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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #K. Can The Khan.?. Khan can. Mount.


The Khan. Genghis Khan

that is. Is that Nomen in Our World.

Legends so Tell. Tales Martial. Infamy

so framed, famed. Within. Mounting



Diplomatic, Trade Missions. Missionary

Positions well as. Mounted, mastered in

Deed. Indeed oft, very thereof. So

seen. Herein


A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Can

The Khan.?. Khan can.


of The. Letter #K. Khan




They. Had a Dream… Saw. This. Therein.


Studies for example. Give

many examples of

mounted. Missions in Our World. Legends


Lineage, Genomic. So

Tell His Khanish Ways means. Approx. 1


200 Men. Wearshas His Genes. Mounted,



Ups. Alls overs, arounds, abouts Our World.

Legends so tell. This Khan’s chasing Tale.


As well the earlier erection.

Of the Khwarezmian

Empire far. West of The Khan’s.

1190’s and onwards

Expansions. So did. At

First. Go well too. To


it’s then Leader. Ala Ad-Din Muhammed 2 .Went

credits. In additions too. To His First Nomen

There. There are. Accolades of a rising,


stabilising Empire

that so stretched from. The Easterly. Hindu

Kush Lands, Mountains


Alls Westwards Ways too. To

the Black Seas. Froms


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Muhammed 2. Khwarezmian Places of Our World. Yore.


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Our World Places. Khan’s. of Yore.


the Southern Persian Gulf. North Ways then. To

The Kazakh Steppes. A vast Empire Muhammed 2.

(…refer 2nd Image Aboves…)

So Ruled. Ruling so Easterly thereof. Alls

of Yore.

Thus,.. The


Khan Genghis sent Hims. Letters, Gifts. A

Trade Mission Convoy. A Personal Envoy, Guards

and Caravan. 550 People. Loaded Ups with


Trade Pressies. Sent in Deed. Indeed Alls.

Funded by that enigmatic. Khan G. Then


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The Khan sought too. To further

Trade, Diplomatic Relations. Mores.

A Lil’ later sending mores also. Also

despatching a small Council of Three Diplomats

to follow. Ups some Ideas, Plans

so forth. Forthrightly... ever so wrongly. The


Khwarezmian Muhammed 2, Army, Peoples

welcomed. Thems Alls.



With open Arms. Opening then shutting. Relations.

By opening Arms. For Their Army


to so use. On The Khan’s. Men, Women. 549/550

Of that Traders, Guard Escort. Caravans

so. Massacred. So


Gift of Life. Extinguished. The Distinguished


Envoy and Alls… ‘cept 1. The One

whose Turn it was for. Bathe Times, Places. In

a Bath ins. In

a secluded. Spot. Spotting Muhammed 2’s

Men. At Work. Wetly yet Lucidly. Stayed

so covered in Bubbles.?. Secluded. Then


a Lil Later. 3 Diplomatique Envoys so

more. Mores Killing

courtesy. Muhammed 2 + co. Killing

another Diplomat. That


of 1. 2 OthersWise or nots so wisely. Were

released. Afters so mutilated, Beards burnt

off. Sent off too. To run off. Back. Home…



Home too. To That. The Khan. Genghis

so nomened. Khwarezmian‘s so


Stealing also some 500 Camels, Wagons.

The wholes Khanny caboodle. So stole. So kept

Piles of Jewels, Silver, Silks. Trade Items, Gifts,

Jade. Jaded such

Ways of Muhammed 2. So much mean

that. Means


soon enough The. Khan. Would have

His. Ways. So Back

in a Big Ways. Some 4 Years. Later

This is, was. (…Of Yore Late 1218…) 1222

whence bys,

came… went by. Byes well. As well

by then. The


Muhammeds Khwarezmian Empire. Was

NOT. Arounds, abouts. At Alls ANY. MORES

’twas dismantled City by City.


In Our World. Legends, Tales

covering a period of less than 4 Years

tell. This Empire was eradicated. All



Ups. Overs. More than 100,000

of The Khans. Battle hard Mongol

Troops. Sent ins too. To Works

on Their partic. Trade. Batting aways


Empires. Khwarezmian

that is. That is


Working Their Ways means =

Lay City Siege. Then Massacre. Move.

Lay City Siege. Then Massacre. Move.

Repeat several Times, Places. Alls over

Khwarezmia. Bys


  1. The Peoples

thereof had had. Enough

of this. ‘cos That. Those so left

were rightly left. So few. Theys



were done. Khan also. Also

so done. Overs. With Joy…

and His Troops that. Trooped Alls

over Muhammed 2 + shonky Crews/Cities. So

knew. Victory. Then. There


He so sequestered. 20,000

Of His Men. Then Sent Thems

Alls. After 1. One


Muhammed 2 so nomened. There then. Then

chased to those. Ends of the EarthCaspian

Sea. Muhammed 2

still running, now with. Pneumonia, exhaustion.



collapsed. Ceased Breathe also on

One. Of The nearby

Islands. Immortalised

in Death. Death byes, of His Empire


also. Also basically means. His Ways. His

Manners. Well... Sucked as well. As well


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Blue. Floating Muhammed 2. Run Downs too. To Our World. Of Afters. Life.


after such displays of expansionism. Mounting

MANY… Missions. Enlarging

His/The Mongol Empire. The G. Khan

went ons too. To


mount. Mores. Much. More in Deed. Indeed

Horses, Statues and That. The

1 ins. 200. His DNA Score. There

Now. Therein,


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some Empires. Fall. Others...

get to Rise. Some

in Our World. Legends so tell.

Get pushed. Back ridden too. Into

History, Books in Our World. So Writ.


Legends so be. Times,


Of Yore. In Deed.