do then. Now so prevail. This


Winters Solstice, Yuletide Cheers. Joy

bringings anew.

Changes, Seasons. Our New Years


So Now. So Yours


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Herein. Within Jack’s Giant. Tree.?.


Simply Enjoy. So

There. It’s Time.