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Featured Image Of A Statue Of A Book Reader Atop A Sphinx Like Chair.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Outs Herein Letter #B. Books Opened. Outed Words In Deed Symbols.



… Books… Yeah…


… Yeah i,

Shiro have known. A few…


Books that is. That is


Image Of A Wall Shelved Full With Books And A Door Centred.

A Door Too. To Knowledge.


… A few too. Too

many seem to have such. Much Words

so Writ so forth. Forthrightly left upons

In Thems there. There herein so Begins


A to Z in Our World.

Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth.


Books Opened. Outed Words in


Severals in Deeds anyways. Means

Books so reside, libraried. Their there


so therein. Libraries thereof

shelved, tiered, cabineted, displayed, tabled

mores too. To floors moreovers piled ons. Yet…


under cover + care for these. Bookish

Libraries. Library,


Image Of A Library Wall Of Books Under Low Light.

Here There Be. Books.


Those Homes Of Books. A Symbol perennial

of Our. Yore Books Collectivelys so forth. Forthrightly

left. Books, As Symbols righteous, guidings well as. As well

so a Legacy So Nomened


of Yore. Our Books Of… Symbols named so… include:










The… Dead mores. Moreovers so underlyings

overachievers under spelled. So spelling

words so Writ. Books so can such stand alone. Or

much come in a Series. Seriously

Books so


can be. Be codingly inclined. So


Image Diagonally Taken Of Several Classic Bookshelfs.

Indeed Books. Classic In Deed.


heard for those with an Ear. Seen as Classics


Double Edged, Tipped EyesWise well as. As well

so Writ Inside ‘n’ Out. Exoteric

Esoterically. Creative Ways means

Books so survive. Yore Legacy Our

Symbols endure Times, Places In Deed. Indeed




Image Of A Girl Lying On A Large Branch Over Waters With A Book Over Her Face.

As Well Books Branch Outs. Go Everywheres Arounds Abouts Well As.


so broadly relates Symbolically tellings

too. To becomes Motif’d, Emblems. Reps

of simply Knowledge simple. Arted. Sampling



a must. Do. Symbols

in Our World.


Legends Bookish of Yore China oft include. Inclusion in

Ancient Lore, Philosophy, Teachings vis

simply beings One. In, Of

The 8 Outer Emblems of Power. Empowering

Books so inspired, appreciated, acknowledged

that. This acquisition of Knowledge well as. As well




Image Of A Man Holding A Book Seated In A Forest.

Leaves. No Book Behind.


so writ powerfully weave Tales. Feathering

Phrasings to gather so well together. A

Universe can be unveiled. In a Book. Big,


small Books have. Places

wherebys Our World Legends. Treasures

so reside. There, here


books can inform, incite, burn. Burning

yearnings, so inspire bundled Learnings.



so do. It All. One


Image Of A Small Key Dangling Over Several Books.

The Unlocking. Of Words So Writ.


transcribed Story booked next herein. So Be

#65 Quote. Quirked, See You. There.