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In 1681. The Shoninki In Our World. Legends So Writ Manually. A Manual Compiled By A Master Bureaucrat From A Master Ninja’s. Compilation. The Arts, Ways, Means Of Ninjutsu. That Official Bureaucratic Report So. Chaptered, Filed too. To Herein. Translated.


In the Ninth Year of that.

So nomened Enpo Era.

In 1681.

A Waxing Moon so began. Those


beginnings of such an Autumn. As colors

there so touched Japan. Landscapes

well as. As well


Katsuda so such began. Much so Writ. Thus



A Civil Servant of Kishu Domain/Province.



Katsuda Kakyūsai Yōshin;

Providentially began too. To so Writ

This Report for His.

Superiors. Admin.;.. 正忍記


A Compilation. The

Shoninki. Ninja

Manual. Manually So


Of Yore. A Ninja Manual.

In 1681.

Listing Outs therein. Their Arts

Of Ninjutsu. Explained


Those Ways of The Ninja. Means

Bys a 3rd Gen. Ninja. Grand Master


Natori Sanjurō Masazumi


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of Natori-Ryu Clan/Lineage.

Of Shin-Kusunoki-Ryu.

The Kishū Ninjutsu School. Of Yore

Back Then.

Within 3 Scrolls.

39 Chapters.


The Ways. Means

discussed. So Writ. Aboves


as Belows. So Shows.



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Shoninki Shokan : The First Scroll


  • Shoninki Jo : Shoninki;

1.The Preface/2.Intro./3.Foreword: Katsuda.

Listings Compiled By N.S. Masazumi.


Tōryū Shoninki : School’s History, Tradition and Lineage.

Shinobi no Tsuwamono no Shina : Categories/Types of Ninja.

Ichiryū no Shidai : Practical Guiding Principles.

Shinobi Detachi Jno Narai : Preparations For Tasks/Activities.

Shiranu Sanro no Narai : Basic Mountain/Country Knowledge.

Yomichi no Koto : Ways Of Walking/Traveling At Night.

Kinjuku Tori Hairu Narai : Ways Of Entering Target Areas/Housing.

Korō no Michi no Narai : Observations/Teachings Of Wolves/Foxes.

Gyūba no Tsutae no Koto : Observations/Teachings Of Oxen/Horses.

Guji Keimon no Narai : Info Gathering esp. Temples/Sanctuaries/Communal Sites.

Henge no Ron : Ways Of Changing Appearance/Disguise.

Jinchū Shinobu Toki no Narai : Ways Of Infiltration esp. Enemy Troops.

Mizudori no Kangae : Observations/Teachings Of Water Birds.

Shinobi Hairu Jibun no Koto : Ways Of Seeking Opportune Moments.

Yo Ashai no Narai : Observations/Teachings Of Quadruped Animals.

Futari Shinobi no Koto : Ways For Two Ninja Working Together.

Sannin Shinobi no Koto : Ways For Three Ninja Working Together.


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Ninja SupaStar Glue. At Works.

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Shoninki Chukan : The Middle (2nd) Scroll


Tendō Chidō no Narai : Principles/Doctrine Of Heaven and Earth.

Taka Koe Hikiki ni Hairu no Narai : Ways Of High and Low Ground.

Shinobi ni Iro o Kaeru to iu Narai : Ways Of Gaining An All Round POV.

Teku Fusegi to iu Narai : Self-Protective Ways To Stay In The Background.

Dainin ni Nerawarezaru Mitshuho no Mamori : Sowing Discord and Dismay.

Kikage no Daiji : Ways Of Trees and Shadows.

Koto o Magirakasu no Narai : Laying False Trails, Clues.

Hito ni ri o Tsukusa Suru Narai no Koto : Ways To Gain Confidence/True Intentions.

Ninsō o Shiru Koto : Discerning An Individuals Character.

Mottai ni Santei Aru Koto : The Three Zones. Higher, Mid, Lower.


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Ninja. At Works. Play Well As.


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Shoninki Gekan : The (3rd), Final Scroll


Goku Hiden : History, Lore Of The School.

Mumon no Isseki : Understanding Hidden Intentions/Maintaining Attention.

Hito o Yaburazaru no Narai : Applying Individual Approaches To Individuals.

Shinsō no Koto : Understanding Emotional States.

Dori to Rikō to Shirubeki Koto : Differentiating Knowledge, Emotions, Opinion, Principles.

Kokoro no Osame ri ni Ateru Koto : Controlling Your Heart, Emotions, Opinion… Intended Task.

Mukei Benzetsu : Ways To Encourage Free Speaking/Conversational Skills.

Rijutsuhō : The Arts Of Letting Go/Surprise/One Mind+Body.


  • Shoninki Okusho : The Shoninki Afterword/Inscription,.. S.N.Heisaemon via W. Rokurōsaemon. On The First Day Of The Second Moon In The Third Year Of The Kanpo Era. 1743.


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In Our World. Legends So Do. So There.


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Posted Next Too. To Be, After The

A To Z/Quirky Quote. So Go Bys:

Church Spires. Spiralling Energy. Divine.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…