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Featured Image Of A Cameraman At Work.

Growing In Deed In Our World. Legends Tell Earthy Connections Branch. Outs Into Space. Spaces Long Grown. Ups In Rich Symbolism That Plant. Ideas Too. To Interview This. A Transpirer So Mores. Moreovers Underlying So Greenly All That We So Call. Home.


As i, Shiro approached, stood still next to this. The

Giant Transpirer. Stillness surrounded, so impressed then

settled. Free of breeze. Here


The Transpirer’s nomen is The Tree.


Interview with a Transpirer:


So Begins. Looking.

i was looking. For Two Things. Then. One


Image Of Several Forest Trees Backlit By The Sun.


… A suitably Heighted Growth-Point for

One i, Shiro too. To

sit Under. Underlyings these overheaded branching.

Areas left rightly shady. Slim

beams of Light so filtered through too. To Two…


next there

Beings Those DownWards. Earthed Soiled



nearby as well. Well was a Root Bulge partially

so emerged aboves grounded levels. Arcing ups

to gain so Momentum,

Angled Direction then + thus this. Power

to slowly drive. Down for those so Rooted

gripped earthily found. Beings so


Waters bound

of Life so below Ground


Ways. Ways


Image Of A Tree Root System.

Indeed Going Ups Then Down With Good Grip Tech. In Deed.


transpired means turned such as this. That so

seek too. To Huge Giant Trees

seek to find. One’s Tree likes Grip On The Earth

Of Our World. Legends Tell

Stands Tall, True, Straight. Ways

if so and thus, Environ, Soily surrounds arounds.

Abouts so Trees go forth so allows. Forthrightly

left of. Whereof


as i sat thereof, pondered. Ponderings

of Wonder. Wonderings

watched. Wandering Earthy Browns, later Greened. So

Branches, Stems, Roots. Leaves rightly left

too. To see

what, when, how inspired, so

incredibly. Credibly so


transpired. Came clear. Clear next

came too now. Now inspired this. That



The Tree.


Did so. Transpire. Still.

Still there too,


Image Looking Upwards Along A Tree Trunk Showing Branches At Top.


To The Transpirers.


i, Shiro has + have spent quite a youthful

bit of time. Places

in, around Large Trees. Climbing thereof in Their main.

Mainlys sittings such then much in therein.


are one of the oldest species onin Our World

EARTH. Older than i,

Shiro in Deed. Indeed


Collectively,.. metaphorically… the Lungs

of Our World Atmosphere. Here


Without them.

The BREATHE OF LIFE woodenly inhibits. Inhibiting


Breathe is also so an Act. Indeed active

process systematically


Image Of A Man Sitting On A Branch Of A Giant Tree In A Forest.

If A Man Falls, Thud. In A Forest Herd Will Trees Leave. Still In Our World. Legends.


Plants and Trees, Transpirers so do. To

in Deed So… Later… Inspire. So

Protect that is. In Self-Defence. OtherWise

Processes Woody Pressured Necessary. Metabolic

Ways growing outs as well. Well as in

a long. Ways back Yore does Our

Tree. Go forwards oft in


Research, veneration, Celebrations. Festivities extend

so oft branching. Into Arts, Religions, Literature.

Sciences, Poetry, Music. So

symbolically, metaphorically, philosophically

well as. As well literally World Trees

so on, so in


Our Backyards.

So Home.


Image Of A Giant Tree Overgrowing Ancient Ruins.

So Next Grown So Writ. Herein So Is A to Z in Our World. Legends #Z.