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In Deeds Hotly So Coolly Debated In Our World. Legends Tell Machine Technology Has Many Positives. Negatively Geared So Thereto Too. Two Sided Perhaps Mores. Moreovers Underlying War. Tech. Robots, Terminators. Saviours, Slaves. Choices Well As Not Well. Thereof Machined Made Herein Outed Indeed.


Man + Machines in Our World. Legends tell


Much Tech. can Aid. Noting such

Accident/Trauma Victims rebuilt. Lives +

Ways + Means means. Healing, Repair +

lively Restoration noteworthy in Deeds. Indeed goes

Life notably on. On


noting That. This other Hands. Sides




with Super-Men Soldiers. Tech’d

ups Robotics Machina Mech. Add-ons also. All so

bonding Death. Dealing with

Machine Man. Mania


within Man too. To Machine Tech. which

amplifies Our simple Actions. Iron

Man Styled. Jet Packs.

Goliath Lift Aids.

Cyber Suits, Vests.

Lasers, Microwaves, Radar, Night/Day enhance Scopics,

Weaponry, Ammo.

Tech. Technology-


Militarised Robotic Soldiers.

Terminators. Ex


Current State Of The Art In Deeds… DARPA Indeed.


… Projected State Of The Art… Coming Soon In A Place Near. You.?.


and current AI Researchers will

so preach peaceful. Uses/Users



preach so War. War

spending Btw’s was/is stopped. By no

inflated Diagnostic scamdemic of. Plandemic Cases

of PCR Lab Kits only. Endemic cases

in pointedly deflatings fashioned so. War

still machined rolls. On so


involvings oft HUGE. Money so required. Support

Tech. + supporting a Mod. Army

means. Ways big numbers. Credited

there. Their


Budget, Your Money goes War on. Lots.




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Little wonder too. To Our Science Fiction oft. Of

Factual tinkering becomings. Man + Machine.

Frankenstein upgraded. RoboCops or


Unnatural Born Killers. Terminating.

(… Should/Will Disable Switches/Devices be Mandatory.?.)


As with many Our Tech. Peaceful/Deathly Mech.

sides all arounds. Around abouts Ups ‘n’ Downs these. Those

non-Complementary Pro’s ‘n’ Cons. Costs v

Gains.?. Cause ‘n’ Effects.?. Saving Life or Enslaving.?. Our


Man + machine.?. or so

Machinemen. People



buildings an interest. Seeing so Writ so

next 17/2:

How To. Have Your Snake. Eat

It Too. Once.