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Word Pressing In Our World. Legends Tell Arounds Abouts Our. Words Word Pressers Emerged Then. Now Evolving Into. To Word Blockers. Block The Word. Outed In Word. Pressings World. Herein As Well. Well As In. Prose.


(Editorial: The following is just an Ode. Oddly

trying to come to grips with that. This revamped WordPress

Block System… which i like too. To like

block systematically…) Howevers:


In The Beginning Was The WORD. PRESS

Our Words. Pressed.

Words online Words pressed. Presently



Now we are BLOCK. Heads


pressed in parting. Unwanted

blocky angst. Amongst

arounds circlings abouts Our. Word

Blocks. Blocks be blocked in Deed. Indeed

Once. Upon This Time. Arounds

Abouts The Block


so Word press too. To impress

one on You too. So

unBlock well as. As well pleases do-

Our freely pressed Words should never. Be



so Blocked. Heads



up next as well can tell. So sure is. So writ on 3/7:

Yores Yowies Small + Tall. Shortlist Ours. Now.