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National Treasures In Our World. Legends Old, New. Anew Tell Their Tales. Tails That Sting Too. To Cutting Deep InTo Ways. Means A Top 5. Herein Best Swords. Under Heavens. Of Yore, Japans Five. For You too. One Set. Divine.


One and a Half. Million. Prior to ww2. In Japan.

Swords in Our World. Legends so Tell.

There were. Tales that


Approx. 1/3 were Long. Swords. The Daito

of The Samurai. 1/2Million. Arounds, abouts.



Focusing and narrowing. This Seek and Search.

Further. Refining then defining. The Best Of…

The Best

Swords Under

Heavens. Japans

Best 5. Of Yore.

… Has and so. Already Been. Done.!.

Of Yore


as well. Well as



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National and Cultural Treasures. The

Heavenly Sword Set

are 5 Prime Examples. Of a Lost Art. Artists

of these Types. Were many too. To then

find in the Annals and such-like. Such


Numbers of Total SwordSmiths

(… As with the Others. Numbers Taken. Herein from

The Samurai Sword : A Handbook by J.M. Yumoto…)


Perhaps many as:

…13,000 – 20,000. Over Times, Places.

Of Yore. Japan. Would Apply. Applying

The Work too. To Metal. Mores


Artisans, Craft Masters, Makers, Polishers. Would

need to be. Factored Ins. To That

and Those. Numbers. Also. Also


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though perhaps. Not Coincidental. Herein.

Japan’s Sword History. Of Yore

in Our World. Legends


Tell can also be accommodated. In…

…5 Parts/Ages. As

Belows. So shows.


  • Prior A.D. 600:

Few Written Records with Particulars.

Swords of this Era little of Note.

As Aboves for SwordSmiths.


Basic Makes, straight, curved.

Korean, Chinese Metallurgy influences.

Very few Specimens preserved.


  • 600-900:

This Era… is the Birth. Per se.

Of Japanese wizardry in the Foundry.

With the advent of a permanent Capital City.

Nara. Then. Then

in Our World. Legends tell Tales. Of Begins.


Other Notable Arts flourished alongs.

Architecture, Religious, Spiritual, Painting, Sculpture

and so forth. Forthrightly Imperial/Family Rule thus.

Went forth, expanded in Unification attempts.


Sword Making primitive as such though

much. Works done too. To begin understanding

and Process Metallurgical. Technical perfection.


Armies for the Unification Attempts. Oft

supplied the needs. A sharpened interest

In Swords and the intricacies of Refining

and Creating lasting Weaponry.


Much Better Sword. Qualities.



  • 900-1350:

This is the Times, Places in Our World. Legends

so Tell. The better and Best Swords so made. Tales.


The Metallurgical Processes, Ingredients

highly Refined. BlackSmiths became Master

SwordSmiths perfecting their Japanese. Swords.


Into the MasterPieces so venerated. Nows. Then

also. Then The Samurai so reigned. Bushido


moving. Alongs. With Sword and Society.



  • 1350-1600:

Few innovations. From hereons…

The Aboves

Methods, Ways. Means lil’ to improve. Ons.


Whilst Demand still High. More Mass Production

Methods. So tried. Wanted too. To


more efforts. Expended upon Physical Looks.

Fancy Scabbards, Mountings, Ornaments, Tassels.



  • 1600-1850:

With Unification and Social Order

stabilising. Lessening needs. So Demand

too. To

include the Promotion of Others. Cultural

Arts as well. Well as into Bushido. To


Declines in Large Numbers. Of SwordSmiths.


Backs and into. To BlackSmithing and/or

related Fields.


Survival of the Sword Arts mainly


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through Family Dynasties/Lineages and

Imperial benefactions. Rules, Laws Established.


Such as no Master to produce more than 6

Swords per Year and so forth. Forthrightly…

or Not.?. Such.

Curtailed any further Refinements of the Art…


which was slowly fading. Into the specialised

Fields in niche corners of Society. The Martial


Artists in partic. Particular


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A Mod. Repo Of The National Treasure. Sword. Of Japan.


attention too. To

these National/Cultural Treasures. So paid. In

Japan. Of Yore. That Divine Triple Set.

Sacred Mirror, Beads. Aboves Sword too. To


Swords then, becoming

now an Icon. Objets d’Art. Art


that even Shōguns. So impressed. Impressing

such urges to be. So Recorded. Records such as

they were. Are Of Yore. Some. Still nows. Available


in Our World. Legends entwine and mix. Mixed Ups

that is. Names changed to reflect Deeds. Misdeeds

as well. Well as seeming. GeoPolitical

Considerations. Considering this,



Kyōhō Meibutsu Chō享保名物帳


Ordered by Shōgun Tokugawa Yoshimune…

徳川吉宗, 1684-1751…

Contains. Details many. Swords of Yore as well as

Registering. Other pertinent Details. Therein Listings. Listed


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oft as the Tenka-Goken天下五剣



The Best Swords Under Heaven.

The 5.

So Nomened:


  • The Onimaru… The Demon Sword



A Sword of many Legends

in Our World. Legends

of Demons slayed, Lives saved, Villains Battled,

Seppuku as well. Well as. Reputed


to have been. Made by Master SwordSmith Kunitsuna.

Length approx. 78.5 cm.


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Onimaru. Scabbarded.


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  • The Mikazuki… The Crescent/Quarter Moon Sword



The Nomen. So named due to the many faint

shaped markings on the Blade. Blade Markings…

almost impossible to Photograph. A Sword

with many Owners of notoriety, notableness also. Also


attributed to Master SwordSmith Sanjyo Munechika.

Length approx. 80 cm.


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Mikazuki. Displayed.


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  • The Juzumaru… Sword of The Rosary



In Our World. Legends of Religion, Spirits

and Spirituality combine, surround. This Epic

example of suave Swordliness. A Destroyer

of Evil

and Bringer of Righteousness. Crafted


by Master SwordSmith Aoe Tsunetsugu.

Length approx. 81 cm.


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Juzumaru. Displayed.


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  • The Otenta… The Great Tenta Sword



One. Of 3 Great Swords presented to

Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A preeminent Leader

of the Military. Unification of Japan. Of Yore

In Our World. Legends Tell of

Healing Tales associated also. Also


Master SwordSmith Miike Tenta Mitsuyo

produced these machinations. Thereof.


Length approx. 67 cm.


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Otenta. Scabbarded.


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  • The DōjigiriSlayer of the Giant Shutendōji



A Giant Slayer in Our World. Legends

to boot. Ups

that. Are many. Many Tales twisted. Arounds,

abouts. About

this Blade and Others. Like. Liked

by Many. In Our World.

Legends Adopted per se


into Popular Culture, Health,

History, Martial, Religion. Mores. More

overs and well as. As well

assembled by Master SwordSmith


Hōki-no-Kuni Yasutsuna.

Length approx. 80cm.


For those with. An Interest…

Aka The Monster Cutter. The

Monster Cutter this. So became. A Giant Killer

in Our World. Legends Post…

coming soon. Herein. Now



Next… is this.

How To. Clean Ups. That Blade.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too.

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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…