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Yore Divineds Get So Drunk In. Our World Legends Tell Inanna Cooks. Ups A Planned. Drinking Party For Stormy Two Too. To Sumer She Sips. Repeatedly Sipping Shots With Hotshot Enki. Liberating Life For Hers. New Lands. Landing On Enki’s Palaced. Doorstep Inanna Steps Ups Goes. So Into. To Cheer, Fully Raise That. Glassy Goblet There. Here So Toasted Inanna. In Writing.


Once upon Yore Times. Places One Our

Inanna. A Princess so grew. Ups


In Our World. Legends,..

well… some, Tell of Them. Our Yore World

was ruled Divined overall arounds. Abouts All

overs by a Royal. Family so nomened. Here named

as The Sumer Royal House. Of that long Yore. Our


Inanna a Daughter then. Of This nobled Yore

House. Our






a Princess/Goddess/Warrior-Queen archetype. Typical

of the Times, Places there so. Godlike

was a lil’. Differently divine

then. Now

Yore Inanna. Into Our Indus


She, Inanna was also. All so

eventual Ruler over. Our Indus/India/Indo

Areas at some. Stages

of it’s Development so forth. Forthrightly rightly left

Inanna as beings a memorable. Being. Developing

wonderfully further into. To being fully figured Maturity.


Inanna so

rocked. The Her World there. Then. Now


Indeed Yore Left Inanna Right. So Enthroned In Our Deeds.



She took

on other Gods in Combat as well. Drinking

Games + Double Plays ployed well as. Outs


in Inanna. Downing Shots

with ruling Hotshots like Divined Enki. Left Him

rightly so under. The tabled weathered there. She


then did. Mores. Moreovers underlying

half-truths so. She liberated + kept. For Self,

Hers,.. many




God. Iconic

Ruling Items/Regalia ref’d oft. Of meh‘s.?. Type Thingys

from His… Yore

Enki’s Palace

Place. Ziggurat Templed Pyramid Our Sumer. Inanna


was just getting. Started

beings Enki Drunk easily. Outwitting so

halfwitted alco’ bamboozled starry. Eyed Enki.



Got too. To the Airport. First

and charted an immediate. Flight on a Vimana/Crafty. Plane

out of there + Enki’s. Domain therein thereof well as. As well


afore Her so

knowing. That was the last flight. Available. So as






so then in Inanna’s. Areas Yores Templed Ours

much. Such so

fully Armed with Rulers. Icons full. Of Regalia

in Her Arms.


She so Ruled. Enki sighed + went back. Home

so for more. Napping. Eventually




noting here also. Sites All so such. As noted ats

Harappa, Mohenjaro


provide. Some of the many extensive. Huge

Archaeological/Historical/Geological Findings notably

researched. Areas in Our Yore Indus region. Discoveries are

continuings ongoing + well worth. A visit + revisit to

update Our knowledge of Yore finds. Therearoundsabouts.

Without much doubts such


an ancient. Place + Times with breathtaking. Architecture +

Walled Sections. Workshops, Halls, Multi-story Residences,

Towers, Granary, Giant Public Baths, Sewer +

Water Supply Systems. Mainly bricked-

Major structures aligned. North-South in a grid like. Pattern


and a well used Script/Writing… that well…

we still can’t so read. Writing well



up next writ so. In off taking on 7/4:

Our One Stick That. Smashed Yore Sword.