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Taking Our World Legends… literally. Shiro goes to Hell. Hello is said to Death-both Mr.+Mrs. Btw,.. and other Angels thus Fallen as well. Here. On Earth. Hell… exists. Herein. How i, Shiro found Hell on Earth. Using a Map, Pen… and Cigars. ‘Tis closer than You may think. Was so and same… in Times and Places of Yore also. So and thus… when peeps may tell You to go to Hell. O… yes,.. You can. May require a lil’ Travel Time. Passport… too.


NERGAL… a God of Sumer… Ancient thereof.


Modern and Urban Myths denote and image Death Weaponised with a Scythe.

A somewhat lonely soul… who collects others.


The Soul Reaper. Grim that is.


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The Olden of Our World Legends portrays Death as being ambidextrous and much more adventurous.

A Scythe/Scimitar and a Double-headed Mace are the Weapons at hand.


Sometimes an Miner/Ice-pick… as well.


Sumeria’s God of Death, Plague, Pestilence and War.

Nomen Given;.. ’tis;..


NERGAL,.. therein and thereof.

Of Sumer. Of Yore.


Nergal… and -Pick… Ice or Mining.?.


This Site views Our World Legends as Letters from Our Ancestors.

Religious Myths aside.


The Place known as the Underworld,.. or…


Hell on Earth. Found.

Hello, Mr.+Mrs. Death

for both, have a residence there,..

thus and so. Hell.


a Place… in the Real. Physical World that is.

Where many indeed,.. in deed and in fact also. Did Live.


In Times and Places… gone by. Of Yore.

17+ Times. Places went to… Hell. On Earth.

Some 17 Other, this and that above Researcher…

has eventually found.


We… go to Hell. Quite a lot it seems indeed.



Therein. Hell. On Earth.


Though and technically… Our World Legends do so and say.

Though my Ancient Sumer… be a lil’… outdated. Therein.


Therein ’tis said. Hell. In Earth. Herein. In. And below…


Such Legendary… stuff.


The stuff of Ancient Texts

from the Olden Civilisation of Sumer… looks like…

like below. Actually. ‘Cos… it is. Of Sumer… and textual as well.

All mostly done on lil’ Clay Bricks.


‘Cos they had no Paper.


Writing Style of Ancient Sumer. Nomen given as Cuneiform Type.



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‘Cos… all the Cedar Trees were used for Building and. And…

cos as well;..

Paper was still a Dream. Real Invention came.

Later. After Sumer that is. That’s why and ‘cos,..

therein and… thereof. Indeed.


In Sumer of Yore… there were quite a few Cities around. Around the mid-Northern Regions also. Was a City called KUTHA or some suchlike ’twas named. Not one of the largest.

Nor smallest of such Cities. Cities such that nonetheless yielded Texts and more to the Spades of Science and Archaeology.


One such set became known and referred to as the (Kutha) Legend of Creation.

Found within the Temple of Sitlam;..

in the Sanctuary of the God of Death-Nergal.


Another form of the God of Death etc. Nergal that is.


A Creation Legend from the God of Death.

That so caused i, Shiro.

To so chew the crap out of a Cigar.

That so tells the Tales of an Ancient Race that…

whilst Living… Mutated.?. Named within… in these of Kutha Text. Origins.


Is the sudden? appearance of a new.?. Race of MAN…

and Bird.?.


That is,.. such…


Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, Human beings with the faces of ravens, these the GREAT GODS CREATED, and IN THE EARTH the GODS created for them a dwelling. TIAMAT gave unto them strength, their life, the MISTRESS OF THE GODS raised. IN THE MIDST of the EARTH they grew up and became GREAT and increased their number.

Seven KINGS, brothers of the SAME FAMILY, six thousand were there People . (emphasis’s added)



The… Fallen Angels…

Live IN Hell.

Born of Our World. Legends of Yore.

Housed… “…in the Earth…”. Within.

6,000 of them.


Winged Men and Women it seems indeed. In. Hell.


Our World Legends sometimes carry… Opinion along the Ways. This… is called a Fall.?.


Inner Earth that is. Underground.

Below… Earth. In and Under… Earth.

The UnderWorld. Hell. Within. In.


The Underground. Of Yore.

Sumer also. Though herein and now.

Our World Legends do so and say. NOT IN SUMER…

per se.


OF… NOT IN. There that is. Thus and so.

Not in Sumer.


Travel Times and Places… to go. To. Hell.


The City of Hell. In the Earth. Modern representation of an Ancient Underground City in the Lands of now… Turkey.


How to Go to…


The Underground imaged above… is Hell. In Earth.

So Our World Legends do say. POV. Herein. Of Yore that is.


Hell on Earth,.. as some so and say. Is actually… in.

Hell in Earth Kutha’s Creation Legends so does say. Therein. In.



For Lands of Ancient Iraq are those of Mesopotamia. Sumer that is. Therein.

Tales therein say as well,.. to Go To Hell…

Go South. A lot. From… not to.?.

Thus and so,..


though my Ancient Sumer be not great. Great to read i think…

Hell thus and so is somewhat… now…

North of Ancient Iraq.?.


from Our World Legends… POV. Now. Herein. Go North.

Therein Iraq of Yore… and Up. North. Then in and Underground.



Still in. Within Our Earth as well. Just North of Sumer. Therein.


…Ancient Turkey that is. Thus and so. Is… Hell. North. Was then.


Hell In Earth… Hell within. IN. In… the Earth… in the ground.?.

Thus also… Underground. Therein. Derinkuyu.

Hell In and on Earth. Therein. To and from… South and North.

Derinkuyu… ’tis named.


Derinkuyu is one of the most enigmatic of Places. An Ancient Underground City that some estimates say could house and hold up to 20,000 with All the necessary… necessities.

A maze of cut rock. A stone Labyrinth that…

amazes as well.


50+ Air shafts, Thousands of Ventilation Ducts.

A Tunnel system that appears to link others in the Region.

Our World Legends above Kutha Text.


Say some 6,000 Fallen Angels lived within. The Earth. In.

Underground. In Hell. On Earth that is.


The builders of Derinkuyu… are unknown to Science + co.,..

though Our World Legends indicates above and therein K. Texts;..


the Goddess so with the nomen. Named in and above that is.

TIAMAT– saved any further fall.

From grace, will or otherwise… of these Peoples. In. Hell.


A Home was built.


A Home… In Hell.

In Earth that is. Underground as well.



Though unlit by Our Sun’s rays the Derinkuyu Underground Complex has access to free flowing water with the lower levels being some 80 mtrs deep in,.. underground.

Currently the Largest of the many underground sites in Turkey. Some 30+ such sites therein and thereof.

As with many such sites All over Our World. Legends tell of mysterious unknown Origins and early uses.


Large Stone Doors would seal off the Complex and sections thereof and therein, which had at least 18 Levels of tunnelled rooms and spaces. For Modern Visitors, only some 8 are currently open for exploration.

Public Disclosure in Modern Terms came about in the Year of 1963.


An Aerial Overview of the Cappadocia Region… Derinkuyu and many other Tunnel or Underground Systems therein. Underground that is.


The stone or rock that lines the area is of Volcanic Origins. Layers of stony ash termed Tuff/Tufa.

Very stable once formed yet also very carveable indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


Dating such rock very problematical even for the Sciences. Estimates range from 4-9,000+ Years hence.

Excavations, Research and Exploration has found remains of much Societal Life. Wells for the Waters of Life. Many Rooms of different usage. Storage-, Bath-, Bed-, Kitchens and -rooms more.

More rooms too set aside for Manufacturing and Industry,.. with both Oil and Wine Presses therein and thereof also.

Weapon Armories around various sites.


Structures that resembled Churches, Meeting Places, Schools and Stables too. Tombs as well,.. for those who weren’t well at all. In Hell. Underground. All of Yore and on Earth. In…

actually that is.



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Hello Mr+Mrs. Death

All too… Ruled by the God of Death…

the Goddess too.


Ereshkigal her nomen.

Hells… First Ruler and Queen therein and thereof also.

Sister,.. Elder thereof, of that Divine Beauty Inanna

One of the First… on a Pedestal.


Venus is her other name.


A somewhat forced Marriage. Arranged ’tis said… by the Gods.

Of Sumer. Ancient.

Neither was ecstatic at first… quarrelling, duelling and so on.

Such are the Ways… of these Gods.


As Times and Places went by… bye went their arguments.


A Tengu King.


By and by too. This race Of Bird-Men and Women went.

Tantalising references are found within Religious and Secular Texts and Writings over Our History.


Our World Legends as well.


Gods of Sumer. Ancient thereof. Brothers… in and at Arms… length it seems indeed. Divine Families… ‘Tis War.


Of Fallen and Rebel Angels… that…

rebelled. Against the Main-stream Ways.



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Divine Disappearance

An oft forgotten Race or Peoples whose Tech. and such Powers

oft misunderstood. A Mutant Race that appears to have

died out. Like the Dinosaurs…


Pterodactyls also.

Legends indicate some were hunted down, others used

for Geo-political gains and intrigues. Likely reasons

they first chose… Hell. Underground.

In and On Our Earth.



As Mentors of the very early Ninja and Kunoichi…

is how i, Shiro… first met. Them. In Legends.


Oblique and passing mentions and references…

referred Students to their actions and deeds. Indeed

they are credited still by both Samurai and Ninja Traditions

as being intimately involved in the Origins of Martial

Self-Defence. Of Yore. Ancient that is.


Misunderstood and misrepresented…

their Legends still remain. Herein.

For… Mystery… or not. Therein.

Wings… unclipped.


Fly too. To

let loose Your Dreams Divine.


Our World Legends.

Be One.



Till next…