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Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #K. Knots. Gordian n Not. So Gaudy Also. All So In Deeds.


Knot Tying rightly


done has. Left it’s mark in Our World. Legends Tell

arounds abouts Knots righteous so forth. Forthrightly

there Peoples gather, left seeking Their. Justice


so rightings those wrongings when turn. Ups

in Times, Places Yore prior to. To Our

Mass Industry Metallic Methods we. So tied Down

cuffed + manacled so differently. Knots

not surprisingly became an Art. Formed


Knots an Essential. Requisite mattering in Deeds. Indeed

even such Greats as much. Heralded Alexander


The Great so grated ungrateful. Priestlyness



Image Of A Modern Reproduction Of Alexander The Greats Sword.

Mod. Reproduction Great In Deed. Indeed Knot Alexanders Gordian Chopper.


GateKeepers of Gordian’s Great Icon. Types so



not uneasily becomings. Accepted, tied within

Society’s Ways, Meanings as too. To Symbolise

a great boundings Deal. Dealing, binding

a Death Blow in Deed. Indeed that bounded ups Knot.

This, possibly gaudily

so mores. Down herein under

A to Z in Our

World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. #K


moreovers tyings ups aboves. Below so Writ



begins. Starting

then Them. Knots Gordian n Not so. Gaudy Knotted


Knotty Conundrums. Knots, untied not

in Deed. Indeed


Alexander chopped. Rightly in Deed. Not great

nor gratefully

received nor left. Right

Handed Great Alexandered got greatly. Angered so

cut greatly thru’. The Gordian, whose followers. Ingrates

not greatly appreciative rather. Ungrateful


of His. Ways

Great, cuttings Gordian Tied Knot means: not



Knot Tying not The Then Yore, Norm. Our

Knots on/in Otherswise. Hands go on more


or less for long or not so. Long

or short Times. Places well as such

Knots Arted


Judiciary/Martial thereof oft. Of

Yore Our Ancient Tying. Japanese Hojōjutsu 捕縄術. Arts

much, can be so shortly tied off. As well of

Knots tied ups longingly

even. Down shortly thru’ Our long Yore Ages. Now


tying so Writ ups… My selfs… selflessly Knots




link casual Concepts so centrally. A Complex arounds

abouts Knotty

Symbolic System adding too. To Attributes that

of The Infinity, The

Spiral, The Sigmoid Line, The Number 8,

so forth. Forthrightly


left Knots not undervalued at all. All

Knots so do. Express Relationships


of combining interlacing manifestations. Manifesting such

Unity harmoniously in Arts, Sciences. Legends,

Mathematics, Geometric comparisons also. All so


with much as per

Net, Loop. Plait, Rope combo’s Ideas/Concepts

of Binding, Fettering, Tying. Sacrifice, Capture. Union

captivating Infinitely woven Emblems. Knot.



Arty Designs oft. Of Heraldry, Trade, Guild Groups, Motifs. Yore

Ancient People Romans Symbol of Our Flamen Dialis

well as. As well Peoples on

Moslems Pilgrimage too. To Mecca so not require. Knots

not allowed there. For Their comfort or otherswise. Others


associated Knotly are rightly left + right. Handed

Magicians, Fisherpeoples, Judicial Figures, Gods so

forth. Forthrightly

divined such ties left. Much Symbolisms, Concepts in

exceptional ways means also. All so

Religious, Spiritual, Community


Knotted Cords, Slip Knots. Endless Knot that. This

Longevity Knot

of The 8 Buddhist Good. Luck Emblems

well as. Ending as well not



ups unlikely too. To be so down Writ

herein next. So #84 Quirky Quote.