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Poison in Our World. Legends Tell. Tales of Many. Many Plants, Creatures as well. Well as We do. When in Rome… Do Not as Locusta. Does. A Spreading Reputation Imperially. Annulled. Her Life.


All Cultures in Our World. Legends so tell. Tales

Of a held awareness. Tales of Poisons. Poisoned

usually directly through.


Direct Ingestion. Testing New Plants and Produce.

Produces, reduces and refines. This


too. To an Art.




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Nature is a Poisoner. At Times, Places. The


Trees. So drip Poison. Poisonous Plants,

Creatures abound. Arounds Our World.


Legends of Attacks, Defenses, Digestive Aids

and so forth. Forthrightly

A Poison GalPal.


Be Her Nomen.

May in Deed. Indeed


be worthy to Tell. Us. Mores. More


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and overs in Our World. Legends

go. Ons. On Poisons, Venom. From

that ol’ A to Z well as. As well from

Ants to Zebra. Spiders.


Nature kills. For Life.

Plants, Creatures. More. Man, Woman

as well. Well as refining such an Art too. Into

a Specialisation of Assassination. Nations

far and wide. Widely have used such. Talents.


Such is the LifePaths. Of Locusta.


Born in Gaul. Of Yore. Now-France mainly. Mainly

basing Her. Talents in that ol’. City Rome. Roaming

The City. For Works. The CountrySides for

the foraging of Plants,..

particular toxic. Herbal Plants. Locusta:


A Poisoner also. Also


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The. Locusta.


prior to Modern Tech. Devices such as

Guns, Bombs Smart or Otherswise, Drones

and others. Remote Killing Devices. Of Singular. Or


Mass Destruction. Destructional Methods

and Ways, Means. Of Yore. So Hands ons

per se in Deed. Indeed


Poisons available. Are many. Many Ways. Means

attack They. The Body Systems in several. Ways also. Also

includes destruction of Blood Pathways, Paralysis


of Organs, NeuroToxic effects on Heart, Muscles, Nerves

so forth. Forthrightly and mainly.

Death. Follows. Alls that. That is



also seen. Type in Your Search Engine…

something like this:

“…How many deaths per year from Poison.?.”


The Figures. Aboves. Will not be Low.


Those Public Figures…

Of Yore. Lie Geopolitical Realms. Real

Events. Rarely Publicly. So seen. Seemingly


…Lil’. At Alls. Has changed. Changing



Times, Places led Agrippina the Younger.

Of the First Century A.D. Rome.


The Mother. Of that. Nero too. To

want. Mores.

Power that is. Is that

in Our World. Legends Tell. Tales of

temptation that so led. Leading


Ways of Power consolidation. Means

Locusta was put. Ons That Payroll per se. Sayings

that such as. Roman Senator, Historian

Tacitus so freely said: Of


“…the famous Locusta;

a Woman lately condemned

as a Dealer in clandestine practices,

but reserved among the instruments

of State to serve the purposes of dark Ambition…”


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The White. Oleander.



(…Btw’s… For Those with an. Interest

in the outright ongoing Brutality...

of Us… Alls… State sanctioned. Others


as well. Well as

Ambitious Historical Film-maker. Georges Méliès

in 1908. Directed

a Series of Episodes Titled:

Humanity Through the Ages


… Shows Times, Places in Our World.

Legends Tell. Tales that… Humanity…


We have Lil’. At Alls…)



GeoPolitics is full. Of it. Schemes. Conspiracy as well. Well as

so ably recorded. Machiavellian so Styled. Whilst


in Our World. Legends Tell. Dark

Truths such are hard. For

some too. To swallow. Swallowing

Poisons thru’ Trickery of The Opposition-


A Locusta. Speciality. Special


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Flower. Of The Hemlock… + ButterFly… Amidst Hover. There.


Techniques and Methods. So such. She knew. So

much. Her Fates so. Sealed thus grew.

When Leaders. Are so changed. Changing


Natural substances into Poisons requires. An oft

intricate Knowledge of Their Properties. Properly

mixed, compounded. Expounds. Disablement, Death.


Locusta moved. From Mother to Son. In Times.

Places provided Ways, Means too. To Teach. Pass

on. Such specialised. Knowledge that Leaders. So

used. Using the abuses. Fed with


Locusta’s. Talents. The not so Motherly.

Agrippina then.

Fed Ups. With Truths. Seekers. Seeking


to expose. Hers.


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Another View. Locusta.


Threw Locusta. Into Prison too. To

avoid the obvious. So No Ones.

Else Knew. Then. As now. Lil’. So

changes Laws. Changing


His Ways and heeding. Not Mums. Nero.



Got Her. Outs. In

Times, Places, Ways means. Her Talents.

He could. So use. Then


Rewards, Accolades and many. Job

opportunities. Came Her Ways. Means

such empirical promotion. Ensured


Fame. Hers too. To so spread. Spread


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The BellaDonna.


Outs. Before Her.

Locusta’s Ingredients included. Alls.


The obvious, naturally. Hemlock,

BellaDonna, MushRooms. Oleander,

Opiates, Strychnines, Arsenics. Mores. More


than amply supplied. Naturally. By

Mother. Nature. Natures


arsenal of Poisons. Extensive. Extensively


A new Leader. Changed. Alls that. That

is in Execution. Executing the Previous

Leaders Party of Peoples. A preferred. Choice


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A Final View. Locusta. At Works…


of incoming imperialism. Emperor

Galba so noted. Bys. Cassius Dio

who so noted:


“…In the case, however, of

Helius, Narcissus, Patrobius, Lucusta,

the Sorceress, and others of the scum

that had come to the surface in Nero’s day,

He (Galba) ordered them to be led in chains

throughout the whole City and then

to be executed…”


A Poisoners. Day in that. Sun.

So blanked. Outs. Surely


Empirically. Stately.



Next… Ups. So to be:

That Defensive. Shield Spear Breaker.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…