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Indeed Protective Pets In Our World. Legends Yore Japans Waving Cat. Tale Tells When Samurai Desperately Seeking. Shelter So Follow Their Directionals. There Wavings Arounds Abouts. Herein + A Few Feline. Facts So Oft. Of Our Yores. Our Cats In Deeds.





Waving Cat statues/ornaments. Named


Maneki Neko. Japanese


Nomened Yores in Deeds. Our Type so writ aboves. Below

indeed Imaged many. Maneki

so seems. Seemingly




Cats are also quite venerated. Within All so many

Cultures/Comm. Traditions.

Egypt,.. one prime example. So too in Japan. Our


Sciences in Our World. Legends tell so

have. Clawed their way well into

the Domesticated. Cat Culture. By well as

givings the Title oft. Of Felis Catus

in Deed. So in

Waving In Yore Cats. Our


sharp clawed Yore Templed Guardians. By

so examining the past. Evidence it seems Cats. So

have LET US. Adopt Them as a Pet for some.

12,000+ yrs. +







 A Sanurai Approaches

Bad Weather Too. To

say notably begins. Ending ups noting.

There was little of note in the air. At first, that told

of impending change in. Weather. This day,

thus far, so clear tho’ mild. Noticing


The country path-ways and surrounds were

green, quite busy, each off too. To their appointed

tasks and chores. There it seemed. Seemingly



The noted Samurai though, stopped. Still

in His tracks, adjustings the collar.

A sharp wind so chilled the neck.


Something,.. somewhere felt off. Of


Indeed CATastrophics. Ahead Yore Samurai Ways In Deeds.


so + like a distant. Enemy who approaches.

Then, even that. This fleeting fancy,.. also

fled. All so

a matter of some. Urgency called for Him to



Far + long this day. Howevers- Now

a storm approached.



A Feudal Lord of Edo. Japan was

His Ways so seems. Moving




on now, a lil more purposeful. Hurriedly,.. onto

the well-trodden. Path slowly curved, turned

so revealings a large. Gateway ahead some ways. Means

a Temple.


Already indeed on His planned route,..

fortune and luck in Deed. Shelter, sanctuary too. To


Gotokuji Temple.


Timely shelter +


the company of renowned

Buddhist. Priests as well. Well as



Their well stocked Libraries, Gardens + that. This

sublime taste


of Mountain born. Tea.



That Tea.


Those first. Large rain-drops splattered


onto. Path

collar and more.


Indeed Gotokuji Templed Entrance. Ways In Deeds.



Sky + clouds rumbled above.

Ahead, the Temple


darkened. So becomings

misted, nestled in His. Sight

as He head-tilted too. To angle rain sluices below +

away. A Temple Cat ran under a side porch cover. He

had no. Umbrella packed. As



quickly turning moist. Grounds

squelching so underfoot. His


Suited Too. To Stormy Ways In Deeds One. 9 Unique Weaponry Click Aways.





In Deeds Samurai Seeking. Shelter Out. There. Indeed Out Weathered.


eyes narrowed. Movements

so catching of. Eye



Though desperately

seeking susan shelter.

The Samurai stopped. Again


stopped still- + so watched indeed. In Deed


Indeed Cat In Deeds Tails Go. On.


The Temple Cat was.?. Waving Him On.?.


TO HIM.!?.


Waved His Way overs also. All so


Maneki Neko.

A Cat that waves a… way. Over



The Wonder, He smiled and nodded. So

Remembering His earlier thoughts,..

stepped forward


surely, knowingly. Veering that Ways-

Slightly off-path this. Cat so Waved Him on. In


Gotokuji Temple. An Entrance. Porched Ways.



and now. Under cover.



that is. Is that-

As The Samurai slid too. To a stop + so turned. Back

then a massive Lightning. Bolt




He originally headed, was and had been. Going




till that Wave in Deed. Indeed


as He took in this last few. Minutes

His grin took. On further knowing.

Turning at last Face too. To face,..

mano ā mano…?…


well… actually;

mano ā cato…

per se indeed. Sayings


i, Shiro So Tried. Bowing… Tho’ Our Domino preferred This. That Mores Hands On In Deeds.


then “… Thanks in Deeds Temple Guardian. Thankyou

Maneki Neko…” +

bowed. Still


Smiling as The Cat did that. Their

waltz so encirclings so around Our. Legs. Collar

Bell tinkling a Tune.

Still Smiling as then. That Cat Waver


so led. The Ways in. Out




abouts arounds in Japan.?.


For those with. An cattywise laden interest: When

in Japan too. To Go To




Two Ways. One: Tokyu Setagaya Line too. To Miyanosaka

Station 5-7 min walk. Or so: Two:


From Tokyo too. To Shinjuku go…

then Cat-slink onwards too. To Odakyu

catty-cachoo-choo Train-Line oft. Of Hon-Atsugi bound,..

… so directly + with Cat-like. Reflexes,..


get off at… Our GOTOKUJI Station. Catwalk


The Temple Of A Cat. Guardian in Deeds. So Waved.


again,.. 7-10 mins that’s all… You’re


there. As long as You don’t have. Catnip +

go the long wronged. Ways

arounds abouts there. Cats.


Their Temple. There Their Wavings

so at You. There Be


Cats. Guardians lightning quick

in Deeds. Indeed




This Honarium. Petted Place so only app. 1/2hr

from. Tokyo.

Open usually everyday,.. 6am-6pm.

Entrance free,.. waving back is optional, +

giving… is up to you.





A Templed Guardian Cat. Waving

those Ways rightfully left too. To Safety

in Deeds in Our World. Legends


endings Taled indeed. Well as






That Cat So In Deeds. Is Going Places. Aways.



so writ next 24/3:

Our Mica. Yore Mica. Pyramid Mica.?.